Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Slight Change in Perspective

Both pictures taken January 27, 2010
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  1. I figured a lot of us are tired of the white stuff so not only am I giving us some blue skies to enjoy, I'm making sure none of you will have to face the VGW.

    Hope everybody who got/is getting storms weathers the weather all snug and safe.

  2. Blue skies, Thanks for the Blue skies.
    We had sun yesterday but they are forecasting rain and maybe snow later tonight.
    Nothing like the rest of ya are getting, so no complaining cause 50s for Saturday.

    Some rather unsavory retreads coming back to my building so this next week or so will be a challenge.

    CF--I haven't checked your facebook but want to. Is it under your name, which I don't know?? or Coneflower?

    Hubby split wood yesterday, so plenty of fireplace time will be happening here.
    Hope all stay SAFE and warm.

    Jim, cyberchicken soup coming your way.

    Maria, Wishing we could teleport you to the tropics for some sun and warm and fun with friends. Or at least send you a pup or kit to divert your attention. My Kip would keep you plenty company.

    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  3. Blue sky, FTW!

    Lisa, I'd sell my soul for a transporter right now. Really.

    New album up: Snoverkill

    Of the good: I'm not out in this. I have heat, food, water, electricity and Internets.

    ::still trying for the silver lining::

  4. Lisa, I would kill for some temps in the 50s ... okay, okay maybe not kill but I would definitely do a paper cut.

    I'd sell my soul for a transporter right now. Hmm Maria, so does your next book feature a surprise subplot with a guest appearance by the author?

  5. Wish I could teleport ALL of you to the tropics - altho the tropics are unseasonably cool this winter. And yet another frost warning tonight - there isn't much left in my yard to die!

    But it's not a snowpocalypse, so I'm not complaining. Hope the current one is a wimp, Maria.

    Good luck with the kidlets, Lisa. Sad to see that kind of angst so young. Hope the sun returns soon!

    Job interview today - send positive vibes at 4:15, please! Thankyouverymuch.

    I'm heading to Texas (but not far enough north to see Lisa, sob) tomorrow for a quick road trip. Will check in as I can, and promise stories and pictures when I return.

    Oh, and today's Knucklehead's birthday, for those of you who know him!

    Happy Hump Day, all - hope it slides by.

  6. Andi, with the complete lack of lower branches, that looks rather like a really scraggly palm tree. Or maybe that's just wishful tropics thinking.

    Beth, positive job vibes sent.

    Speaking of which, in ongoing discussion with my editor about what next, and good vibes on the subject are very welcome. Things are very positive there, but being in the between contracts hole makes for very weird headspace.

  7. We haveth the snow. It started after 3 this morning and is coming down steadily.

    Luckily I have no where I need to be except here.

    Beth, good luck at the interview!

  8. Beth, good thoughts going your way all day long. And I'll give the dogs a treat at 4:15 which will really ratchet up the positive vibes from Brown County. Also, safe driving tomorrow.

    I can see that, Kelly but having just come back from a walk, I can tell you we couldn't get much farther away from tropical and still be in the same dimension.

    Dina, stay warm and safe.

  9. Beth, it's 4:11. Good thoughts coiming at you.

  10. Thanks everyone! They must have worked - final interview when I return. Still insisting that I wait tables for 6 months until I learn the menu, but I'm thinking 2 weeks max for that task. Not quite brain surgery...

    Anyway, now I can take my trip and not worry too much about the job thing. (Like I was going to.)

    Thanks all! More from the road tomorrow...

  11. Go Beth!

    Having a nice day - have a fire and watching TV. Caught up on Torchwood. Can't say I like the last bit much.

  12. Yay Beth! I gave the dogs leftover french toast at 4:15 -- I'm sure that did the trick. :)

    Oh Dina, those last bits of Children of Earth that just broke my heart.

  13. Tropics would be good. Winter #2 has hung on a bit longer than I expected, there might not be enough time for #4 and #5.

    Woohoo Beth! Remind me to get Daughter Dearest to tell you her table-waiting story.

    I'm going to repost this tomorrow, but Donald Maass has put up The Career Novelist for free download. Just in case anyone's interested.

    My MacBook arrived late this afternoon, like 5pm. I got the beige G3 up & running Linux this morning, so The Boy & Snippet can at least use it to surf Facebook. Got some writing on White Pickups done last night, a very intense scene down toward the end. In the last few weeks, I've ended up with a lot of stuff I need to start threading together sooner or later.

    See y'all tomorrow…