Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Paul Klee

but only in monocolor.

Taken January 31, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Andi, AWSOME pic. Spill how you got it.

    I'm thinking I could see Maria's face if I looked through the crystals.

    Cold, blustery predawn but they are promising sun. Don't know what you're complaining about--Texas weather. 40s for a high sounds pretty darn good. Makes those 100s fade from memory a bit.

    Throw another log on the fire or snuggle in quilt.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. All I had to do to get that shot was look down; the way the creeks make ice designs as they freeze/thaw/freeze did the rest. I love taking pictures of this found abstract art (so yes you will be seeing more).

  3. Wow - I thought you'd tweaked it with some fancy computer program. Very cool!

    I'm hoping Maria's storm fizzles out - I can't imagine that area having to deal with more snow. This too shall pass, Maria!

    Another day of catch-up today. And maybe a little mustard. :-)

    Off and running - happy Tuesday, everyone!

  4. Beth, I did tweak it -- I removed some of the "noise" from the ice to smooth it so it would look more painterly. Here's the original. (One disadvantage of using a p&s over SLRs is that you get a lot more noise in your photos, particularly macro shots.)

  5. Ah, I see - not a lot of tweaking, but there is a difference. Both are very cool! I have a P&S too - one of these days I'd love to get a SLR again...you make magic with yours tho!

  6. I think about getting a SLR all the time because of the limitations of the p&s but there are real advantages of it too -- the lightness of it, the ease of one-hand shooting, the quickness with which I can change the "lens", the ability to shoot between and under things.

  7. That's so cool, and I don't mean ice. I'd love to have a DSLR-quality pocket cam too, but those pesky laws of physics…

    The snow we were supposed to get never materialized. Rain is still off to the west, so if I get moving I could maybe get to the mimes & stay dry. Here's hoping Maria's snow is similarly a bust.

    Not much progress on getting one of the old Macs going… I d/l'ed the wrong version, had to go back & get the right one, and it may not have burned right. I did takey first step toward rationalizing the partitioning though. Some of this was accomplished, of course, with a baby in my lap. He wants to bang the keyboard.

    Time to get moving… wave-a-rooney!

  8. Wow, very nifty!! Lisa, I am peeking through the other side from my frozen wasteland.

    Feds are closed once again, as are all area schools. Bus svc limited--not even coming to my building.

    I am very tired of winter. Yes, indeedy. I, too, hope the additional storm turns out to be a bust, but considering radar pics and our very low temps, I doubt it will miss us. :(

    Oh well, another day of working @ home.

    ::prays for warm weather soon::

  9. That iced creek photo is both admirably simple and appreciably complex at the same time. And I had never heard of Paul Klee but found it interesting to learn some things about his life and art this morning, so thank you for the introduction.

    It's a nice change of pace for me to easily enjoy some abstract art (both yours and Klee's), as I am usually one of those people who is completely mystified by it. Which is ironic considering that when it comes to theory work, I can juggle a dozen abstractions alongside making an omelette. But I've been to shows with artistically inclined friends who get it and they are all admiring pieces and talking art theory and I am just so helplessly ignorant about it that I can't learn the difference between what's in the gallery selling for eleventy thousand dollars per piece and what's graffitied outside on the alley-facing brick wall, heh.

  10. ::waves at Jen:: Simulpost!!

    Andi - a photo blog I follow posted an ice close up pic today. Love the serendipity.

    ::goes back to thinking about breakfast::

  11. I'm sure that Mason on your lap was integral to your success, Farf. I love the idea of a p&s size slr but you're right -- probably not going to happen.

    Maria, I'm with you on winter (even if we don't have nearly as much snow) and I don't just want warmer temps -- I want GREEN! That's a nifty shot and the patterns are interestingly similar to mine.

    Jen, I'm not really up on styles or theory -- I just love going to art museums and seeing what is in people's heads being made concrete. But some of that stuff of brick walls are way more moving to me than some of things I've seen in museums. Either way, I'm happy to bring you something new to start your day.

