Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

A Snowy Morning at School

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Reading to a Child
by Marilyn Lott

You open up so many doors
When you read to a child
Their imagination becomes so vivid
As they are artistically beguiled

A world they couldn’t otherwise
Put strongly in their mind
Now looms to the forefront
Other thoughts are left behind

They are drawn into another place
Taken from their daily world
Shot out like from a cannon
Another planet they’ve been hurled

Suddenly they are transfixed
Ideas are not the same
They learn also how to write
Reading others who’ve found fame

It starts a different train of thought
Sometimes strong or maybe mild
But it opens so many vivid thoughts
When you’re reading to a child!


  1. Jim, We need so many more teachers like you.
    Thanks for reminding me to read more to the kiddos.

    The sun came out yesterday and melting jumped into high gear. Cloudy today and maybe a little rain or snow--Who thought up this Winter gig? Kick'em in the shins.

    Off to work on story.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, I hope your snow melts over several days. If the ground is frozen and the snow melts too fast, you could end up with some flooding. One year, we had a big snow, 20+ inches, and then we got heavy rain on top of it. The flooding happened so fast that we were released early from school and didn't go to school the next day because so many roads were flooded that the buses couldn't run.

    About the picture: My sixth graders go over to a second grade classroom for a half hour on Friday mornings and play word games, or math games, or read with them. In this photo, they are reading a good read aloud book. In a couple of weeks, the second grader and the sixth grade partner will record the book. We'll put the recordings on a website in the school's library so other kids at school can hear the book as they read it.

  3. Bonjour, mes amis! Jim, great poem. I loved this line: "Suddenly they are transfixed" - that's exactly how I felt as a kid, immersed in books.

    It's teachers like you and Lisa that make lives better.

    I'm watching the opening Olympic opening ceremonies b/c I am a sucker for pomp and circumstance and well, Canada. Plus, Vancouver is totally the city of my heart. I'd go live there in an instant.

    My essay is done and turned in. Second pass revisions on BLOOD HEAT done and turned in. Tdoay is a day of vegging and enjoying the sun.

    Happy Sunday, all!

  4. Morning, all! What a great program, Jim! The world needs more readers.

    Yay for melting snow, Lisa! Boo for another storm. Supposed to be 60 here today but dropping again tomorrow.

    Off to Galveston to check our their beaches & Mardi Gras. Watch the Olympics for me!

  5. Beautiful photo, beautiful poem and you're a beautiful teacher, Jim.

    Thank you for being!!

  6. I thought I'd already sent this, but: Bravo, Jim!

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