Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angling for the Best Shot

Fascinated by a "shiny object", January 22, 2010.
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  1. Definately the top one, Andi.

    Daughter got off for Austin and sonboy is trying to keep his new bartender job from killing him. Standing and leaning forward for hours is hard. He's going shopping for new shoes to help.

    Hubby and I are back to empty nesters but alone, veg time is hard to find when Hubby is always home.

    13 new kiddos coming in today. Many 7th and 8th graders so the squirrel level will be on red alert.

    Maria, great news about eyes.

    Beth, enjoy every moment of family.

    Waves to all as drags body for coffee.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. As you might guess from its getting the top spot, that was my favorite too but I have a real fondness for the bottom right shot because I had to work so hard to get in a position where I could take it.

  3. Hi, peeps. Andi, I am glad you have a fondness for the bottom right, because I love that one. Sorry it was hard work but well worth it.

    Off to the pool.

  4. Morning, gang! I want to play in the water, Andi!! Though I guess it's still waaaay too cold. ::g::

    More snow expected today, darn it.

    Lisa, best of luck with the new squirrels. I don't envy you that age group at all. No, sirree.

    Played taxes last night and oops, overpaid my 09 4th quarter estimate by oh, a LOT. I swear, I'm a doofus without TurboTax (which is what I use every year). Oh well. At least I'll get the $$ back. If I had more complicated taxes (say, mortgage, big big numbers, etc.) I'd probably hire an accountant, but for now, Turbo Tax continues to work for me.

    On that cheery note - hope you all have a GREAT Tuesday!

  5. Love flowing water shots, andi! The best water is the not frozen kind.

    Yay for getting money back, Maria - much better than the alternative.

    Good luck with the kiddos, Lisa. Sounds like you need some camp time!

    Definitely am enjoying family time. Rainy day yesterday and today, so we played trivia games at a cantina in a neighboring town. My sis is the queen of trivia, but I beat her in one game - that only happens once a decade!

    Not sure what's on the schedule today, but we'll have fun. More resumes going to bars - hope your son find a solution for the back - that could be a problem for me, argh.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  6. Yup, bottom right. Worth the effort. I read somewhere that Ansel Adams would wait for hours for the light to be just right before taking his shot. If you ever visit Planet Georgia, I'll take you to Amicalola Falls (500+ foot drop).

    beep beep beepATTENTION. SQUIRREL FACTOR 8.7. NUT GUARDS ARE BEING DEPLOYED. Good luck with that one, Lisa! The thing I remember from school, is the girls really flake out when they hit 8th grade. Oh, and the empty nest? That won't last. Ask me how I know. :P

    I have retrieved my car, finally. The Boy dragged his sorry @$$ in at 1:30 this morning, only 60 hours later than he should have, and of course he dragged in one of his friends (TS03). I wasn't interested in the lame excuses, I just got a box & cleaned all his and Snippet's $#!+ out of there and got rolling. The butt-breath (they smoke) wasn't as bad as last time, maybe because the sun isn't out, but I'll be trying to decontaminate it for the next two whiles. At least they left enough gas for me to get to work (and the cheaper gas stations).

    I'll be the one wishing I'd spent more time at the office. ^_-

  7. The lower right one. It's almost as if you were in the water.

    Waves to all.

    Snow here later. Glad that you got the car, Far. It must be cold riding on your motorcycle. ;-)

  8. Wonderful photos, Andi! I'd like to hear more about what you had to do to take the lower right photo. :-) All of them are awesome. I love the touch of red in the foreground and the distant part of the photo.

    Sorry to hear what's going on, Far.

    Cheers to all of you and keep well and warm.

  9. Morning Dina. Do some laps for me -- that way I'll be in better shape to get the tough shots. :)

    If you are going to overpay, Maria, the 4th payment is the one to do since it won't be long till you get it back.

    Beth, I'd think the hardest part of bartending (besides the obnoxious customers) would be standing for a long time (that's what did me in when I worked at a snack bar -- well besides the burns from the fryer).

    Waiting for hours, eh -- I guess that why you never see any dogs in Ansel Adams' photos. Sorry about the kid problems, Farf. As my mom would say -- time for a klop in the kopf.

    Well, b2, I wasn't in the water but a good bit of me was hanging over it. Be careful driving in the snow.

    CF, it involved a maneuvering on very muddy bank, balancing on a slippery rock, hanging on to an overhead branch, and getting into a contortionist pose so I could use my knee for stabilizing the camera since I was shooting one-handed.

  10. Andi, I don't do laps, I do water yoga. It helps my balance and is wonderful.

    But very tiring!

  11. Andi, thanks for the description of what you had to go through to get the photo. I can just see you doing it. I have no idea how you had a hand left to steady the camera. maybe a photographer has to grow a third hand for cases just like this. LOL