Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Color for Lisa

Taken February 18, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Andi, LOVE the color and the geometry--You spoil me.
    Am turning the fan on high to blow you some warmer temps.

    Maria, WooHoo. You and Nora rubbing spines and pages--Fantastic. You are getting some great opportunities for sales and well deserved.

    Hector, is quite the poster Rabbit. Finn does challenge him for Cute, Cute, Cute.

    Beth, enjoy some more family time.

    SOOOOOO Grateful for Friday.
    20 new kiddos this week and attitudes erupting.

    Wonderful day to all.

  2. The slatty underside of the stairway to heaven…

    Major attitude issues yesterday (me) so I figured it was best to sit it out. Finn's a cutie, awright. He crosses his ankles like Mason & The Boy before him. Hector would get this kind of love from the inlaws though.

    Big congrats to Maria for the feature display!

    Lisa, hope you can survive the kiddos.

  3. I think it's working, Lisa, because the temps are finally going to be above freezing. Yay! But there's a chance of snow in the forecast for the next four days which I sure hope is completely and absolutely wrong.

    Farf, that link you posted is bad, bad, bad, Shame on you. Also ... *snort*

  4. Took me a minute to figure the picture out. Very cool, andi. I have your requested photos at my place today, BTW.

    Yay for warmer temps, but boo for more snow. Isn't it time winter headed somewhere else - just not south!

    Having a great time with my twin (she's not really family, Lisa, but we don't let details like that bother us). Will be hard to leave tomorrow. But we have all day today to play - so I'd better get up and going.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Friday - hang in there, Lisa, it's almost the weekend.

  5. Way to go Maria!

    Jen, boo for the blue streak in response to further winterness.

    Now off to see if I see my shadow.

    Andi, red stairs in the morning, hikers take warning?

  6. Morning, peeps! Slept in today and it's marvelous. Woke up to SUN! and above-freezing temps. w00t!! Am totally ignoring the possibility of snow on Monday. ::g::

    Love the red staircase, Andi - shapes are!

    Beth, I have an evil twin, as well. She's on the west coast, so we see each other far too rarely, darn it.

    Brilliant Friday to all. I'm going to watch some Olympics (thanks to iTunes) and spend the day working on a couple of blog posts.

    Oh, btw - some fellow Pocket/Juno authors and I have started a new blog: Hooked on Heroines. We'll be round robin posting once a week.

  7. Thanks, Beth. So all you sun and warm-weather deprived folks, can click here for a lovely antidote to the winter blahs.

    At the very least, Kelly, there should be a warning about a steep dropoff. ;)

    Good luck with the new website, Maria. And hope you enjoyed your afternoon of blistering curling excitement. :)

  8. Thanks for the plug, andi.

    And hugs that your twin is so far away, Maria. I'm lucky mine lives 8 hours away - but it's still too far. And it'll be hard to leave her tomorrow.

    Off to bed. Long drive tomorrow. Night all!