Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving White Along

Taken February 6, 2010

Taken February 9, 2010.
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  1. Andi, throw another log on the fire to keep those pups warm. Oh, and you and Jim too. Bebo was so fast I'm sure she flashed right by.

    Snow down to a couple of inches and spotty. Sun coming today so WooHoo. Trees took a real hit from this storm. As I drive around town, I have to look out for trees or limbs in the road that haven't been cleared yet.

    Got some great story work done this weekend. WooHoo.
    Staff Dev. day, so no kiddos-double WooHoo.

    Tonight, I'm going to see astronaut Sally Ride speak at UTArlington. A friend had extra free tickets and I thought that would make an interesting evening.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. So, Lisa, your snow leaves; new snow arrives here. School is closed. Jim is going to be doing make-up days forever.

    How cool to go hear Sally Ride. And yay for the getting good work done this weekend.

  3. Ah, snow, the thing we are getting more of today. ::sniffs::

    Morning, peeps. Lisa, how cool to go see Sally Ride! You'll have to tell us all about it. Also, much yay for story work!

    Andi, so you're getting more snow, too? Yuck. :(

    At least it's a holiday Monday for me. I'm off to eye doc for follow up shortly, then a quick trip to PO and home for the duration.

    Happy Monday, all!

  4. Morning, all! Sorry about the snow, though it makes for pretty pictures. These make me feel so cold...

    Yay for days off, but boo for having to make them up when the weather is gorgeous.

    Cold front blew in last night - the wind whistled under my door for hours. It was in the 60's and sunny yesterday - 39 out there now. Good thing I have no outdoor plans today. Meeting friends for coffee, lunch (will give Kimber a hug for all who know her) and dinner.

    Galveston has been fun - recovering physically from Hurricane Ike. Not so sure otherwise.

    Have a warm holiday Monday, everyone!

  5. ::groans:: @ more winter storm warning news, we are supposed to get something like three more days of snow. I have not been out of my house in a week. I'm overdue for almost every kind of appointment there is and it's been so long since I got a haircut that this morning I woke up looking like the main singer Seagull from the Flock. (Good writing is still happening, though -- I've just hoisted myself over a milestone I've not even seen the bottom of for the past 10 years, so this is more like kvetching than serious complaining.)

  6. Looks like you got a little more snow, Andi… is Bebo buried in a drift (perhaps by Giddy)?

    After dire predictions of 2-4 inches of snow here today, preemptive cancellations all around, it rained all night & melted what snow was left around the manor. The cold front has arrived, though… it was 40 when I got up a while ago, now it's closer to 30. I'm seeing blue sky (with some cloud) out one window, snow clouds out another. They downgraded our winter storm warning to an advisory, so who knows what's gonna happen next?

    In the "go figure" category… I'm off for Preznit's Day (figured Jim would be too, regardless of snow status), but Snippet has jury duty and they're still supposed to report today. Well, this is Planet Georgia, where logic just gets in the way.

    Enjoy your quiet day, Lisa! And don't forget to tell us about seeing Sally Ride…

    Maria, tell everyone to point their fans at the snow, maybe it'll go around. :-P

    Enjoy Galveston, Beth… I'm sure you've already posted pix, I'll go check shortly.

    Later… ooo, hey, sunshine!

  7. Jen, you MUST post a pic of yourself looking like that dude! Best LOL I've had all morning!

  8. Farf, too late for hilarious picture sharing as I've already spent enough time under a hat to compress the 'do back down to Kennedy-politician-hair/Trump-combover territory, and that's really more a tragedy than it is a comedy. ;)

  9. Halloooo to all. Snow here too, which actually makes me happy. But then we're supposed to have snow here.

    Jen, so happy to here the writing is going well for you. That's fantastic!

    Lisa, likewise.

    Andi, those shots almost make me want to borrow a couple of pups and go play in the snow. The cats are not big fans of the white stuff.

    Beth, glad it's a good trip and you're the one with the travel stick, not me. It's good to be home for a while.

  10. We've got about 5 or 6 new inches of snow, Maria, and it's still snowing so maybe 7-9 inches before we're through. I hope you're not getting much more.

    I'd be happy to see 39, Beth. Say hi to Kimber for me.

    Ah Jen, you are gorgeous, no strange hair can dampen that. And besides great writing days must offsets any number of bad hair days anyway. :)

    Farf, poor Giddy and her arthritic legs were busy getting herself through the snow. But she compliments you on your intelligence and foresight. Jim's not off for P'day -- it's not an Indiana holiday.

  11. Thanks for the preview of what we're going to get, Andi. Forecasts are for 4-6 inches. A friend from 1.5 hrs south of here called to say they'd had 1" in the last hour. So I'd say it's definitely coming.

    All the best to all the rest.

  12. We're supposed to have snow here too, Kelly -- just not so much.

    CF, here's a better preview which I took on our walk just a couple of hours ago.

  13. Ugh I just read about your senator.

    We got about 4 inches last night which is about the biggest snow we've had yet. Very light and fluffy snow, easy to shovel.

    I'm physically recovered from my allnighters of last week but not mentally.

  14. I'm not sure how I feel about it, Mary. I really can't stand the guy but then again, it's almost a sure thing that he'll be replaced with a Republican. I'm not feeling all that positive about the snow either -- we've got 8 or 9 inches on top of the 3-5 inches we had left from the two snows last week. Enough already! I.Want.Spring.

  15. Had a great lunch with Kimber - she sends her best to all. Talked writing and life and balance, and she was excited to hear everyone's news.

    Looks like my date for tonight is off, so maybe a quiet evening watching the Olympics. Hope everyone had a good day!