Friday, March 26, 2010

Going for the Gold

Taken March 17, 2010.

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  1. Since Butler beat Syracuse (go Butler!), I thought I would be the magnanimous winner and make sure that Beth wasn't greeted by the VGW.

    Morning everybody but Lori -- evening, Lori.

  2. New Gold Wallpaper--Thanks Andi.
    Yea, Butler.

    So glad it's Friday.
    Sunny and warm for the next few days--WooHoo.

    Maria, Major WooHoo's on book 5. You are ON FIRE lady.

    Fabulous Friday to All

  3. Morning Lisa. Let's hear it for the weekend! Ours can't match yours on temps or weather but we'll take it anyway. :)

    Also forgot to say: sorry about Cornell, Beth. :(

  4. w00t weekend!!! It's the last in the old place, and you know, I'm so not going to miss it. :)

    Love the cool gold river, I keep imagining the girls from Goldfinger taking a long dip. (that's the first movie I remember seeing in a drive-in--with parents, of course)

    Lisa, I envy you your weather. Woke up to a downpour. This shall be very interesting since the Ikea folks are delivering my new couch today. (Long story why they can't deliver to new place).

    Have to put some effort into clearing a space for it (easier said than done), but I think it will fit end up next to the closet. I can live with that for a few more days.

    Fantastic Friday, folks!!

  5. Gorgeous gold, andi! And yippee for Butler - especially since they saved me from the VGW.

    Jealous of your downpours, Maria, although bad timing for your couch. Can't deliver to the new place? Service ain't what it used to be...

    Cornell started strong, but faded quickly. Tonight I'll root for Northern Iowa and Duke.

    Let's hear it for Friday! Hoping everyone has a fun weekend planned. I'll be on the couch, working and watching ball.

  6. You straight(ish) ladies and your sports talk, I cannot keep up with all the baseketfootsies. ;p

    Maria, how funny that you remember the first drive-in movie you ever saw. Mine was either Matthau & O'Neal's Bad News Bears or Rabbit Test, with Billy Crystal. I clearly remember writing a What I Did This Weekend sort of assignment at school about Rabbit Test, which was the first piece of my writing to be censored, lol. Hope your move goes as smoothly as possible.

    Happy weekend everyone!

  7. Wait, did I merely dream that there was a comment from Maria? Is anyone else hearing that Twilight Zone theme music?

  8. There it is again! Nevermind.


  9. You straight(ish) ladies and your sports talk, I cannot keep up with all the baseketfootsies

    Hahaha! Jen, I'm with you. I'm not much of the sports-watcher.

    Beth - the couch thing was more fiasco than bad service. Confusion over the computer record and whether or not the item was actually here locally or still in transit. After that got straightened out, turns out they don't deliver in this area on Thursdays, so I couldn't have it brought to new place on moving day, when I have use of the freight elevator. :( Best option was to bring it here, so that movers can move it.

  10. Well that's a little better, but still...moving is hard enough! Sorry you're having to go through such gyrations to get it accomplished.

  11. Enjoy your last weekend there, Maria, and take it easy and rest up for all the post-move craziness.

    I'm going for Northern Iowa too, Beth -- the underdog of underdogs.

    Jen, I am definitely into sports-watching ... for example, I really want to come over there and watch you play Wii Bowling. :)

  12. Beautiful photo Andi!

    TGIF! It has been a long week. And you folks do start early here. ;-)

    Waves to all.

  13. Hi all. Gloomy here and much to do so just a drive by hi.

  14. Phone-by hi!

    Jen, I'm with you on the bball watching. I did see that Butler won, and thought of Andi. My dad grew up within sight of the Notre Dame campus, so I know that loyalty.

    Got a new pic of Mason up at TFM — I had to work to get this shot, in focus and the light just so.

    Back to the mimes. Something will follow me home for photo'ing this weekend, maybe I'll go play with a chainsaw tomorrow too.