Monday, February 8, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders the Zen Pack

Taken January 13, 2010.

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  1. I can't believe you caught the pac in NONMOTION, Andi. Love it.

    Beth, Congrats to your Saints.

    Love seeing the snow. Gray,muddy mush here again. Though they are forecasting SUN tomorrow.

    Maria, Are you snowbound or have you dug out yet? Stay warm as best you can.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. Inside the house no-motion is their natural state but outside, you're right about the rarity of seeing them still. But there's a reason: this is their "I can't believe you just made us go outside and now you're actually getting in the car and leaving us" pose.

  3. What is the sound of one dog napping?

  4. Sending sun your way, Lisa. 40 degrees out there this morning - but no frost, phew. We could use some mud!

    Love those dog looks - mine right now is saying "Will you put that stupid machine down and throw the ball for me?" But he's always saying that.

    Great game last night! And a great outcome (sorry andi). Love to see the underdog win. Looks like Mardi Gras is going to start early in NOLA...

    Hoping to get lots o' stuff done today - my to-do list has been languishing for a month.

    Hope everyone has a low-key Monday - and I hope that next storm passes you by, Maria! Loved the pictures...your poor lil car...

  5. Lori -- the same as the sound of a hundred dogs napping. :)

    Beth, it's okay -- it's really not a big deal to me. The only really bad part is having to listen to the wall-to-wall pissing and moaning on the Indy news stations when all I want is the weather report. ;)

  6. Morning, gang! Sun's out, snow's still humongous. Mimes @ home today for all company. No buses, no above-ground Metro (which means no one crosses the river) and limited taxis.

    National airport is closed today.

    I wish I could just nap the day away, but alas, I will be working. At least it's in my pjs!

    Lori - sound of one dog napping is kind of like: zzzzzzbrrrrbarkbarkzzzzzz

    If predictions are true and we get 5-6" more snow tomorrow, I'll be working from home all week.


    Stay warm, all!

  7. That's quite the picture, Maria. I am impressed with the number of people who have dug their cars out and I'm really impressed with the thoroughness of the snow removal on the roadway. As someone who has worked from home for 20 years, I'm all for working in your jammies so that part of the snow sounds like a good thing to me.

  8. Andi, I was floored at the folks that dug out their cars yesterday, especially since DC is pretty much closed. Feds and schools closed, so most businesses are, too.

    The highway outside my window is one of the most used arteries into/out of DC, so it was cleared fairly quickly. I don't know how side streets are at all.

    I don't mind the working in my PJs, but could do with a little human company. ::g::

  9. Nailbiter Super Bowls > superbore. The only thing I care about vis-a-vis the final is that I get to harass my nephew: "Manning? Who dat?"

    Zen Bebo composes a haiku:

    A winter morning.
    Sniff wants some separation.
    Andi! Throw the ball!

    Limping along. Laptopless isn't like losing a hand, maybe like spraining an ankle. Painful, but it will be over in a week. I burned a Xubuntu PPC CD last night, in hopes of getting the ancient beige G3 updated to a modern enough Linux to run Firefox 3… that will let me use Google Docs, anyway. I'm actually making progress (using Mrs. Fetched's G4 dualie), but she needs to use it most evenings.

    Hugs to all of you - Maria, stay warm & stay put. Southern snow is always scary because people don't have enough sense to not drive in it. Later!

  10. Those puppies look pretty content/comfortable out in the snow.

    A cold windy 20 degrees here. We're preparing for the big snowstorm starting tomorrow night. Good thing we dodged the last one.

    Happy day to all!

  11. Hi, all.

    Yeah, Saints.

    Drive by over.

  12. Maria, I find the human company I have on the net way better than any I ever had in an office.

    Farf, Bebo said you have to figure out a way to make the haiku work with frisbees. She's not hung-up on articles so "Andi! Throw frisbee" is okay.

    boran2, since we were making them stay outside "resigned" is probably a better word than content. Though Giddy does like to sleep in the snow.

    Hi Dina. Poor Colts. Drive bye bye over. ;)

  13. O.M.G. I'm going to scream.

    New alert from local weather - we expect 8-10" MORE snow starting tomorrow afternoon through Weds.

  14. Eek, Maria!! Can you escape the city by public transport before it hits? Hope you have enough supplies to last...that's just wrong.

    Big hugs - come on down to Florida and thaw out!

  15. Ditto Beth's eek, Maria!

    I hope you are well stocked on comfort foods.

    Zen Sniff says you can borrow his mantra -- according to him, all you have to do is keep repeating There are always more squirrels. There are always more chipmunks. and you will be soothed.

  16. You can always come here, Maria. We have green outside.

  17. I'd love to head out an go somewhere else...sadly, I don't even know if I could get to the train or the plane...National Airport is practially running on empty.

    You know, I moved here b/c I wanted a little more variable weather than hot, hotter, hottest--this, however, is ridiculous!!

  18. Oh, noes, Maria got what she wished for! Do you have plenty of groceries?? Buffy DVD's???

  19. Yeesh, Maria! Can you hike to a grocery store? Mrs. Fetched just called me with predictions of 1-3 inches here on Planet Georgia, so you could come here. The stuff doesn't stick around more than a couple of days… "variable" is a rather mild description of our weather patterns.

    I'm getting a mental image of Chilly Maria sitting by a window, bundled up and writing in a notebook by natural light…

  20. Hahaha, Farf, you crack me up. So far, I'm okay. Been working @ the mimes from home all day. Fixin' to sign off.

    I have plenty of groceries and so far, (knock on wood) power and Internets. I think we'll all be working from home again tomorrow.

    I really, really hate this winter.

  21. Or she can write a whole nother book, Nancy. (Hi Nancy)

    One good thing, Maria, about the snow is that we all get to look forward to seeing more photos of your car. :)

  22. Andi, what a good idea! Maria should definitely use this time to write another book.

    Let it snow!