Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trees Top

Taken January 30, 2010

Taken February 2, 2010.
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  1. Morning Andi - well captured clouds.

    I look outside all of the time and think "great clouds" (as I did earlier this evening), immediately followed by "it will never come out in a photo".

    So, I settled for taking a photo of Hector's tushy.

  2. Sun Glorious Sun expected today.
    I'm ready for Spring.

    Lori, I'm hoping Hector is a pooch.

    Farf, so glad The Boy is stepping up to the Daddy Plate. He certainly has a Wonderful role model to show him the way. Kids are slow to figure it out sometimes.

    Jim, hoping you get back to school today. Makeup days suck.

    Andi, I can envision you and the herd slogging through the snow. You are hardy stock, lady.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  3. Evening Lori. It's almost Thursday -- time for a Hector's tush to make an appearance over at BT. :)

    Hiya Lisa. Even better, Hector is a rabbit. I am very jealous of your sun.

  4. Pretty, fluffy...uhm, those look like snow clouds...I take back the pretty. (just kidding!)

    Morning, gang! Another day without snow makes the Lima a happy camper. Getting ready to start another documentation writing project at the mimes, only this time, it's something I'd been wanting to do for a long time, so yay.

    I'm hoping my UPS deliveries arrive today while my cleaners are here--everything delayed for more than 10 days b/c of snowmaggedon. Sigh. Eventually, this will be just a memory, right?

    Hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy!

  5. Too funny, Lisa - that was my first thought! Nice to see someone else breaking the VGW - thanks, Lori!

    Sun was in abundance here yesterday, although still chilly. There was finally a tinge of warmth in the air around dinnertime, so hopefully the cold snap is fading. I'll be back in FL today, although in the Panhandle so probably not that warm still. But will send sun your way, andi.

    Absent dinner date showed up for lunch yesterday, so I didn't miss that friend after all. Woo hoo!

    Hope The Boy is figuring it out, Farf...

    Easy driving day today - 5 hours. Better get up and going anyway. Happy Wednesday, y'all!

  6. Those are cool clouds but I am REALLY tired of clouds in real life. This morning started out with a blue sky (YEAY!!) but now ... it's cloudy. Again.

    The snow is melting and everything is grey. Or gray if you are American.

    And I can't watch curling during the day because I have to work.

    Enough complaints? Hope everyone has a great day and especially hope that all of Maria's much delayed packages make it to her. I have no reason to complain about MY weather when I think of hers.

  7. Drive by hi! I really like the one on the left, Andi.

    Two hour delay here and busy with car repair/mechanic. The "joy" of old cars.

    See ya later.

  8. Well, Maria, you would be wrong. No snow from any of those clouds. :P

    Safe driving, Beth. Your sun sending worked for a little bit -- we had sun for a couple of hours before the gloom came back.

    Mary, are you confessing that you aren't an American? Or is it just that you aren't a real American? ;)

    Is the MM car sick, b2? Doesn't seem right after all that effort it put in getting there.

  9. VGW? You all have your own code here.

    Hector is a Chocolate otter mini-lop (pictured with Lily), who has a very photogenic tushy.

    I'll get right on it Andi.

  10. Thank for getting right on it, Lori, and thank for the links to the adorable pictures too. Also, VGW stands for Vast Great White which is what faces the first person to comment on a post -- Beth is particularly allergic to it. ;)

  11. Hey all… looks like I get the afternoon shift. I like that shot on the left, the tree looks like it's bending under the weight of those clouds.

    Lori, VGW is Vast Great White, the intimidating blankness of a post without comments. We also have the "mimes," where we (silently) toil and try to find our way out of the transparent box we're stuck in. :-P Quite a few of the folks here will appreciate the bunny butts, too. As far as the cloud pix go, just take 'em and see what happens. I've gotten some pretty decent cloud shots even with a cellphone camera.

    Lisa, Snippet seemed to step it up a bit last night, too… I offered to take Mason when he was crying and she refused. Hey, she can walk with him too, right? [Hooray!]

    Maria, my outstanding order came in today… gonna max out the video RAM in that old G3 so I don't have to futz with color depth to get full resolution on the display, hee hee.

    Safe drive home, Beth, hope to see you in a couple weeks. Looks like Mrs. Fetched might come too, hooray! Maybe Mason too, but The Boy & Snippet are specifically disinvited. :)

    Mary, I thought grey and gray were interchangeable, I guess the important thing is to use one or the other…

    Hope your car gets fixed, Boran.

    Off to muck with more hardware and pretend it's work-related…

  12. Glad the sun made its way up there, andi, even if only for a little bit. We had plenty down here!

    Hope to see you guys in FLA, Farf - just keep me posted.

    Safely in Pensacola, at my twin's house. I believe it's my turn to be the evil one....

    Off to get another glass of wine - night all!

  13. Oops, forgot - yes Lori, the Vast Great White overwhelms me in the early morning, so I wait until someone else has commented before I chime in. It reminds me too much of snow.... :-)

  14. Happy hardware (computer) and software (Mason) to you, Farf.

    Have fun being the evil twin, Beth. Sounds like the best job on earth. :)

    Night everybody.

  15. aw, Hector photos. He does have a nice tushy. :)

  16. Drive by to say I love these photos. So moody, atmospheric, spooky.