Monday, February 1, 2010

We Noz Snoz

Taken January 28, 2010

Taken January 10, 2010.
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  1. Love the girl pics, Andy.
    Beautiful snow. Giddy is a stronger gal than I laying on the cold stuff.

    Think it will be a busy week. Got quite a stack of students to come in. Bah Humbug--job security.

    Marvelous Monday to all.

  2. My malamute was the happiest curled up in a snow-covered ball. I, of course, thought he was nuts. I guess if all I had to do was play with snow and not drive in it or shovel it, I might like it again...

    Oh to be a dog in the F household!

    Good luck this week, Lisa. Job security indeed.

    Great weekend in StA. Five more days of family, then will try to remember what real life looks like. But til then, will have fun. Drizzling outside, yay! Hope it stays all day.

    From yesterday: Glacier is indeed an amazing place, Jim. It was our "local" park in Coeur d'Alene, and I miss it.

    Have a great day, all!

  3. Lisa, I don't think the cold even gets through her fur. Should I say "Sorry about the job security?"?
    (ooh confusing punctuation)

    Beth, we knew that Giddy was feeling her years (she's 14) when she stopped sleeping in the snow and would come in after a few hours. Have fun having fun. :)

  4. Snow morning, all! A balmy 15F here in the DC area and I'm feeling every darn bit of it.

    Eye doc follow up this morning, followed by the mimes. Monday, oh, Monday.

    On the bright side, it's February, which means one step closer to spring! w00t!

    I had fun setting up a Cafepress store this weekend, featuring items with Keira's logo. I've ordered myself a tshirt and notepad. :)

    Not really making $$ from this, it's just a fun thing to do for promo purposes. Next, the temp tattoos!

    Hope Monday treats you all well!

  5. Snow dog loves snow.

    Maria, I've been toying with the Cafepress idea for a while. I have a few bumper stickers & t-shirt designs that might work out there. What's involved in setting one up?

    I don't have much to add to the conversation this morning. Monday is being more mind-numbing than usual. I'll throw in a couple of pictures I posted on twitpic yesterday…

    The ultimate in unnecessary labelling

    The cows are angry

    Gotta love auto-post, White Pickups didn't have to wait for me to drag myself out of bed… off to the mimes, later!

  6. @Farf re: Cafepress - REALLY easy. Best thing is to go to their help section first and download the various image templates so you can get the right sizing.

    Then, sign up for a store (it's free for the basic one). Then you upload the various images and then choose the items. Pretty simple, really.

    CP also allows you to decide what markup (if any) you want, either across the board or per item.

    Let us know when you're open!

  7. Good Monday to all.

    Playing in the snow looks like fun!

    It's cold here but going to about 30 today. I'll start a new painting shortly as I'm almost finished with my present piece.

    Waves to all to follow.

  8. Hey all,

    Laura is finally back to work and that means I'm back on the treadmill for morning blogging, yay!

    Snow dogz FTW!

    Beth, Jim, love Glacier, love it.

    Maria, cool on the Cafe Press stuff.

    FarF, likewise, go for it. It costs nothing but time, and the chicken houses leave you plenty, right? ;-)

    And halloo to all.

  9. Hi,all. Love the puppies!

    Maria, let us know what the eye guy says.

    Waves to everyone.

  10. Morning/hello all.

    I agree w/ Beth - Oh to be a dog in the F household!

  11. Good news from the eye doc! Pressure WAY down in both eyes. I'll still be on drops for at least the next 2 weeks and go back for follow up on 2/15.


  12. Hi everybody. I've been up visiting with my mom all day and I'm so exhausted by being a good girl for hours and hours that I have no energy left for being a good host who makes nice comments about everything you all have said except ...

    Yay for the good news from the doc, Maria!

  13. We noz snoz. We
    schnoz doez. We

    pad pawz. We
    gape mawz. We

    gnaw toez. (They
    bin froze). We

    home moz . We
    soon doze.

  14. *grin*

    Thanks to Luna and Lily/Lilly for the excellent poem. The Pack will be doing a po-mo deconstruction of it as soon as they stop barking at squirrels and come back in the house.

  15. They'll be waiting with baited breath (with real bait).