Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Checkered Past

Taken March 4, 2010.

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  1. Good morning Andi!

    The computer decided to come to life this morning, so I'm dropping a line before it dies again.

    George and I are doing pretty good. It looks like in the next 30 days I'll finally have that surgery on my leg. I see my Cardiologist today so he can tell the surgeon my heart is ok for the surgery. I'm still in the house and still looking for a new place to live, but at the moment it not a critical thing to get done. If I can and the computer keeps working, I'll get some pictures of the new puppy (Lucy) and try and post them.

    I hope everyone has been doing good and take care.


  2. So good to see you, FM. Would love to see pictures of your new puppy but would love even more if you had a reliable 'puter so we could have visiting regularly. Good luck at the doctor.

  3. I have batteries for the camera so I'm going to click some pictures of Lucy today. Of course posting them will depend on the 'puter and how it's feeling later today.

    I don't think it will be any problem with the Cardiologist this morning. Last week they put me through three different heart test with the longest one taking four hours to complete. From what I could get out of the technicians everything appeared to be fine. So today is more of a formality to get his OK for the surgery.

    I was going through my blog roll and was surprised to see that Olivia and Mary had shut down their blogs. Geeze I'm out of contact for a few days and the whole world is falling apart. :)

    Just don't you be getting any ideas with your blog. ;)

  4. Can't wait to see the pics. So I sure hope that computer cooperates. And don't worry about me quitting blogging -- I'm on too big of an ego trip for that. :)

  5. Goof morning FM and Andi.

    Purty pebbles Andi.

    Yes FM, puppy pictures, please.

    It's cooled off a bit. Hopefully that will help the dogs sleep in (and quietly) all night. Between the neighbor's seven hound dogs and the possum setting them off several times a night I haven't had a single uninterrupted night's sleep since Imogen left.

  6. Morning, gang! FM, good to see you! Best of luck on the leg surgery.

    Lori - 7 dogs? Yikes! ::sends you good sleep vibes::

    Andi, as per usual, your photo is fab--makes me want to chuck it all today, find a nice park with a pond and spend the day relaxing with my feet dangling in the water.

    At least it's Wednesday!! Happy St. P's for those of you who celebrate. I'm not a huge fan of the "let's drink until we puke" holidays, so tend to give this one a bye.

    My life: more packing, more purging, sleep. Exciting, huh? I did find out that elfa (shelving brand from Container Store) offers a freestanding solution that doesn't require you mounting shelves onto walls--perfect for us renting types! I'm extremely chuffed. I love elfa shelves!! I have 4 drawer units, plus my desk is an elfa design. Now, I can plan my new closet! (ah, the things that amuse me)...

    Off to the mimes via the post awful. Hoping for an advance check! (due my 2nd check for BLOOD HEAT) Will come in handy for moving expenses.

    Ciao, all and happy Wednesday!

  7. Andi, Beautiful FLOWING WATER.
    And EVEN GREEN yesterday--WooHoo.

    Came home yesterday--Rain hit Cherokee Monday night and was staying around. Sitting in the trailer isn't my favorite. Got plenty of story work done so ready to come back.
    Atticus had another Pepe Lapue visit. This time the skunk was alive. I was eating dinner on the deck when Atticus started woffing near the firepit. I didn't see anything and just yelled at him to stop. In a minute I turned that way and saw the skunk. Holy Smokes I'm up calling the dog in and luckily he came without being sprayed and went inside. The skunk waddled around the other side of the trailer and I could envision it going under the trailer through a hole in the back. Luck was with me again as it headed the other way, went under the gate and waddled into the pasture. WHEW. I was trying to think how I'd get a rancid smelling dog home. I do have a roof rack. But we dodged that bullet.
    Sorry, no pictures.

    FM, good luck with the doc. Will love seeing Lucy.

    Beth, hope you are feeling better. Glad fam will be there for a few more days.

    Maria--good you did all that organizing earlier so packing is much easier. You sound so sensible giving things away. We still have WAY too much stuff.

    Mary--Happy belated birthday.

    Farf--good to see the boy doing well. Don't we wish the big bucks could be attached to such performances. You have a musical crew. Supergramps took the hurling hit from Mason. We need a clone of you too.

    Kelly, Dr. Mac lucky to have such a sweetie.

    B, hope the weather up your way turns to sunny and warm.

