Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Follow Me Down

Taken March 23, 2010.

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  1. Dizzzy looking down.

    Great seeing sonboy last night.
    Hubby's dad came to dinner so all three generations got to visit.
    Short but nice.

    Going for annual physical with new young, lady doc. When I list my issues, I sound kinda pitiful. This getting older and the body crankier--Bah.

    Mid 80's today and Sunny--Love it.

    Maria--happy packing/moving =oxymoron but hope it goes well anyway.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  2. Top o'the morning, fellow early risers...uhm, riser. Hi, Lisa!!

    Older + crankier - yup, sounds familiar. Woke up with a killer backache, darn it. Lots to do today--mostly wrap up and prep for movers, nothing too strenuous.

    I had the most fun/brilliant/exciting idea for a new series over the past several days. It's been percolating and this morning, the first draft/brew has come to fruition. Jotted down some notes and did some quick online searches to tag pages.

    Hmm, I may do a blog post about this process o'mine.

    I may be scarce as of this afternoon through Sunday or so. Wish me luck and send me great moving vibes, please!!

    Cheers and have a great Wednesday!

  3. Very cool picture - nice to see running water again.

    Sending lots of good packing/moving vibes, Maria - hopefully they'll help, with my being an expert at it and all. I might be doing it myself again soon, but for now you can have all the vibes. It'll be over soon.

    I always say, getting old(er)'s not for sissies. Too bad we don't get younger physically as we age, yet still wiser.

    And yay for family, and new story ideas, and warm weather!

    Packing and working today, getting ready to be gone for a long weekend. Can't wait to spend time with good friends, woo hoo!

    Off to start my day - cheers, y'all!

  4. Morning Lisa. I'm in full sympathy of cranky, older bodies. But tonight as you can look at all three generations around the table, I'll bet some of those cranks will go right away - at least till it's time to do the dishes. :)

    We'll miss you, Maria. I hope you can drop us a note at some point to tell us how it's going. And very much good luck on the move. And be careful with that back.

    Water has been gushing here since the snow melt but I guess with your lack of rain, not so much. Sounds like a good weekend ahead. Have a good day getting closer to it, Beth.

  5. Love this picture. And although I am also creaky, I'd willingly go through moving hell again to have a water feature like that in my backyard. :)

  6. Cool photo but I have seen way too much running water during the last 3-4 days. It finally appears to be slowing a bit.

    Happy moving Maria.

    Aches and pains of aging definitely suck.

    Waves to all.

  7. Great photo but I can't even stand on a chair without wobbling, so I had to look away.
    Sending vibes and hopes to Maria for an easy moving experience and wonderful happiness in the new home.
    And sending creaking sympathy to Lisa - session with the osteopath yesterday for hip, jaw and shoulder. Bah humbug to getting older!

  8. Hey Jen, one more argument for getting you to move to Bloomington. :)

    My sympathies, b2. We are in the midst of mud season so I completely understand.

    The picture might be a little misleading, Nicky, since the drop (if you don't count the depth of the water) in the photo isn't too much higher than what you'd get from most chairs.

  9. Ah, running water.

    Yay, one project put to bed for now, (but it'll wake up soon enough). I need to go through this side pack that has *some* info that needs to go into another project. The exciting tech writing career.

    If I didn't have to work, I'd sling the camera bag over my shoulder, jump on the bike, and go shoot some local waterfalls myself.

    Waves & hugs, later!

  10. Good afternoon Andi and everyone,

    Hope everyone has been doing fine. Maria I feel for you on the moving. I've done more than my share over the years. I hate the packing/moving stuff part, but the actual moving to a new area I always liked.

    I agree with Beth on the yay for family and new story idea. Nicola you're right, Bah humbug on the getting old and creaky.

    I've been trying to figure out how to post Lucy's pictures. I would say it's amazing how much I've forgotten, but I guess it's not.


    It seems to work. I wish I could have gotten better pictures of her, but she just won't sit still for a second.

    This coming Monday I'm supposed to have surgery on my leg. The doctor said I might be in the hospital for a couple of days, but I'm hoping that won't happen. The exasperating part with the surgery is with my insurance. The surgeon and my primary care doctor have been working on the approval for two weeks, but it seems that every time they submit to the insurance company there's always one little thing wrong. So I keep checking on the approval, but so far nothing.

    Other than that everything keeps moving along. Lucy is still driving George up the wall, and I guess you could say I'm still the Southern Sage of Slothful Slacking.

    Everyone take care,


  11. I think waterfall might be a bit grandiose for that one but I hope you have some nice weather when you can go off in pursuit of falling water, Farf

    FM, Lucy is sooooooooo cute!!! She's like the anti-George. :D

    I love picture where she's mooshed herself into the corner of the chair.

    I hope that fact that you could upload picture and post a comment means your computer woes are at an end. If not, I'm grateful they held

    I hope the surgery get taken care of really soon.

  12. Hiya Andi and Jim,

    I have to admit she is cute as can be. I had forgotten how much energy a puppy has and in her case I think she even surpasses the normal puppy energy. Now if I could get George to calm down and quit acting like he's going to tear her head off, then all would be perfect.

    Nope the computer woes are still there. I sort of feel like I'm playing the lottery every time I try and start the computer. Luckily it has started and hasn't stopped yet. I'm bringing my computer along with me to the hospital, so if it starts there and if they have wi-fi there and if through the haze of pain medicine I can figure out how to work the computer, then I'll be talking to ya'll. :)

  13. Well I hope you are able to let us know how it goes but mostly I just hope it goes really well.

  14. It took me a while to figure out this picture. Then I wanted to step back.

    Good luck with the move Maria. I hate the packing and moving but like being in new places. I haven't moved in 10 years and that's the longest I've ever gone in one place.