Friday, March 5, 2010

Coming Through

Taken February 26, 2010.

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  1. I woke up to follow the trail at 3:33. At least I got some school work done.

    Have a great day all. Six days Lisa.

  2. Andi, Love the SPRING PREVIEW.

    Jim, I was up on the trail about the same time. Must me some cosmic shaking awake going on.
    I worked on story planning.

    Maria, how neat that sis is coming so you can spend time together. Fun to have those things to look forward to.

    Woke up to 48 degrees this morning. Grass/weeds Bursting with energy as sunlight and heat mix with the moisture from the rain and snow. Told hubby it was time to check out the mower.
    Those Cycle of life Disney Moments don't show the sweat of maintaining lawns, clearing the debris from storms, fighting poison ivy. Where are my cute, singing, dancing critters?

    Enough musing. Off to the Mimes.
    Fabulous Friday to All

  3. Lisa, it won't be a real spring preview until I can find some little green shoots coming up and some buds on the trees ... which might just coincide with yours and Jim's spring vacation.

  4. Yay for snow melting! Of course, mud season follows winter, so hopefully you can see through that to spring.

    Enjoy your sis, Maria!

    Sorry about insomnia, folks. I took a little pill to make sure I got some sleep last night - groggy all day ain't fun.

    Spent yesterday afternoon with 2 girlfriends who see life the same way I do. They're my liferafts as I try to steer myself outta here. We had a great time!

    More time with sis and BIL today, then baseball starts tomorrow (well for us, anyway). And warm weather is still supposed to arrive Monday.

    TGIF - weekend ahead!

  5. Morning, gang! Up early for a day off, mostly because I'm doing some mime work from home today (helping out a colleague). Won't be on for long, I hope!

    Planning to do some light packing and hope to finish my essay revisions. Talked to apt folks yesterday, they're running behind so still haven't gotten to the phone calls for verification of employment and rental history. Sigh. She promised she'd know by Tuesday. Not that I actually think they'll say no, but there's that one smidgeon of "what if". I just want this part settled, darn it.

    Anyhow, must off to make brekkie and prep for mime work.


  6. I'll be following the trail tomorrow morning… back to the manor. :-P Hey, where's the Pack? So far ahead they aren't in the picture?

    Beth & I are both tied up, so we've agreed to try again some other time… kind of frustrating, so close to a friend but no chance to meet up. Was looking forward to boring DD to death with shop talk. :-D Ah well, there will be other opportunities.

    Called Mrs. Fetched last night… she sounds Really Tired. I get the impression that Snippet hasn't been helping much with Mason. She had The Boy helping her with some construction work at the chicken houses; he called me to see if we had any chalk line chalk yesterday. I guess it's for the best that we point the nose north tomorrow. I guess I'll spend Sunday hanging out with Mason & let her sleep… eh, I'm already planning out next week. Sheesh.

    Gotta run & get some groceries for Mom. We're making lasagna tonight. I'll post some pix from the nature park later…

  7. Drive by hi! Waves to all.

    Warming a bit here. The snow continues to melt.

    Hopefully that trail will lead to a happy day!

  8. Hi, all. Not much going on here. Which is kind of nice every now and again.

    Hope you are all going to have a great weekend if you haven't started already.

  9. Aha, a path into the magical F-woods has been revealed! ;-)

    Love the winding.

  10. One of my friends here - one of the ones I really like - died this morning. She's been struggling with jaundice the last couple of weeks, in and out of the hospital for tests. They thought they had a diagnosis last week, but she was back in the hospital on Tuesday - and died at 3am.

    I'm devastated. She was 54. Her father died at 54, and she was scared she'd do the same. When they said she didn't have cancer she was relieved, thinking she'd beat the odds.

    I saw her Saturday night - her color was awful, but she was in good spirits. At least I saw her one last time.

    I just can't believe it. I'm glad my sis and BIL are here, because this is a day I don't want to spend alone.

    Life is short - don't waste a second.

  11. Oh, Beth. :( {{{{{hugs}}}} So sorry to hear about your friend. Life is indeed too short.

  12. Oh Beth, I am so sorry. It's so good that your sister is there to give you love and comfort.

  13. Thanks guys. It's a long, sad, numb day. Why do the good ones go sooner than the bad ones?

  14. ((Beth)) I'm so sorry. You are right. We should appreciate every minute we have with people who are important to us. It's important to remember that.

  15. I don't have insomnia as much as I have dogs. Two cases in point: a few days ago, at 3:30 am I heard that burring/coughing/growling sound that many of the native critters make when distressed, so I went outside to find a wallaby had gotten into the dog yard, and was now trying desperately to push through the fence while two dogs were gleefully snorting her exposed behind - fortunately roos' tails make good handles, and I was able to extract her from the fence and punk her over the other side; whereas, this morning I heard the rain start coming down at 5am, so I got up and called the dogs in, leaving the door open since they weren't in any great hurry and I didn't feel like hanging around. Of course, at some point they decided to go back outside, and then come back in soaking wet.

    I'm so sorry Beth. Sometimes life just sucks.

  16. I am sorry for yor loss, Beth.

  17. Thanks, everyone. I'm off to bed. I've had enough for one day.

    My insomnia is dog-induced these days too, Lori. He wakes me because he thinks he wants to go out - or else he just doesn't think I should get more than 2 hours' sleep at a whack.

    Hope everyone sleeps well tonight - make sure to tell those you love, that you do.