Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Will some one ring the bell on this winter, please?

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Ring Them Bells
by Bob Dylan

Ring them bells ye heathen from the city that dreams
Ring them bells from the sanctuaries cross the valleys and streams
For they're deep and they're wide
And the world on its side
And time is running backwards
And so is the bride.

Ring them bells Saint Peter where the four winds blow
Ring them bells with an ironhand
So the people will know
Oh it's rush hour now
On the wheel and the plow
And the sun is going down upon the sacred cow.

Ring them bells Sweet Martha for the poor man's son
Ring them bells so the world will know that God is one
Oh the shepherd is asleep
Where the willows weep
And the mountains are filled with lost sheep
Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
Ring them bells for all of us who are left
Ring them bells for the chosen few
Who will judge the many when the game is through
Ring them bells for the time that flies
For the child that cries
When innocence dies.

Ring them bells Saint Catherine from the top of the room
Ring them from the fortress for the lilies that bloom
Oh the lines are long and the fighting is strong
And they're breaking down the distance between right and wrong.


  1. Doggone it, the VGW AND snow! Picture me brave for attacking both of them. Although I'll have to go roll around in the sunshine for a while to recover.

    Hopefully winter will ease soon. It's pretending to dissipate down here - we'll see how long it lasts.

    Home safely. House guests chatting in the living room. We were up til 2am, so I'm moving slowly this morning. But apparently not as slow as others!

    Lyrics: my favorite kind of poem. Here's one from my friend Kelly that's been rattling around in my head for days. Enjoy your Sunday, all!

    Solitude - Kelly McGuire

    Oceans of blue to the horizon
    I hear voices through my quiet mind
    Solitude can make you lonesome
    It can take you to another place and time.

    Feel the breeze straighten the telltale
    Hear the main sail firm and turn to foil
    Wind and wing pulling me forward
    Physics of the world stay so loyal

    But I just can't trust emotions on the mainland
    Every port is just a bittersweet prelude
    I guess I'm destined just to sail before the tradewinds
    Cause the one thing I can trust is solitude.

    The ocean swells, rocking me gently
    Ghosts of lovers past come to call
    I wish I could tell my heart not to listen
    On waves of passion it's so easy to fall

    But I just can't trust emotions on the mainland
    Every port is just a bittersweet prelude
    I guess I'm destined just to sail before the tradewinds
    Cause the one thing I can trust is solitude.

  2. Love the sound of bells, Jim.
    The passing of the day at school. We often hear bells tolling the end of mass at the church up the hill--comforting to hear such daily devotion even if I don't practice it.

    Lori, I'm thinking you live in a great place with beaches. Where would that be? Lilly was in the pic with Hector. What kind is dog number two?

    Talked to Sonboy yesterday afternoon. He knows who his attacker is--recently released from prison for shooting and killing a guy. Known around town as a fighter, crackhead. Sonboy hopes he'll be back in jail soon. Getting lots of local support from friends. He's taking next week off from school and going to Tampa Bay, Fl for the week. A friend going there for work will have a place to stay and a rent car. He's talked to his profs and knows he needs to get away for a bit. So I think he's being smart, taking care of himself.

    Thanks so much for the support. It's hard for his dad and I to deal with the fear and anger at such happening to our dearest.

    Relaxing Sunday to All. They are predicting snow again Tuesday here. It's 53 right now, so Andi I'll blow more warm winds your way.

  3. Oh, Lisa, how horrifying. Hugs to all of you. I hope your son has such a nice time in Florida that he's distracted from thinking about what happened. I think you and your husband may need a trip, too!

  4. Good grief, Lisa, that's dreadful. I do hope your son manages to come to terms with this experience soon, and that you also begin to feel better.
    (Lovely poem,Beth; so peaceful and lyrical)

  5. Hello to everybody.

    I'm glad you son is doing what is best for his well-being, Lisa.

    And as some sort of great and meaningful lesson (or not), when the dogs (Giddy too!) and I went on our walk today, I found that the tree in the left picture in Wednesday's post fall fallen down. I hadn't been in that area since the big snow so I'm guessing that the lovely sweeping curve combined with a heavy snow was literally its downfall.

  6. Yello all!

    We made the most of Spring#2 this weekend — the wood rack under the garage is reloaded and we have as much more stacked up outside. Still plenty of cutting to do down there, but it's supposed to be nice again next weekend (with some lousy stuff mid-week). Some of the wood split itself, which was nice. ;-)