Friday, February 5, 2010

Taking the Long View

Taken January 19, 2010

Taken January 20, 2010.
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  1. Since I didn't wake up to the white of sleet and snow which was supposed to arrive during the night, it seemed like the right thing to do to save Beth from seeing the VGW.

    Maybe blocking the VGW will act as a barrier to keep the bad weather from ever arriving (which will make the admin that called off Jim's school feel really stupid -- another plus).

  2. Wow, you don't have the white stuff yet? Maybe we can have a Friday night here then, before it arrives (if ever)...

    Mr. Wonderful is wide awake a little too early for my liking today.

    What is VGW?

    Have a wonderful day, everyone.

  3. Wow, that creek looks COLD.

    Congrats to Kelly on his newly minted status as an elected official! Dude, if you have anything like actual aspirations then we're going to have to start courting both Big Pharma and Wall Street to find you some suitably deep-pocketed corporate sponsors. And, obviously, set up some nude modeling shoots.

    Mr. Wonderful


  4. Andi, Flowing water--Next best thing to SUN. Fighting my SAD right now. Sitting by the fireplace last night was a great tonic.

    Celebrating FRIDAY. More new kiddos so will probably end up with close to 30 new for the week and haven't lost near that many. These are the tough times of the the year.
    Daughter dear got stuck in the mud at Cherokee, but Hubby was able to talk her out. She comes home this afternoon. WiFi, cooked meals, central heat, and no mice were all factors. NOT my ranch girl.

    Fabulous Friday for All.

  5. VGW = Vast Great White, which is a look of a post where you are first to comment. Well maybe you should call him Mr. Ought to Sleep Later, CG, and give him a name to live up to. :)

    Yeah, Jen, the creeks are definitely chilly this time of year. And I'm eager to see Kelly take you up on those Playmate photo shoots.

    Morning, Lisa. Glad I give you the flowing water because there's not been much sun on offer. Glad the no-roughing child escaped the mud. Hope for a better week is upcoming for you.

  6. Boy, it's not even 7am and I'm late! Thanks for making tracks, everyone!

    Sign me up for that Kelly calendar!

    Glad your little one made it home safely, Lisa. Funny that one man's paradise is another's hades. Sorry about the SAD - sure know that one. Wish I could send some happy light your way, if you could send time by the fireplace.

    Hope the yucky weather continues to hold off, andi! I'm curious to see how Maria did with the snowpocalypse...

    Last day with my family. I'm going to refuse to take them to the airport tomorrow. Will milk every second of joy out of today that I can. Good thing they're coming back in March!

    TGIF, y'all! The weekend beckons...

  7. Morning, gang! I'm all for the flowing water AND sun--seeing as how we're likely to get little of the latter over the next few days. Forecast upgraded to expect 18-24" of snow. :(

    Love the idea of the Kelly calendar - what a great fundraiser it could be!

    I've started chronicling the snOMG - nothing yet, but expected to start midmorning. I'm all stocked up and ready to hibernate. Will update photos every couple of hours or so. Yes, I can already sense the boredom sneaking in. I do have to work on my essay, though, since it's due in a little over a week. But that won't take a full day. Thank goodness for books & DVDs!!

    Andi, hope the sleet/snow passes you by! CG - ditto!

    Friday yays to all!

  8. Will look forward to the chronicle, Maria - I would love sitting inside watching a Mega Storm swirl outside! Food, internet, music, heat - and no need to go out in it. Enjoy being snowbound - and stay home until they plow the stuff off the roads!

  9. That lefthand photo is Monet-esque, not unlike the waterlilies.

    Waiting for the big snowstorm here but most of it may be south of us.

    What office was Kelly elected to?

  10. Love that shot on the right.

    Heavy rain all… night… long… and it slackened up but did not stop this morning. The Boy came in about 1.5 hours later than he was supposed to, but left the keys by the coffee pot. Smart move on his part — that means I didn't have an excuse to go upstairs and wake his @$$ up. Snippet was downstairs tending to Mason, a good thing.

    Some controlled mayhem is on tap for this afternoon: the boss is taking us to an indoor shooting range. I brought a vintage carbine (made by IBM, haha!) and a .22 pistol. And tomorrow, my MacBook goes into the Apple Store for repairs. I have the important stuff backed up to an external drive, and upcoming episodes/WIP of White Pickups in the cloud. I'm just gonna miss my laptop.

    Maria, you should be fine as long as the power doesn't crap out. You might want to figure out what you'll do if that happens — do you have a propane or kerosene heater that you can put by a cracked-open window (well away from anything inflammable)? Couple gallons of water? All your portable stuff charged up? Got a place to go within walking distance? (Assume the roads won't be navigable with that much snow.) Really, I'm not a closet survivalist, I've been through multi-day power outages & know what they're like. :-P Oh, and assume that *someone* in your building is a complete idiot and will set their apartment on fire because they put a kerosene heater too close to the curtains… have everything you want to take with you where you can stuff it all in a bag and be out your door in one minute.

    When you're ready for really bad stuff, it generally doesn't happen… but you can enjoy the snOMG more knowing it's not gonna kill you! Keep us posted, OK?

    The mimes want some attention… but I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know I posted a Mason pic on TFM last night…

  11. Hi Beth, Maria, b2, and Farf.

    So far our weather event is turning into a bust except that it is wet enough and cloudy enough to kill my satellite internet connection and put on me on dial-up, I hate being on dial-up which means that I'm just dropping by and hoping to be back with a decent connection later.

  12. Hi, all. Stay warm and safe if you are in the snow region.

  13. Hi Dina.

    A bit more snow here and still on dial-up. Hope everybody is doing fine.

    Good night to all. See you (at higher speeds I hope) tomorrow.