Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weeding Winter

Taken February 9, 2010.

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  1. Andi, looks like you caught me in that picture. By Thursdays, I'm drooping quite a bit.
    I love seeing the weed in Winter, provided me much entertaining in Spring or Summer.

    Knucklehead, good to see you. It was my son that was attacked in a home invasion/burglery attempt. Bruised and battered but repairing himself in Fl. for a few days.

    Beth--Fantastic news. You won't have to worry about the VGW for a while. You will be snoozing in after work. You realize this leaves you no excuse to not be writing. Now that you're "settled down".

    Maria--hope the head cooperates and the ache disappears. I'm needing a spa day and massage. Shame we can't go together.

    B--You are a braver man than I--More snow. Throw another log on the fire.

    Waves to Jen, Mary B, Nancy, Nicky, O, Farf, CG, CF, Lori, and I'm sure I'm missing someone.
    Thursday Winking at Friday.

  2. You make me want to take artistic pictures, andi, instead of my usual stuff. Tho my camera is in the shop, so that'll have to wait. Thanks for early morning pretty.

    A cold front whooshed through last night, Lisa - 46 out there right now, brrr. Hope your son finds a protected spot in the sun to thaw out. And you're right - now I'll have a regular schedule, so can be a little more regimented. Or at least that's the plan!

    A little less stunned about the job today - but still amazed. Now I just need to memorize my drinks again.

    Off to explore an artists' gallery today, after hopefully hacking away at the to-do list this morning. Guess I'd better get busy.

    Waving to everyone in the snowy North - winter HAS to end soon!

  3. I know the feeling, Lisa. But I'm counting on the arrival of spring to straighten me right up.

    Beth, I hope your camera gets fixed soon. And I can't wait to hear all the great bartender stories you are about to accumulate.

  4. Spring is nigh, spring is nigh, spring is...well, damn it, it should be! ::g::

    Our OMG new storm turned out to be some rain and high winds. w00t! No snow!!! I hear NY is taking the brunt of it, though, expecting 6-8" today.

    Lisa, OMG, a spa day with you would be a blast. hee! They'd never know what hit them.

    Andi - loving the droopy weed, that's going to be me at the end of Friday, since I'm working tomorrow.

    Beth, as long as you can mix me either (a) Lagavulin 16-y.o. neat or (b) a regular daquiri (one that doesn't involve blenders and which, sadly, so many bartenders I've run across have no clue how to do) - you'll be brilliant. ::g::

    ::waves at the rest of the gang::

    Happy Thursday!!

  5. Depending on my mood, Maria, I see that weed as drooping or gracefully taking on the burdens it's been given. I'm sure you're always the latter.

  6. Morning to all!

    We're in the midst of a snowstorm. After taking a few shots from the scenic overpass on the mountain, I called work and turned the car to head home. Us civil servants can't exert ourselves too much. ;-)

  7. Thanks all!

    I'm glad you went home, B2. There's a limit to putting yourself at risk for a job. Enjoy the day off - try not to shovel snow all day!

  8. we have us the snow. I am staying home and maybe lighting a fire.

  9. Morning Jen.

    Hi Dina and b2 -- hope you both stay warm and safe,.

  10. Evening all, hope you've had (or are still having) a good day. We have some grudging signs of spring though it's dire and damp outside: little yellow crocuses, a few snowdrops and a hint of green.
    Feeling smug today because I've heard I have a painting accepted for a major local exhibition in the Southampton Art Gallery. Every 2 years they have a competition for local artists and this is the third time in a row I'm in. Yayyy. My painting (will post a link when I'm organised) is like a cave painting of a hare in flight. Meant to look like a chunk of the cave wall has been chopped out and framed!
    (No writing today though...oops)

  11. Hey all!

    Yay, Beth! I guess this means you'll be tied up all next week, huh? Punta Gorda is a … ways from Largo, have to see if we can come up with a halfway point.

    Also, hooray for Nicola's exhibit!

    First day of spring break for me, but Winter #3 has decided to cut Spring #2 short. Oh well, it's still sunny out. I've knocked off half of my to-do list, and made a good start on one of the other three items. Snippet has gone to visit her mom (yay!) and took Mason with her (booo!), so it's pretty quiet. Mrs. Fetched is taking a nap right now! (The apocalypse must be near, for that to happen!)

    So Happy It's Thursday, especially since I'm off work…

  12. Not sure of my schedule, Farf, but I think I'm off Friday. And then a few days the following week. I'll know for sure after this Sunday.

    We can definitely find a middle point - Ellerton is about halfway - there's an outlet mall there, but I'm sure there's something else around - it's a busy area, right off the interstate.

    Anyway, I'll let you know my schedule when I have it, and you do the same!