    Lori--I laughed at the hairy legs in Birkenstocks. We do love our comfort these days. Not a shoe of the young and hip.
    Love the adventures and pics of your critters. I bow in admiration at your GIANT dog washing ability.

    Waves to all as off to work on story a bit. HATE TIME CHANGE. It's still dark out. Bah.

    Wonderful St. Paddy's day to all.

  8. Hey Fam! Good to see you! Doggone computer anyway. But good news about your health - fingers and toes crossed all goes as planned.

    Scary skunk stories, Lori. Sorry about the rain. But thanks for sending it down here - we have a few showers today. Unfortunately, they might rain out Sis's last baseball game.

    I wear Merrell clogs - none of those pointy-toed shoes for me! When I'm not wearing flip flops, that is.

    Yay for shelves, Maria! Sending good packing/purging vibes your way.

    Cold lingers. But drugs let me sleep last night, finally. Since I rarely take anything (even aspirin), they work when I do cave in.

    Last day of family time, sigh. Then life goes back to semi-normal. Whatever that means!

    Happy St Patty's Day, all! You can have my green beer, tho...

  9. Waves - FM hope the surgery goes well and the computer cooperates.

    Maria, moving vibes sent to you.

    Hi to everyone!

    I adore this picture - wish I were sitting it right now.

  10. And now, there are pictures of the move in progress...including some of the new space. Went there at lunchtime to measure walls and such.

  11. From yesterday...brownies...yum! *takes a virtual one and snarfs it down...realizes virtual brownies are calorie free--downs rest of platter*

    Love today's pic, Andi.

    Gotta go do the local politician thing tonight which means I have to trade my lovely comfortable hikers for dress shoes, bleah. Next meeting it will be trading my lovely comfortable Tevas for dress shoes, which is a double bleah.

    FM, very cool to see you online again. Best wishes for surgery.

    And a happy halloo on this sunny Wednesday to Lori, Maria, Lisa, Beth, Dina, and everyone else who shows up later.

    I'm off to do edity things for a friend again. It's nice to have my book proposal in, but the downside is that it instantly moves all of the stuff on the skip-it-till-I-finish-the-proposal pile back into the to-do pile.

  12. Kelly, brew an extra pot'o tea to wash down the brownies.

    Andi, Made today's picture my wallpaper. I think I'll use at least one a week to give myself a new view on life. Getting too set in my ways.

    Maria, how fun all the planning. Packing and moving--UGH. Will send you virtual muscle.

    Jim, hope you are getting some sun and warmth. Took my first walk in a while. Nice to get out in the fresh air. Maybe you can be biking.

    Think I'll go grab my novel and nuggle up comfy and read.

  13. Maria, our property abuts two neighbors on the west side, one has the aforementioned seven hound dogs (he likes to go wallaby hunting), the other house has two spaniel crosses and one generic "junk yard" dog. Their owners are "rough as guts" but we get along really well. The house across the road breeds spaniels and they currently have seven (one, named Diesel, lost his eyes to disease when he was 18 months old, but is a very happy boy nonetheless), but because they all sleep inside the house and in general are quiet, we hardly notice them (although you always can tell when their people come home - the excitement, the excitement!).

    Lisa, if only the giant dogs didn't have to be washed so frequently. But alas, Imogen is allergic and Luna has to be presentable for her Dog Therapy duties. I was young, but never hip as comfort has always ruled my world.

    A flock of parrots is just behind the house and I' enjoying the constant chatter.

    Hi to everyone else.

  14. Hi Lori, Maria, Lisa, Beth, Dina, and Kelly -- been out of town all day and just got home so "hi" is all I've got the energy for.

  15. Hi again Andi. Sounds like you had a full day. I'm just getting ready to go out myself.

    It's been a good day for bird sounds: I can hear the Yellow-tailed blac cockatoos outside, they're probably in our pines eating the pinen nuts.

    Which reminds me that I need to drop a few more of the monstrous weeds (pines) before one sets itself on fire by hitting the power lines in a wind storm.

    Although, I suppose I could pay the neighbor with all the hounds (ex-logger) to do it, and to clear the monstrous gum tree that came down on our trail.

  16. Great pix, Maria! Your new place looks loverly. Think how nice it'll be when you're all unpacked and settled in.

    I envy your wildlife, Lori. I lived in the woods for a long time - weird being a suburban girl now. We'll see how long that lasts.

    Night all - see you on the other side!