Monday, March 29, 2010

A Fog of Dogs

Taken in sequence (counterclockwise). I'm sure you all can fill in the missing pictures.
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  1. I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, Bebo says.

    Marvelous Monday to All.
    Four day week for me. We get a holiday Friday--weather day not used--WooHoo.

  2. Yeah, a date to pester Giddy -- oh but she's never late for that. :) Morning, Lisa. Jim gets Friday off too -- even though he's got 5 snow days to make up because it's a regular holiday.

  3. Woo hoo for days off and short weeks! I keep forgetting there's a holiday coming up, even though I've had my one annual Cadbury's Creme Egg.

    And yay for fog - love it! After years in London, fog's right up there with rain on my weather wonders scale. Thanks for sending yours this way.

    Speaking of rain, we've got it! Can you see my happy dance? All night, and all morning so far. I'm just listening to it fall and smiling. The world feels freshly washed and no longer thirsty.

    I've started a captioning job for an archiving company - right now we're transcribing old Johnny Carson Tonight shows. I know I'll get faster with practice - in the meantime, it's fun watching the old shows and seeing familiar faces that are long since gone. Wish me luck and flying fingers.

    Off to get some work done - happy Monday, all!

  4. Hey Beth, good to see someone who is full of good vibes and energy on a Monday. While I'm not about to emulate you, I am full of admiration. :)

  5. Morning, gang!

    Andi - the pic reflects my weather today. I'm not griping, if 2 days of rain = clear day for moving, I'm all for it!

    Can't believe it's moving week. There still seems to be SO MUCH to do. I cleared out the reach-in closet and made a lot of headway on the walk-through one. Working only 2 days this week so Weds is errand day and finish packing the final stuff. whew!

    Beth, the captioning job sounds interesting. How does one hook up with that sort of thing?

    Lisa - hooray for a short week!!

    I'm taking my time getting to the mimes today, as my garage transponder borked out again, so I have to have someone let me in this a.m. Normally, I'd go early so I have time to buy brekkie in the deli downstairs, but alas, not today. So a PB&J without the J will have to suffice. The Lima cupboard is close to barren. ::g::

    Happy Monday, all!

  6. Happy Monday. We are also having rainy, gloomy here.

    Beth, I also love the Cadbury Easter eggs. Have you seen the one with orange filling? Yummy.

    Happy Pesach a bit early for anyone celebrating tonight.

  7. Giddy seems a little cranky…

    Yay Beth for new job! Maria, here's hoping you get a clear dry moving day. Lisa, do you get Friday off? Daughter Dearest does, but I don't. (Fine with me, one less day in the chicken houses.)

    I am SOOO not looking forward to dragging my arse out of bed at o-dark-thirty for Sunrise Service coming up this Sunday.

    Hi Dina! Wave for all the later-coming folks…

  8. Ooh, Dina, I haven't. I discovered the caramel ones this year. Now I'll have to watch for those. One of each once a year...good thing I don't like peeps!

  9. Good luck with getting all the packing done, Maria. I have to admit that all I can think is -- better you than me.

    Dina, I'm celebrating tonight ... yay for not having to do the 150 mile round-trip to my mom's because she's been invited out for both nights. :)

    Hey Farf, I don't suppose it would work to point out that any omniscient and omnipotent being ought to be able to find you snuggled down in the covers just as easily as on a pew.

  10. re: Cadbury eggs - the caramel ones are the only ones I like anymore. I freeze them and they last forever.

    re: packing - Andi, I keep telling myself: this is worth it, this is worth it. When that fails, I go back to my Picasa web album and look at the pictures of the new place. I forgot how much this sucks.

  11. Funny, I don't like the caramel ones but that may be because my local chocolate store makes the best ones EVER!

    Andi, sounds good not to have to do that hike. I only need to go about 25 miles to my brother's. His cooking makes it well worth the trip. And my niece is supposed to be home, which is just wonderful.

  12. ooh, I didn't KNOW about Cadbury caramel eggs. I'm kinda wishing I still didn't. ;)

    Nice series of pics Andi. I like to see the pack in "action".

  13. My sister makes the best charoset, Dina, and I'll definitely miss that but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

    Giddy thinks Bebo could do with a little less action, Mary.

  14. Andi, I know that… it's all the whining I'd get from the all-too-human members of the church…

  15. That just it, Farf -- it's those whiners I was suggesting you tell that they ought not impugn the majesty of a supreme being. ;)

    and so to bed

  16. Only ONE annual Cadbury's creme egg, Beth? That's restraint above and beyond the call of duty! I think they came on the market when I was expecting my second - I ate so many I thought she'd be egg-shaped!

    Dampish and greyish but the daffies are dancing and the birds are jeering at the Fat Cat as he lurks along the ground thinking they can't see him.

    Happy Tuesday to all.

  17. Nicky, I lived in London in high school. We sold the eggs as a fundraiser- you could buy them for your friends. I received 15 - and ate them all. I couldn't look at them for years, and now it's easy to only eat one. Although I admit, I did eat a caramel one too this year. :-)