Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Gold

Taken February 7, 2010.

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  1. Flowing Water--WooHoo.
    Gentle, relaxing pic, Andi.
    It's not the ice and snow in the pics I mind, but the real deal.
    Snowed yesterday, but no accumulation. WooHoo Too.

    Sonboy got to stay about 45 minutes. We had a nice, early dinner Hubby had made. Bruising fading and guy hasn't been arrested. The ways of law enforcement are beyond me. Don't be sucked in by the movies and tv. Here's hoping justice will rear its head though.

    Only two new kiddos today and released 6 yesterday--It's a good day. 13 days till Spring Break.

    Maria, hope the head is better today.

    Farf, I'm wondering if you could set a trap for that insomnia fairy. Then ship her to some far corner.

    Lori, What a beautiful, menacing bird. My dad once had a sparrow hawk fly in his open car window. Rolled up the window and kept the hawk till he finished painting it. Wished I would have inherited his artistic skills.

    Beth, I'd say enjoy some quiet time, but not sure that you often do. Life for you seems to be anticipation and adventure. Hope you have plenty of warm weather so sonboy can enjoy a little beach time.

    Jen, cargo pants--hubby's favorite. Glad you could get out.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. With all the snow melting, your chances of getting more flowing water pictures is very good. I hope the guy is arrested by the time you son gets home.

  3. Love the picture, and the gold, andi.

    Glad you saw your son for a bit, but not nearly long enough. And yes, hopefully the right thing will be done re the crook - he can't escape his fate forever.

    True, Lisa, I always seem to be moving. Although I do long for quiet time - it just isn't as much fun once it arrives. Hopefully that will change as I get older and wiser.

    Warmer temps due on Saturday, Lisa - hope your son can stick around for a while to see them.

    Slight good-news blip on the job front - will let you know if anything comes of it.

    The Olympics are better than the insomnia fairy - or is that worse? I'll sleep next week...

    Have a good Wed, everyone!

  4. w00t for water that is not static! Morning, gang!!

    Spent a more-or-less quiet day yesterday trying to sleep, but alas, kept getting interrupted (phone call from agent, phone call from friend, FedEx (who finally found my lost package), UPS delivering the replacement for the lost package. Ah well.

    Head is better today, thanks for all your good wishes!

    Now it's off to the mimes via CVS and post office.

    You all have a great day!!

  5. It's snowing here and it's sticking. :(

    But the NWS says no more than 1/2 inch and temps above freezing by Friday so I guess I can deal with it.

    Beth, crossing fingers on that the blip of good news becomes the blimp of good news.

    Yay for the recovering head, Maria. Hope your day goes well.

  6. Drive by hi!

    More snow coming later tonight.

    Glad you got some time with your son, Lisa.

    Good luck on the job front, Beth.

    That is a nice shot Andi, even if I'm sick of winter.

  7. More snow stuff? They were talking about possible rain/snow mix here, but if it even rained it didn't rain much. Oh well, very nice shot, even if I'm looking forward to non-snow shots.

    Got home last night, ate supper, went straight to bed, slept until 2:30 when I needed a bathroom break and Mason needed a bottle break. Went back to bed, slept until 8. Maybe Olga gave the Insomnia Fairy what-for ("*I* am the only one allowed to torment him!" whack).

    Yay Lisa for fewer kiddos! Too bad sonboy couldn't stay longer. Here's hoping the drug-addict is in the slammer before he gets back.

    Lori, bummer about not getting that shot. Spare batteries, you need them. ;-)

    Beth, hope the job comes through… you'll be longing for quiet time once you have it though!

    Maria, hope the package thing gets all straightened out. FedDreck is good until they screw up, then they tend to screw up big.

    Boran, hope you & B2boy get to enjoy the snow some.

    Off to wrap some stuff up before vacation time (which begins tomorrow, although I won't be escaping the manor until Saturday)!

  8. Hi, all. Back from a wonderful vacation but alas, with a really bad cold.

    Therefore, going back to sleep.

  9. Hi all,

    It has become impossible to ignore the fact that I become part of our local government tonight when I get sworn in as a county board supervisor. It's an important job and someone needs to do it, and I suspect that once I get settled in I'll do fine. Nonetheless, massive freakout will commence in 3.2...actually it's already commenced. Yeep!

  10. You'll do fine, Kelly. It's the anticipation that's worse than the actual job - in a few weeks you'll be flinging shoes with the best of them! Good luck! And congrats for doing the right thing.

    And speaking of jobs - I HAVE ONE! Rooftop bar at the Wyvern Hotel, fancy place in Punta Gorda. Waterfront, sunsets, and a seemingly nice boss. I start Sunday. Now I just have to wrap my brain around the fact that I am going to officially be a bartender......I still don't believe it. Five minute interview...

    I'm off to sit in the corner and babble for a while. Thanks for your support, everyone!

  11. Sneaking in from the mimes to yell: w00t, Beth!!!!!! You go!!!

    ::sneaks back to mimes::

  12. WOOOOO HOOOOO, Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi b2 (the snowman), Farf (almost on-vacation guy), Dina (back from vacation gal), Kelly (our fine elected official).

  13. ok everybody, I vote we all meet up in Punta Gorda next week where there is NO SNOW and a really great bartender. And perhaps not too far away from some spring training?

  14. Thanks, everyone! It's a deal, maryb! Yep, spring training a little ways away - Minnesota Twins, Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays are within 45 min. Others a little further.

    A cold front is whooshing in - wind is howling outside, temps are dropping. 35 tomorrow night, egads. Winter returns. But it'll be warmer than it is up there. Come on down!! I'd love to practice on my blog buddies...

  15. So this is where everybody is partying.
    Great spot.
    What a well titled image, AndiF
    A few observations, before I apologize for being such a stranger.
    First what happened to one of our friend`s boy?

    Next, "Head is better today, thanks for all your good wishes!", damn, I had no clue something was wrong with me.

    Beth, are you right across from the Port Charlotte bridge exit? If so, start pouring me a VO neat.

  16. I forgot you know this area, 'Head. The hotel is just over the bridge from PC, on 41. I think it's the Punta Gorda exit on 75 - the first one south after Kings Highway.

    I'm pouring now - come on over! And nice to see you here!