Monday, February 22, 2010

Good as Gold

Taken February 8, 2010.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, Andi. Peaceful--must be why Bebo has streaked out of sight.

    Weekend went too fast, but did enjoy vegging. Never left the house. Watched plenty of Olympics--sorry O about the hockey. Love watching the skiing. Ice Dancing--not so much. Daughter packing to go back to Austin as I write. Sonboy will drop by before going to Florida. Maybe spend tonight at home. Come on Spring Break.

    Waves to All as off to get ready for the day. Cyberhugs to blog friends.

  2. Lisa, I'm so glad you'll get to see your son before he takes off, and I hope he has a nice, safe, BORING trip to FL. :)

    I hope everyone else is still sleeping. I've been up since before five this morning and was pretty resentful about it until I realized it was 40F and raining. (Which is imo almost perfect weather.) It's a huge relief to get some snow melt as we have had enough accumulation this year that it's been a month+ since I've been out of the house for something besides a necessary errand/appointment. But maybe today! ::hopes::

  3. Gorgeous. But enough snow already!

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It seemed so short!

    The CBs are off to school this morning, and I have to put together my timesheet for work before noon (ugh). But after that, I'm planning on just enjoying the little guy today, and trying to get out for a walk ahead of the rain, which will turn all this snow to a sponge.

  4. Jen: I hear you on the long time since leaving for anyhing but critical errands and grocery shopping....

  5. Lisa, glad you had a relaxing weekend. Have a good visit with your son.

    I think you will find it pretty easy to get around now, Jen. The snow is pretty much gone except for where it's been piled up.

    CG, when life gives you snow, you make snow photos. Besides, now that the snow is gone (and it's raining), there's almost no photo ops ... and probably won't be any until mid-March.

  6. I'm amending that comment on the snow, Jen. I just turned on the light and took a better look around: it's mostly gone from the open areas, otherwise it looks like there are a few inches left.

  7. CG, I hope your walk is magical. (Not, like, NARNIA or anything, you know what I mean, heh.)

    Andi, we've still got a lot of snow around here, too, but the big thing is the roads are passable and walkways have all been somewhat cleared. And I still desperately need a haircut -- I've moved from Kennedy politician hair to Ted Koppel toupee territory, which is like a Level Orange on the Crimes Against Homeland Fashion threat meter -- but I've just not got the patience for another necessary thing so I think I'm going to go buy a new toy instead. :)

  8. I like getting haircuts so that would be a 'toy' for me. But as encouragement of sorts for you, we bought a toy this weekend -- our Directv receiver is having severe technical difficulties so we decided to join HDTV world -- bought a new TV to replace our 15 year old set (wow, either the new TV is really sharp or our old TV was worse than we thought) and ordered HDTV dish and receiver from Directv (which we'll get on Tuesday).

  9. Wow, the party's in full swing! Wishing we had a few long rainy days here - they predicted 90% chance yesterday, but PC apparently was in the 10% part, sigh. My lawn is mostly dust. Glad your snow is melting, everyone.

    Congrats on the new TV, andi! I bought an HDTV last year, and am still in love with the clarity of the picture.

    My family gets back next week, and my houseguests leave today, so I'll have some time to get my house back in order, in more ways than one.

    Glad you'll see your son, Lisa. I'm ordering good weather for him - Tampa is 1.5 hours north of here.

    Hope you make your first trip out more fun than just errands, Jen.

    Have a great day, y'all!

  10. Andi, if you're impressed by the sharp picture on the new tv already then you're going to love the high def -- vision is by far my weakest sense and even I can see a huge difference in the pictures.

    I've always been jealous of people who can enjoy the salon, it's always so stressful for me. My hair has been a source of petty personal annoyance ever since it finally grew in when I was FOUR, and if it wouldn't cause everyone in this town to treat me like a cancer patient I'd dispense with the exercise altogether and keep it shaved at quarter-inch, alas.

