Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shaking the Snow Globe

Both pictures taken January 25, 2010
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  1. At least this VGW isn't a field of snow...

    I would love scenes like that if the snowflakes melted as soon as they hit the ground. I love watching them fall - just not dealing with them once they're on the ground.

    I beat Lisa again (remember the days when I tried to beat you up, andi?). Maybe because 4am told me it was a good time to be up and about today.

    Created my first original drink last night - well, it's original to me. It was fun - and tasty! Although you know my memory...I better write the recipe down...

    Two more days of fun, then the real world returns. I'm going to soak up every second of family time that I can. Well, once they get up...

    Have a great Thursday, everyone - if you see snowflakes like andi's, please enjoy them for me.

  2. Sorry about the VGW, Beth but please don't beat Lisa up -- she needs all her strength for the kiddies. :)

    These actually did melt but the ones that followed them a little later did stick. In fact, a bit of it is still around. And we've got snow forecast for today and tomorrow. But you can enjoy the pretty from your safe, warm distance.

    And congrats on the drink invention. Did you name it?

  3. Yes, this is the best spot to enjoy winter...although a day or two of cocoa by the woodstove, watching the flakes fall, would be okay too...

    I called it a Port Charlotte Sunset - there's a picture at my place, so you can see why it's named that. Although my BIL says if I work in Punta Gorda, I can call it a Punta Gorda Sunset, etc...

    My favorite kind of drink - a little sweet, a little tangy, and not very alcoholic. And pretty colors! :-)

  4. Morning folks!!

    I'm with Beth, watching snow fall is great. No beauty here. Gray, rain, muddy mush.

    Maria, FANTABULOUS Finishing. May those fingers fly on the next project.

    20+ new kiddos already this week and we have intake this afternoon. EEP. Two guns, one loaded found on students at the high school this last week. They get the fast track to juvie and bypass us. Not the way to make in on the local news. Crime stoppers does work.
    Why we have metal detectors at our school. No lack of poor judgement in teens.

    Story work went well. This lesson was to write the story scenes by memory. Let things morph as they will. Felt good to immerse self in story. Next part of lesson includes colored index cards. I always chaffe at the card thing but haven't read that part of the lesson yet. So will keep an open mind. Am enjoying this revision process.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Except for Maria--Friday?

    Cyberhugs to all the blog family.
    Especially Andi, the hostess with the mostest.

  5. Beth, that's a gorgeous looking drink and a great name. I think I'd be happy just to sit and look at it.

    Our snow, Lisa, is coming from your gray rain. So uh ... thanks, I guess. I'm really glad you're having a good time with revisions since that's always a hard process.

  6. We are due for snow today and tomorrow and I am working on writing and pretending the snow is not happening.

    Big congrats to Maria on finishing another book!

  7. Morning, gang! Andi, I'm afraid your pics are all too prescient--your snow is heading this way and we're about to get slammed again with Snomageddon.

    Thanks for the congrats! All the energy went phwat last night and I passed out before 10:00 and woke up at 6. SLEEP!!! I needed it.

    Lisa - OMG, GUNS?? Sheeeit. I'm proud of you for helping the kids you can. wow.

    Off to the mimes in a few, via the post office and probably a quick trip into a grocery to pick up bread. I truly don't want to face the crowds later today since all our weather peeps have been advising to prepare for OMGBLIZZARD and telling folks to be prepared to stay inside for 3-5 days. Foods I have, snacky items, not so much.

    If the Apocalypse comes, beep me.
    -- Buffy

  8. I'm just happy that the freezing rain seems to have vanished (please FMS let it stay vanished) from our forecast, Jen. I can take snow but I hate, hate, hate freezing rain.

    Yay for the good night's sleep, Maria. Boo on the bad weather. I hope it's much less than is forecast.

  9. Hi, all. Errands today and then if the snow comes, staying in.

    Love snow if I can choose whether or not to go out in it.

  10. Reminds me that we're going to get up to a foot of snow from Friday into Saturday. Pretty as long as I don't have to drive in it.

    Waves to all. Busy in court today.

    See ya later.

  11. Heyo,

    I may actually get in a car today. I don't feel like adding another four mile walk onto the three on the treadmill, especially when the sidewalks are icy. Besides, the hasn't been started in almost 2 weeks.

    Beth, I must repeat my shiny comment on the drink. I want one just so that I can look at it.

    Lisa, sorry about your school's news appearance. That's not a good way to get there.

    Speaking of which I had the weird experience a couple of weeks ago making the front page of my local paper for something other than writing. I can see it's going to be very weird to be a county board supervisor and an elected official, however minor.

    Gotta go run some errands physical and virtual.

  12. Andi, I think this is one of my favourite photos of yours ever ... the one on the left. It looks like a film shot ... I love it.

  13. Oh boy, such scintillating weather talk.

    We got 33mm of rain over night. Woo. And might I add, Hoo.

    Such happy, happy frogies.

    And, the best bit of the day - Imogen gets back home tonight (of course, I'll have to clean the house before then).

  14. Dina, hope you got your errands done before any of the white stuff arrived.

    May your snow arrive after you get home on Friday, b2. Maybe you can get an injunction against it.

    Hey Kelly this is America! Not having to start the car for two weeks is a sign of a decadent lifestyle.

    Wowie, O. That photo is damn honored to be one of your favorites. And a TTW* one at that.

    Happy filling of pond, Lori. Are the baby ducks still around to enjoy it?

    * TTW = through the window/windshield. Olivia and I have a little game of taking our cameras when we go somewhere in the car and seeing what shots we can get without getting out of it.

  15. We're on the second round of ducklings.

    Boogie's five left two weeks ago. Minnie's brood of eleven is still in the fluff stage and locked in against predation.

    We're fighting the other two girls attempts at hiding their nests as we think we may have saturated the Muscovy duck market in our area.

    Harold the rooster has settled in nicely with Ginger the hen.

  16. You say say decadent lifestyle like it's a bad thing.

  17. Could I send you a shiny drink, I would, Kelly - and decadent is my middle name!

  18. Maybe Imogen could take ducks with her to sell when you goes traveling. :)

    I say decadent, Kelly, like it's a decadent thing. :P

    You should put that piece of info on your resume, Beth. I'm sure it will help with the job hunting.

  19. Oh yeah - I'm sure there's a shortage of Muscovy ducks in the nation's Capital, and that the airlines won't notice a few quacks coming from her carry-on.

    While up north I actually looked for a Crimson Rosella hen for a good friend who had a pair but lost the female. Unfortunately, because they are an Australian native, they need special paperwork to bring into Tasmania. Ironically, they're everywhere in Canberra. I probably could have caught one. I'll post a pic when I get a chance.

  20. I find the image of ducks quacking their way down the aisle of an airplane very appealing. I'm sure the airline would as well ... wouldn't they?

    Afternoon, keres. Good night everybody else.

  21. Uh, no (have you seen how ducks shit - it's explosive and quite voluntary when they want it to be. My shoes have been targeted many times, and if you pick one up, point the back end wellllll away from yourself).

    See you on the flip-side.

    (I'm such a charming conversationalist)