Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dyslexic Zorro?

Taken March 7, 2010.

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  1. ZOMG! You've stumbled upon the sekrit sign of the insomnia fairy!! No wonder I couldn't catch any Zs last night--she has it backwards.

    Yup. Up because I haven't slept. It's going to be a rough day @ the mimes, methinks. :( Bloody fairy and her bloody wand.

    How you all?

  2. Oh Maria, doggone it. The Mimes are going to be brutal. Hopefully it's your Friday...will sprinkle magic sleeping dust your way tonight.

    Family packing up to leave, sob. Gonna be awful quiet around here without them.

    Today's agenda: stay on the couch and help this creeping crud make a hasty exit. And watch March Madness - woo hoo!

    Happy Thursday, y'all. Go Zags!

  3. What a complete bummer, Maria. Maybe you can sneak off at lunch and take a little nap.

    Beth, this is my favorite day of any sporting event -- I love the constant action of all the games and the (somewhat silly) sense that any team could win, no matter how highly ranked their opponent. Hope watching all the b'ball helps cure the crud.

  4. Looks just fine to me.

    Sorry about the lack of zzzzzz's, Maria.

    I recommend lots of fluids and B-grade movies, Beth.

    Morning Andi.

    Imogen gets back in less than 24 hours. Woohoo. I guess I'd better clean up the "bachelor pad" before then.

  5. Based on the pictures at your Thursday Dog Blogging post, I think it would be a very good idea to excuse Lily from helping with the cleanup.

  6. Maybe the one in Ohio isn't but it's obvious you're wrong about the Hoosier version. ;P

    Also ... *snort*

  7. Yep, that is the look of a puppy saying, "my work here is done". And yes, most of that mess is still on the floor for the amusement of Lily and Hector (who are currently both sprawled on the floor a few feet from each other).

    Hey Don, how's the epee hangin'?

  8. Maria's right. Duck and run, Andi.

    Beautiful day here. Am going to the Amon Carter Art Museum with a friend, then lunch. Haven't been there is a long time so will be fun to see the exhibits.

    Beth, fluffs pillow and tucks in BRIGHT quilt. Drink plenty of juice and such to flush that crummy bug outta your system. Hook'em Horns. How far they've fallen this season.

    Maria, how exciting a dishwasher is. Love seeing your grin as you show off the new digs.

    Lori, Life seems a continue flurry of fir and feather your way. Keeps the blood a pumping.

    Jen, you kcarc em pu.

    Waves to all. Thursday--Slow Down.

  9. Your day sounds wonderful, Lisa. Nancy, KB and I did an art and lunch day when I visited a couple of years ago, and we had such a good time. Have fun!!

    Keeper doesn't have any interest in tearing up anything - it's very strange. He's the perfect dog, except for his fixation with his rubber ball. Would that one thing could satisfy me so completely - then again, maybe that's my laptop. ::grin::

    Thanks for the good wishes - heading to the couch with tissues and warm fluids, and the remote.

    Thanks for stopping by, Don! :-)

  10. That is so cool! It's also sigma. Maybe the fairy is an incredibly bright mathematician.

    All the best to All

  11. Hi, all. Love the backwards Z except for no sleeping for Maria. We have to turn that around!

  12. Heh, but you need to flip that pic!

    Beautiful day here, possibly up to 70!

    Waves to all!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day, Lisa. Come back and tell us what you saw.

    Eh Beth, life would not be so interesting if we were as easily pleased as dogs (plus I'd rather not be thrilled by finding dead stuff in the woods). :)

    Hi CF -- you're right. Or the the Insomnia Fairy is Greek. :D

    Hey Dina, maybe we could bop the insomnia fairy with that grapevine and knock her out.

    I thought about doing that, b2, but I decided it was more fun this way.

  14. It all depends on your perspective, I guess. Around the backside, it looks like a Z, no?

    Well, Mason has figured out "forward" in his walker (he's had "reverse" down for a while now). He's also on the cusp of figuring out crawling; right now he rocks back and forth; every once in a while he gets the knees alternating, but usually he lurches forward. It's time to start baby-proofing the manor, I guess.

    Cool & cloudy on Planet Georgia, a good day to stay inside and work.

    Lori, your pix and comments make me miss my dear departed Birkies. Maybe I should get a new pair while I have some moolah in the bank.

    Sending sleepy/healing/cleanup vibes as needed…

  15. Maria's got it right, that's the insomnia faerie's mark. Andi, run for your...sleep?

    Jen, very nicely done.

    Beth, get well, at once.

    Lisa sounds like a great way to spend the day.

    Hallo and happy day to Lori, FarF, Dina, Coneflower, B2, and the rest who follow on later.

  16. Ah, Mason on the move -- your life of ease will soon be over, Farf. ;)

    I am going to run for sleep right now, Kelly.

    and so to bed