Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And So It Begins

The first day of Spring, the first 2010 post tagged Spring.

Taken March 20, 2010.

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  1. Been up since 4, thank you, Keeper. The VGW isn't nearly as scary when you're half-asleep.

    Yippee for spring! Seems like it's been a long time coming. I can smell the blossoms on my citrus trees - the air is filled with a rich, heady scent. But that means I HAVE to strip the last tree of fruit today, before it screws up Ma Nature.

    New job has huge stumbling blocks. Online tools don't work very well. I keep hoping they're just tweaking them and hopefully ironing out the problems, but so far, not so good. I'm eternally optimistic - for a while, anyway.

    Hope everyone has a warm, wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Yeah Spring.
    Boo--cranky tools.
    7 pages edited before 5:15.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.
    Sonboy coming into town for a little visit this afternoon. WooHoo.

  3. Haha! I guess we're all up early today. Been up since 5, managed 1000 words on the short story before showering.

    Beth, sorry your job tools suck. That's such a pain. :(

    Lisa, yay for the editing and sonboy visit!!

    This is it, folks. Last day at the mimes for the week. Tomorrow will be the last packing day. I'm SO ready (mentally). The walkthrough closet nearly defeated me last night. Way deeper than at first glance...mostly because somehow I'd shoved some boxes in the back (on the floor and on shelves). I have no idea what's in them. I am down to the last layer of junk, though. Whew.

    I am hoping by posting these progress reports, I can look back later when I want to buy/keep something and remember the hell of packing and just say "No". Egads! Why on earth did I keep some of this stuff?

    Back to a little surfing/research and writing before I head off to the mimes.

    Great Tuesday, folks!

  4. Living somewhere with the smell of lemon in the air sounds lovely, Beth. But bummer on the tools for the captioning gig. Hope it gets better.

    Wow, Lisa. 7 in one blow! :)

    Wow, Maria. 5K at one blow! (Lisa, you need to start counting words). Happy (not that I believe it possible) moving.

  5. Hi, all.

    Beth, hope the tools get fixed.

    Lisa, great on pages and sonboy.

    Maria, good moving.

    Andi, hi.

    Off to water yoga.

  6. Spring! We have lots of colorful birds back in town but they're all hanging out on bare branches, there's not much green coming up anywhere yet.

    Maria, sympathies on the pack-and-move stress. I've spent the past couple days re-arranging our kitchen and I'm a grumpy Gus just from the one room. ;) I hope your new place turns out to be more than worth all the hassle of getting into it.

    Beth, 15 Cadbury Eggs could put a walrus into a diabetic coma, I'm impressed you lived to tell that tale. That creme stuff clearly has some kind of crack-like ingredient(s), practically no one can eat those treats responsibly.

    Word-counting and page-counting also have crack-like qualities, at least for me, but not in any of the pleasurable senses. I don't know which part of my neurochemical soup is responsible for it, but if I do counts more often than one time when I finish a chapter, I cruise right over the edge of obsessive and the only tether back to functional is some kind of sedative.

  7. I'm putting one word in front of another today - it's that slow! And then I go back and delete some.
    I'll be glad when March is over. Two friends have had strokes, luckily both minor and both making almost miraculous recovery. Another friend's mum had two heart attacks in a week, but is recovering, and it's generally been a foul month. Roll on April, I say. But at least there's green around, and yellow in the daffies and primroses, and the little birdies are twittering their hearts out. It's all on the move!

  8. Yup, Spring #3 is the "real" spring on Planet Georgia this year, so we only got eight seasons instead of twelve. Wow, lots of people up at 5 this morning! Me too, but I was getting Mason a bottle. He wanted the bottle, but for whatever reason Mrs. Fetched dropped him in bed last night w/o a blanket and he wanted warmth even more. So he only ate 2 oz. and went back to sleep. I gave him one of the lap blankets. I didn't get back to sleep quite so quickly, darn it, but I did get there. Maybe I should have stayed up and joined the rest of you.

    Word-counting and page-counting also have crack-like qualities, at least for me, but not in any of the pleasurable senses.

    Lemme guess, Jen: the kind of crack you see when the plumber bends over? Hey, progress is progress. My progress on White Pickups is going pretty slow… I think I'm about 14 eps ahead now and most of what I've been doing lately is tweaking up the few closest to post-time. I have a general idea of how it's all going to go, but I'm not sure how I'll fit a few things that are supposed to be part of the story. I guess they'll come to me, hopefully soon.

    Roll on April — works for me, Nicky!

  9. Happy spring! Those are nice springtime photos!

    It's c-c-cold and rainy here. Need warmth soon.

    Waves to all.

  10. Hi Dina. Hope the exercising was pleasantly exhausting.

    If I were a writer, counting probably wouldn't work to well for me either, Jen. With my anal tendencies, I'd be spending all my time trying to figure out the trends and what they meant.

    Oh Nicky, what an ugly month. I hope April treats you better.

    Maybe Mason should share his bottle with you, Farf, so you'd feel comforted too. :)

    Hi b2. It's nice to see the maples budding but I'm ready for "real" leaves.