Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Time

Taken January 31, 2010

Taken February 2, 2010.
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  1. Since it's one big VGW around here (9 new inches of snow and Jim's school is still closed), I thought I would at least get rid of the VGW at 40 acres.

  2. Cyberhugs to you and Jim, Andi. Cabin fever would be a problem for me with so much snow.

    Discovered the supersnow had damaged our school's roof, causing new leaks and unfortunately much of my counseling material got ruined by the water coming in. So my day to get organized turned out to be the day to move bookshelves and shift things out of harms way. Future flooding issues when it rains will likely be a problem.

    Sally Ride looks damn good for 58. Smart lady, and advocate for Science education and preserving the resources and earth we have. Interesting to hear about her experiences. Sad though in that manned space travel will be so limited--both by budget constraints and technology limitations. Her's was a unique era. It is a shame that today's kiddos don't really know the space program like I grew up with. Hardly a blip on the news these days. Instead of the major WOW of watching the blast off and landings in class.
    It is energizing to see someone like her and be glad I have had a impact as a science teacher-at least in my former school.

    Terrific Tuesday to All. Supposed to be in the 50s and sunny here. WooHoo.

  3. Morning, gang! Andi - yikes--too much more snow at your place. :( We only got a wee bit, mostly rain.

    Lisa, so sorry to hear stuff was damaged. Darn weather. :(

    I'm off to the mimes in a few--first full day @ the actual office since Snowmaggedon. Will feel weird. But, at least it's a short week for me - 3 days, b/c of hol yesterday. w00t!

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Andi & Jim, just stay warm and cozy.

  4. We're getting out of the cabin, Lisa -- the dogs insist. :)

    Sorry about the school roof -- hope the money is there to get if fixed as soon as possible.

    Sounds like the Sally Ride talk was a real blast.

    Maria, we're just snow amateurs compared to you. Normally, I'd say too bad about going to work but I guess it might be a nice change for you. And we'll be nice and cozy ... except for that part where the dogs make us go get snowy and wind-chilled.

  5. More abstract ice pictures - yay! And boo to more snow, although it sounds pretty - as long as you don't have to drive in it.

    A blast - ha, andi. (Just so you know I noticed). How cool that you were able to see her, Lisa! But boo for the ruined materials and future flooding problems.

    Hopefully no more snow heads your way, Maria - you've had more than your share!

    No idea what today holds - will decide in a bit. Might see the Space Center, since I'm so close. Heading east tomorrow, but will spend a couple of days with my twin first.

    Enjoy traipsing through the snow with the pups, andi and Jim - and returning to thaw by the woodstove!

    Great day to all!

  6. So cool, how you've made micro look macro. Those *are* shots of the Antarctica (on the left)and the moon (on the right) from outer space, aren't they? From Sally Ride's slideshow.

  7. Those are very interesting photos, Andi.

    Sorry to hear about the damage, Lisa.

    Back to work today after 4 days off. And it's snowing once again. Ugh.

    Good day to all!

  8. Love the ice shot on the left.

    Lisa, very sorry to hear about the flood.

    Andi, from yesterday, that's what I ought to have said: we're supposed to have more snow. It's been a too dry winter on top of several previous ones.

    And a hearty halloo to all.

  9. That shot on the right is going to be the wallpaper for the G3 when I get home, if you don't mind… any way I can get a 1024x768 version?

    Bummer about the roof leak, Lisa. I hope you can salvage your stuff. I have an old story about a leaking roof at work; suffice it to say if you have a hung ceiling, DO NOT remove the tiles! If future floods are likely, a roll of plastic sheet might be one way you can divert the water away from the stuff that can't get wet.

    Hope the snow-bound folks thaw soon. We got skunked yesterday… in fact, what snow we had got melted by rain & 40°F temps. The window near my cube at work looks over the back parking lot, with a row of pines behind it; it's sunny right now so it looks a lot warmer out there than it really is. Spring #2 is still at least a week away, but we might see 50°F this weekend.

    Big surprise this morning: when Mason woke up, it was The Boy who came downstairs to tend to him! Maybe all of us nudging him to take a more active parenting role is having an effect. Snippet's jury duty lasted exactly one day; she called in last night & found she was dismissed for the week. Easiest $30 she ever made. :-P

    Waves & hugs on this Virtual Monday at the mimes.

  10. VERY cool ice photos. I think Nancy described them very well. Smarty Nancy figuring out where you took them. :-0

    All the best to everyone.

  11. Beth, thanks for noticing. :) We drove out to the end of the drive to take out the trash (that's a thousand feet and two big hills for those of you who haven't been here) and it was quite the adventure.

    Hiya Nancy. I thought the one on the right looks like a river system in a desert. Olivia and I thought the right image looked like an biology textbook illustration of an ovum being fertilized.

    Ugh, snow. I definitely commiserate, b2.

    Kelly, I don't know whether to wish more snow for you or say "Lucky you".

    You can get a bigger version, Farf, if the email address at your blogger profile works. I'll send it in a bit. BTW, I guess that means you don't think it looks like an ovum being fertilized. :)

    Hi CF. Did you get bunches of snow?

  12. I guess that means you don't think it looks like an ovum being fertilized.

    Maybe that's why I like it! </perv>

    Yeah, the email address should work.

  13. I sent it at 2:30, Farf, so you should have it.

  14. Ooh, Andi, me, too!! ::holds hand up and waves::

    I'd love a large copy of the pic.

    mylima AT google DOT com

  15. Got it, thanks much!

    Hm… anecdotal evidence, but for mid-list authors, the money may be in low-cost ebooks.