  12. ::packs up the St. Bernard with a fresh flask in hopes Maria can be found::

    Andi, trueconfessions, I frequently prefer the graffiti. :)

  13. What a wonderful picture! I loved both versions.

    It looks like we may actually get some snow with this next storm. I am hoping they are as wrong as with the last two.

  14. Waves to all as I whizz through at jet-propelled speed: busy, busy, busy.
    Fabulous icy abstract, glad there will be more to come.

    Boggling at the photos of Washington DC in the snow, and peeved that we had a brief snow flurry yesterday. It gave up and fizzled out quite quickly though.

  15. Drive by hi!

    Cool photo, Andi!

    Getting ready for the big snow here. Hopefully the power will hold up.

    See ya later.

  16. Neat photo, Maria.

    I'm joining you with a stay at home day. About a half hour after my school system announced a 2 hour delay, they threw in the snow shovel and called it all off. My head cold appreciated it.

  17. Jen, I was taking a train in Germany some years ago and the walls along the track were completely covered in graffiti -- it was truly a traveling art exhibition. :)

    Dina, sorry you're finally getting the white stuff. I hope it treats you kindly if it shows.

    uh what was that ... hey, did anybody see a faster than a speeding bullet Nicky just whiz by?

    Good luck with the snow, b2. Be safe.

    The big winds have started howling here and it's hard to tell if it's snowing or just blowing but whatever it is, it's horizontal.

  18. Sooooo cool! You know, I don't really like abstract art that much although I do think some of Klee's works are interesting. But I LOVE this. Because it's real. I too like a lot of graffitti more than some formal works.

    Maria I'm sure part of you is going stir crazy but a part of me envies you. We got a measely 3 inches last night. Just enough to be a pain in the neck in a city Southern enough not to have enough equipment to clear ALL streets but not enough to stay home. On Saturday they told us a BIG storm was coming through with 8 inches. I want my money back.

    Hope you feel better Jim.

  19. Hi Mary. I'll be glad to send you our 7-8 inches so you'll be able to stay home. Do you want the 30 mph winds too?

  20. I've been absent for a few days and I see I've missed a lot of beautiful photos, Andi.

    This is amazing. I'm glad you happened to look down.

    Have you been getting all this snow? We had 14" in the first storm and more coming today and tonight. Not so much in this storm though, so they say.

    If any of you are on FaceBook, take a look at my newest album. It will show you what's been occupying my free time lately. I'll be putting it on my blog sometime soon but I've not been very good at keeping that up to date either. :-(

    All the best to all of you.

  21. Andi, yes. Unfortunately storms rarely go east to west so I'm not sure how you'd really send it to me. But I appreciate the thought.

  22. Hey CF, good to see you back. I'm always looking down when the creeks are freezing -- the ice patterns are fun to find.

    Mary, Jim has nixed sending you our bad weather. School was closed today and it's closed tomorrow and staying home is just what his cold needs.

  23. Wow! I looked and looked to try to figure out if it was a photo or a Klee. It's a phee. Or maybe a Kloto. Andi, it's fabulous. More of that, please.

  24. Evening Nancy. There will be more ice pictures over the next couple of weeks but I'm not saying which days so you'll just have to keep coming back (ah hah, my nefarious plan to take over all the web traffic in the universe is coming together perfectly).

  25. You all could send your weather to me, and it'd peter out before it got here. Oh, wait a minute - it'd probably make it to Farf's house. Oops.

    We had the wind and torrential downpours here today, bringing the cold front. Not sure when the cold is supposed to arrive, since it's still 69 out there.

    Enjoy the days off, and I hope the snow melts as fast as it falls. But stays long enough for pretty andi pictures.

  26. Poor Jim. I'm sending him virtual chicken soup.

    I caught a cold right after New Year and it hung around for a couple of weeks, although it was mostly sniffles after the first 5 days. I hope his is gone much faster.

  27. We could send it to Family Man, Beth; he loves snow and he would be so happy he would have to come visit with all of us to celebrate.

    Freaking awesome of you to say so, O.

    Jim says "Thank you", Mary.

    And I say "Night everybody".