Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Klimt

The picture makes me think of the detailed designs in his images, like this or this or this. (Plus, it's more color for Lisa.)

Taken January 22, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Everyone must be sleeping in. Wish I was!

    I'm a water baby, so love this shot. Although I imagine the water is warm...

    Heading home today - 8 hour drive ahead. House guests at home (Keeper's dad and his best friend), and a live music event tomorrow. Then back to the real world for a week before my sis and BIL return. Then it's spring training - if it would just get warm, it'd really feel like spring. I'll send some sun your way, anyway -

    Have a relaxing Saturday, all!

  2. Love, Love, Love the flowing water and COLOR. And getting to see the art is a fantastic bonus.

    Super scary--Sonboy was attacked and assaulted in his home Thurs. night. Burgler didn't know he was home and roomies were gone. When confronted, the guy threw sonboy around like a ragdoll and beat him. Sonboy is a big boy too and strong, but attacker, likely high on drugs, wasn't affected by defensive blows. Sonboy finally got him pushed out of the house. Retrieved his shotgun from his gunsafe, as the guy started to break back in. Sonboy had to discharge his weapon on the porch to get the guy to leave and get in the car where another guy was waiting. Screaming that he would kill my son if he called the police. He had been screaming he had a gun all along.
    Landlord lived in the house across the way and heard the shot and came over. No other houses near. 45 minutes for police to arrive. No CSI, No detectives, just fill out this five page report.
    Every mother's nightmare.

    Daughter is home for the weekend. Wish Sonboy didn't have to work and could come home too. Hunkering close would be nice.

    Stay warm and stay safe this weekend.
    Reality doesn't

  3. Oh no Lisa, that's just awful! I'm SO sorry that happened to him!! How very scary for him - and for you guys too. I can imagine you just want him home.

    I'm glad he had a gun to scare the guy off - what is this world coming to??

    Big big hugs. Hope you can see him soon.

  4. Lisa, I'm so sorry that some jerk attacked your son. I've had scary strangers put guns in my face before, and I've been shot at, and those are absolutely terrifying experiences that can sometimes echo for a while. It's a relief that your son wasn't seriously injured, and I hope there isn't too much resultant psychological trauma for either him or for you.

  5. Drive carefully, Beth. Hope the return trip is snow (and other bad weather) free. Yay for the thought of spring training. Maybe I should train for spring by going without a coat on my walks. ;)

    Lisa, what an awful story. All my good thoughts going your way. I'm so glad you son is okay. Years ago when we were broken into, the police didn't investigate either but no one was physically attacked. I'm just amazed they aren't more worried about a break-in turned violent.

  6. Oh Jen, I hate hearing that you've been physically threatened. I'm feeling very lucky this morning that the most that's ever happened to me are yelled threats from catcallers.

  7. Threats from catcallers can be very scary too! The gun incidents aren't the scariest thing in my history, but I mention them as a way of commiserating -- like we were just emailing about, it's a weird phenomenon of consciousness but sometimes it can help to know someone else has been through something like the hardship/fear/whatever you're going through.

  8. Oh, wow, Lisa & Jen, you guys set my heart racing in the not good way already.

    Lisa, glad your son's okay!! Jen, just much hugs. The ugly in the world is just too scary. :(

    I'm attempting to stay awake this morning after a short bout with the insomnia fairy last night. Woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep until around 5:30. Then the sun came up and woke me. At least it's Saturday!

    Love the Klimt colors, Andi. Soothing water, too. :)

    Hope everyone has a peaceful and restful weekend!

  9. Lisa, very sorry to hear about the burglary/assault. That's really scary and really ugly, and like Jen I very much hope the psychological aftereffects are brief and mild.

  10. Ripples. I like ripples. What's that black thing that looks like a clamshell at right center?

    Lisa, I got to hand it to your sonboy: if someone broke into my house, started beating on me and saying he had a gun, if I'd gotten to my own guns… I would then probably use the "best defense is a good offense" principle. I think "Texas justice" also works in Oklahoma. So anyway, I salute his restraint… he'll get beyond it faster that way.

    A more pleasant topic: Spring#2 has arrived on Planet Georgia, finally! I made some pretty good progress on cutting firewood. It was warm enough that I pulled off the sweater and hacked away in jeans & a t-shirt. It was a tree that snapped off about 20' up; we pulled it down with a tractor. The last 10' of it already split itself, hooray!

    Gotta get Mason a walker. It wouldn't take him long to be all over the manor.

    Again, glad to hear the sonboy is safe!

  11. Goodness. I'm sorry to hear about people's experience, both past and present, with violence.

    I was just coming here to gloat a bit about having a swim in the bay yesterday (temps in the 90's) and how nice it was to paddle about in salt water after a long absence.

    Imogen and I had the usual discussion about how I prefer the warmer waters of the mainland and how she prefers the shark-free waters of the bay.

  12. Jen, I was thinking about our email conversation too.

    Maria, hope you had a nice Saturday nap.

    Hi, Kelly. How's snowless land?

    I wish Spring #1 would get here, Farf. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.

    Ooh Lori, swimming -- even more jealous (though not of the 90s; I hate hot weather).

  13. Thankfully, it was only one hot day between several really comfy days. I gave both dogs a bath before we left for the beach, so that they could dry off during the hottest part of the day. (The dogs are not allowed back on the beaches until March 1st, after the plover chicks have all fledged.)

  14. When March comes around, I think we'll be needing pictures of Luna and Lily\Lilly on the beach.

  15. That presumes that I can handle two dogs and one camera simultaneously.

    I'll see what I can do.