Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Ways

Both pictures taken February 6, 2010.
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  1. Just filling in the VGW...Good morning everyone!

    Your pics are lovely Andi, but I have to confess I'm dreaming of beaches and sun this week...

  2. Hector's other end is pretty cute as well.

    Good morning to you and good night to me and mine.

  3. CG, when Beth gets home, go visit her blog (or look in the archives) for lots of great Florida pics.

    Yep Lori, Hector is end to end cute. Nighty night.

  4. Andi, it's time for retro pics of nonsnow and nonice.
    We still have small patches of snow here but into the 60s today and sunny--WooHoo.

    Lori, Hector is a real cutie. Loved the pic with Lily. I'm thinking it's the rabbit that may rule the roost.

    Farf--so glad the parents are doing what they need to with Mason. Hubby and I lived in East Texas when daughter was little, so we had to step up to the plate.

    Beth, welcome back to Fl and home. You can rest up before family returns next month.

    Maria, Happy Friday.

    CF, My daffodils are up and soon to be blooming. Hope you can enjoy your garden soon.

    CG, thanks so much for braving the VGW.

    B, hope car woes don't last long.

    Thursday Flirting at Friday.
    Great day to all.

  5. If you think this is bad, Lisa, wait till the snow melts and all I've got is brown, brown, and some more brown. But I've got a better antidote than old pics ... you can click here to see adorable pictures of CG's baby boy, Finn.

  6. Morning, gangstas! A lovely sunny day ahead with near tropical temps--okay, so only 40F, but WAY better than last week.

    Andi, as a photo, I love the one on the left, yet I continue to shudder and pray I've seen the last of the winter wonderlands except in photos! ::g::

    CG - Finn is adorable!!

    Lori - Hector is a total cutie pie. What interested you in rabbits?

    Lisa, thanks for the happy Friday!! I am sooo glad to be back on a regular schedule post-snowpocalypses. Had a lovely chat with CEO last night about my new position. She's happy and is happy that I'm happy. A cheer-fest all around. whee!!

    Of the most excellent news - I (along with Carole Nelson Douglas) am getting a BOOK DISPLAY!! This will be for a special vampires/werewolves promo at B&N April 13-26. This is HUGE! They're even going back to print on the first 3 books!! /exclamation point abuse.

    I'm gobsmacked. This normally does *not* happen so early in a writing career. (Carole's been at this for at least 20 yrs). I'm just flailing with the happy.

    On that note, I'm off to CVS and then the mimes.

    Wonderful Thursday, all!!

  7. Love the right-hand one, andi - something about trees hanging over a road that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    Woo hoo, Maria! That's GREAT news!! We don't have a B&N, but there's one to the north, in Venice. I'll make sure to dash up there and drool over it - how very cool!!!

    Thanks for braving the VGW, CG - and for the kind words, andi. LOVE the bunny! Sorry about the car, B2 - hope it was something minor, and not expensive.

    Daffodils, sigh, Lisa - we don't have spring flowers in our area, and I sure miss them. Maybe I'll see some this year.

    Happily in Pensacola with my twin (twin daughters of different mothers). Might never leave.

    Have a great day, everyone!!

  8. [blue streak redacted] snow and ice, I am SO over it, my whole neighborhood is the VGW.

    But the pictures are lovely. :)

    Congrats Maria!! That sort of display and reprint in that sort of marketplace is indeed a gigantic deal and I join you in your exclamation point exuberance!! I hope it sets off a rocket beneath your sales numbers and your next CEO chat ends with, "So thanks for the great memories and DO keep in touch." ;)

    Lori, is Albert still around? I fondly remember some of his grumpy-face appearances at BMT -- one of my favorites was that pic of him wearing the reindeer antlers.

  9. Maria, great news on book display. I hope it makes your next estimated tax payment huge.

    Beth, we're depending on you for some beach and sun pictures over at your place. Don't fail us! :)

    Jen, I am with you 200% on this winter. I want it gone. Sadly, Albert has gone to the Great Bunny Trail In The Sky. But Hector is following in his excellent bunny steps.

  10. ::moment of silence for Albert::

    Andi, I imagine your walks with the dogs have felt more like voyages to the North Pole lately. Farmer's Almanac said it would be a big snow year so I guess they get all the gumballs in the jar again. :)

  11. I'm doing the snoopy dance for Maria's news. Maria, was this a total surprise or did you know it was under negotiation. I always wonder how much authors know about the promotional plans for their books.

    Although I already knew about Albert I will join in the ::moment of silence::

    But Hector is a worthy successor. It's a shame we can't get a photo of Hector and Finn together for one great big ooooooh moment. But too much geographical distance between them.

    It's sunny! And supposed to get up into the 30's!! Before it snows again tomorrow. Or rains. :(

    Enjoy the day all.

  12. Jen - that's my goal, eventually!!

    maryb - total suprise. I was absolutely taken aback when I read the email yesterday afternoon.

    If you all see a display in your local stores, I'd love it if you could take a photo and email to me.

    Still chuffed (but focusing on the mimes writing now)...

  13. Jen, I'm sure you'll sympathize with Giddy who got about 100 feet from the house and gave up and turned around and went back home. And Sniff is no longer going for a walk, he's going for leaps and bounds. My legs feel like I've walked a zillion miles. And Bebo -- well she's just constantly surprised to turn around and see that there's nobody keeping up with her.

    Mary, I'd be delighted for rain at this point -- anything to make the snow go away faster.

    Maria, if you help me remember when it gets closer, I'd be delighted to head over to the B&N in Bloomington and take a picture for you.

  14. Brilliant news, Maria - I have serious book envy now! My publisher sells mainly to libraries and rarely goes into paperback, so they tend not to bother trying to get them into shops. (I'm not really grousing though - just glad to be published at all!)

    Andi, I forgot to comment on Tuesday's ice pictures - they're amazing. Like alien art!

  15. Maria, remind us before the date and I'll head over to the B&N near my office. My photos will not be as artistic as andi's though.

  16. Thanks, Nicky.

    Mary, who does artsy-fartsy photos in a B&N bookstore?

    Night everybody.