Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tough as Leather, Gentle as Rain

Both pictures taken January 24, 2010
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  1. Love the leather!

    To all you late risers - man, I wish I was still asleep!

  2. Morning Dina. I slept past 6:00 a.m. so that's sleep late for me. w00t!

    How did everybody survive the Great Weather Event of 2010? Hope everyone is fine.

    After all the rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain, snow, rain, and finally all snow, it looks like we got about 5 inches. Now the trees are covered in snow because the snow was so wet. And we're having high winds. So that plus snow-laden branches equals worries about losing power.

  3. Both pics have great texture and multiple points of interest.

    Boy, y'all got the bad weather and we finally got sun. Supposed to last today and then tomorrow more rain moves in. Grateful for small favors.

    Daughter dear made it home and those famous words echoed right away. What's for dinner? She's learned to appreciate "home" a bit more since her week in the hinterland. Back to Austin Monday. Nomad life for now.

    Beth, Big Cyberhugs for after family leaves. Will be back soon, so Immerse yourself in a story or job hunt or football.

    Maria, hope the storm hasn't dampened your spirits too much. I'm wanting to write some short stories. And I know you have an award winner. Is it available for reading? Any recommended How to articles or books or suggestions on structuring short stories?

    Farf, Mason has that life is such a surprise look. Reading your family saga always gives me a chuckle. I mean it that you are superpop/grandpa.

    Waves to all as off to make some breakfast and get to work on neon note cards. If nothing else this revision class is teaching me a number of interesting techniques to use with my story.

    Sensational (or not to bad weathery) Saturday to All.

  4. Lovely duo today, Andi. Hope you're able to keep power. Very wet snow here too, in total maybe half the amount forecast. Same range of sleet and freezing rain and finally snow; it's clinging to street signs and house bricks and pine tree needles in huge white globs and clumps, weighing tree branches down low and misting around in the icy wind. I do NOT want to go out there but I'll have to blow out the driveway later, brrr, hope there's still some Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix in the kitchen somewhere.

  5. Morning, gang! Andi, I'd settle for 5" of snow. We've got about 16" and it's still snowing. :(

    Lisa, you can read my short story at my Web site. It's the only real story I've ever finished! That will change when I do the one I'm contracted for. :)

    Jen, yummy! Ghirardelli hot cocoa. Wish I had some.

    Still have power and Internets, thank goodness. Woke up with sinus headache, so I'm probably crawling back into bed in a bit.

    You all stay warm & safe!!

  6. Lisa, I'm am definitely jealous of your sun; there hasn't been much around here this year. Enjoy, enjoy.

    Jen, be very careful out there -- that icy wind will chill you down very fast. But getting the lovely hot chocolate after should be a nice reward.

    Better you than me, Maria. :)

  7. Still no snow here. It looks like something will come but hopefully we missed the big stuff.

  8. We got lots of slushy rain that melted by the morning (except on my back steps which were a sheet of ice). It was quite the disappointment but now they say we should get a big snow tomorrow night. My cousins in DC said they got dumped on.

    The wind messed with my new gate that was just installed in october. It lifted it out of its ground anchor and then ripped it off its hinges. Sigh.

    Keep warm everyone and hope you had some cocoa Jen. I bought some Mexican cocoa the other day at the store but I didn't like it - to much cinnamon.

  9. Congrats on your Great Escape, Dina.

    Ugh Mary, I hope that big snow doesn't head this way after it's through with you. Impressive wind -- it's been windy here all day but nothing to match that.

  10. I knew I was forgetting something! Up at 2am to take the fam to the airport, then back home for a nap, then on the go ever since. VERY late to the party!

    We had crazy wind yesterday and today - ushered in a cold front. Nothing like y'all are experiencing, tho - 40 tomorrow night. I forgot I bought Mexican chocolate at Christmas, Jen - might try a bit in my coffee...

    Sorry about the gate, maryb - that's some wind!

    Thanks for the pix of Snowmageddon, Maria - my friends in MD are buried, and trying to get out before the next blast. Stay inside and enjoy it from your perch!

    Awful quiet around here...

    Hope you're enjoying a peaceful Saturday, everyone.

  11. Happy end of week to everybody. I can't believe how fast it flew by. Zoom.

  12. Hi Beth. Bye-bye to your wonderful houseguests.

    Howdy Nancy. Glad to see you.

    Jim and I just got back from a concert with Sylvia McNair. It was wonderful.

    And on that truly lovely note, I wish everyone a very good night.