Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

My wish for Jeremy & Katlin & Katie & too many others.

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In Memory of a Child
by Vachel Lindsay

The angels guide him now,
And watch his curly head,
And lead him in their games,
The little boy we led.

He cannot come to harm,
He knows more than we know,
His light is brighter far
Than daytime here below.

His path leads on and on,
Through pleasant lawns and flowers,
His brown eyes open wide
At grass more green than ours.

With playmates like himself,
The shining boy will sing,
Exploring wondrous woods,
Sweet with eternal spring.

Yet, he is lost to us,
Far is his path of gold,
Far does the city seem,
Lonely our hearts and old.


  1. Such a look of hope and content on that young man's face. We need to find more of that for ourselves each day.
    I friend of mine was in the earthquake in Chile. Her husband was at the epicenter when it happened. He is going to try to get back to their home near Santiago. Not an easy trick with the roads and bridges and such in bad shape. She spent yesterday cleaning up the broken glass and such in their house. Luckily, she has electricity and the house is safe to stay in. They hadn't heard from their daughter and one daughter-in-law and grandchildren though.
    So as we wake up to our aches and irritations, we must be very grateful for what we have, our health, and the wonderful (even if not perfect) lives we lead.
    Hugged sonboy extra hard when I saw him Friday night.

    Cyberhugs to All.

  2. Wow - hope they all are okay, Lisa. Scary stuff.

    Nice poem but sad, Jim.

    Too busy being nervous about starting the new job to consider doing anything else today. Biting fingers down to nubs. Think of me from 4-8pm Eastern time, and hope I do okay. I know it'll get easier - these first few days are the reason I dragged my heels looking for a job!

    Peaceful Sunday, all.

    Off to go be nervous...

  3. That's the way I want to remember Jeremy - not the way I'll see him at his memorial service today.

  4. Big hugs, Jim - you're right, that's how he should be remembered. I'm so sorry.

  5. Beth, get out and walk or do a bit of exercise to dispell the stress some. Will be sending plenty of bartender positives your way.

    Jim, It's hard to lose students. That lose of innocence, extinguishing such a young life.
    Supercyberhugs for you, dear man.

  6. Thanks, Lisa - I'll do that. My problems pale in comparison to this, Jim - I'm ashamed of myself for whining.

  7. Hey, I found a hotspot to hijack!

    Jim, so sorry to hear about Jeremy. I hope his family finds comfort in this time.

    Mom & Wicked Stepfather are off doing their thing; she's at tennis, I'm not sure what he's up to. It's cool here but much nicer than at the manor, and that's not even throwing the chicken houses into the equation! :D

    Good luck, Beth. My bro Solar is working a pretty fancy bar on St. Pete Beach, $6.50 beer fancy, so I'll probably wait until he gets off work to visit him. Just pretend you're still at bartending school the first few days…

    Lisa, I hope your friend does okay & her husband gets back there quickly. And that she's already heard from her other family.

    Daughter Dearest & I are going to go find something to do, I think. Mom says we should go see Avatar3D as it's still in the theaters around here. I was thinking more along the lines of a walk on the beach or something.

  8. They have movies on Planet Georgia. They do not have beaches (or at least not near you). Get outside in that sunshine! It's supposed to be 65 here today, so it'll be a wee bit warmer up there.

    Hope we can connect while you're here!

    And thanks for the advice re bartending school. Good idea - I was a nervous wreck starting that too, and did just fine. I seem to be getting worse at doing new things as I get older - or else I'm just out of practice. Time to shake up that complacency!

  9. Beth, I hope you won't feel ashamed. -- your problems exist in relation to your own life, not someone else's; another person's pain doesn't take away your hurts. I really believe that sympathizing and recognizing with other folks' losses doesn't require us to take our own less seriously.

  10. Thanks, andi. It's all relative, and I agree that what might be huge to me might be small to someone else.

    But it's still a good lesson to keep things in perspective, and a reminder that our problems might be easier to bear if we step outside our box and look at them differently. Even if we compare them to other things that we've been through!

    This, too, shall pass.

  11. Hi, all. Jim, I am so sorry about your student.

    Lisa, I hope all your friends in Chile are all right.

    Beth, good luck on the job and what Andi said.

    Here's to better days for us all.

  12. Thanks all for your comments.

    Jeremy was one of my third graders back in 1991-2. The photo was taken then. I had him again in fifth and sixth grades. He joined the Marines upon graduating from high school and was evidently good one. He was a sergeant when he was killed in Afghanistan a little over a week ago.

    Katlin and Katie are also former students who died this year. It's been a rough year.

  13. Oh .... ... Hugs Jim ... sending warm thoughts. And to Lisa and her friends, I hope they're all safe.

    And hugs to Beth and good thoughts for today - you're a superstar to us, we're cheering for you!

    Wise words Andi.

  14. Olivia, Yeah, Canada!

    Win, loose, or draw, that was a helluva game.

    Lisa, we have the first round of high stakes testing next week. I've pitched it; I hope they've caught it. T-10 days and counting. All my best to your Chilean friends.

    Beth, I know you'll do great because the Wizzard granted you the Ph. M. (Doctor of Mixology) degree.

    Farf, Jeremy was a sweet boy. You do an amazing job taking care of your sweet boys, even when they aren't so sweet. :-)

    Dina, thanks for your thoughts. I suppose I ought to grow up and accept that this can happen to my boys and girls, but I don't think I will. Edna St. Vincent Millay said it far better than I could:
    I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts
    in the hard ground.

    Next week, "Think lovely thoughts," will be my goal.

  15. Thanks, Jim! It went just fine. I only worked an hour - it's cold and windy today, so a rooftop bar isn't very popular under those conditions. It'll be fine - just need time and practice.

    I like that quote, too.

    And that's a great goal.

  16. JimF,
    I`m sorry about your young friend & the lossto his family friends& tutors.
    This is the first time I`ve heard of a loss such as this related to someone I only talk to on line.
    It`s amazing how well they`ve hidden these losses to the general population.
    It`s a shame to be hiding them this way.
    People like you bring it into the open at the risk of personal emotional loss.
    Thank you.
    (Inside, I`m screaming in rage.)

  17. Lovely memorial. I'm so sorry to hear you've lost so many former students this school year Jim. No matter their ages.

  18. I was just this week looking up Edna St.V M, Jim, and as it happens, I wrote down this line from one of her poems: "Death being kind,
    reminding us how much we dared to love." It's a nice thought, but we'd rather not be reminded in this way, thank you kindly, death.

    Beth, many good wishes!

    Olivia, Canada!

  19. Jim, I'm so sorry it's been such a heartbreaking time of loss for you.

  20. Very late on this thread. Jim, you have my condolences. I wish there were more I could say that would make things a little better.