    Okay, I'm off, be-hatted, to somewhere that isn't the salon. ;) Hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Wow, you guys are prolific this a.m.! I'm getting a slow start to the day. Working @ the mimes from home, a last-minute decision as I continue to fight a sinus headache. But, that signals weather change and it's going to rain!! w00t! (I say this b/c it's NOT SNOW!)

    Hope you all enjoy your respective Mondays. :)

  12. We're getting that weather change as well, Maria. A slush/rain storm later on tonight works its way here even as we speak.

    A fairly relaxing weekend, with much Olympic viewing.

    Waves to all.

    That is a peaceful photo, Andi

    We just got a new toy also, an ipod dock with tuner/cd player/auxiliary. Sounds as good as components without the bulk.

  13. Wow, I think I'm getting to be the only person left without HD. Just can't bring myself to take the plunge quite yet..

    Hope the salon visit goes better than expected, Jen.

    boran, have fun with your new toy. I'm trying to figure out how to break it to someone that we need to move the bulky stereo (and stack of records) elsewhere in favor of the ipod combo. The clutter is making me crazy.

  14. You & me, CG. Mrs. Fetched wants HD, but we're waiting for our current TV to break or something.

    Jen, I need a haircut, but hate the time spent sitting there. But I have to get it done before I bolt for FL next week, or my ("I'm still your mother!") mom will not stop bugging me about it. So you like the Baptist look? I have a current hair status on the blog, just under the new White Pickups episode. Mrs. Fetched used my phone to get a pic of me & Mason for a change.

    So The Boy wanted a ride to community service this morning. I told him twice yesterday, once in front of Snippet, "be downstairs & ready to go by 8, or I'll leave without you," and he ack'ed both times. But I didn't get up until 7:45 because Mason woke up at 4:30 & they didn't, so I popped upstairs and said, "you've got an extra 15 minutes." He was still in bed when I actually left at 8:30. Now he has to explain to his probation officer why he didn't get his comm svc done. Not my problem.

    Hey, less than 11 hours until Tuesday!

  15. Thanks Beth. I'd say it's not a big deal but I guess a once every 15 years purchase is sort of a big deal. I'd be glad to send you some wet. I've got an easy way to get it there too -- I can just send you the dogs.

    Jen, I think the trick to a relaxing time at the salon is to have the same person cutting your hair since 1977. Good luck on the jaunt.

    Maria, nice that the forecast is snow-free, now if we can just get you one that is headache-free.

    b2, new sound equipment is always a fun new toy. Happy music to you.

    Well Farf and CG, we put up with about 5 years of barrel distortion on our TV but we can't live without our Directv/DVR so that going on the fritz gave us a compelling reason to go shopping.

    I think your hair looks quite nice -- besides, your mom and spouse should be more appreciative of how much you've still got.

  16. CG, you can't be the last one without HDTV 'cuz we don't even have a TV - which pretty much ensures we'll always be in last place.

    FarF, It's been Tuesday here for yonks (Australian for "a long time"), well, eight hours anyways.

    We've had almost 8mm of rain in the last 24 hours. Woohoo. I'll go start the pump in a bit to move what collected in the bottom tank up the hill to the header tank. Ah, rural living - it's so relaxing.

  17. I'm watching most of the last of the snow vanish. It's quite satisfying. ::g::

    The headache has lessened but is still present. I'd rather *not* be a barometer, thank you kindly. ::g::

  18. Well Lori, if I lived in Tasmania and had spectacular scenery, dogs, rabbits, ducks, alpacas, and the occasional wombat and blue-tongued skink to distract me, I wouldn't need tv either. :)

    Snow's almost gone here too Maria but it will be easily remembered through several days of very muddy dog feet.

  19. I liked this view better live and in person with green grass.

    We had rain and it melted most of the snow. Now it's mud.

    Lisa - caught up on your posts and yee gods is your son lucky! So sorry he and your family had to go through that. I hope he has a fine time in Florida.

  20. Yep, with you in it and lots of green, it's just about perfect.