Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Home

Taken February 19, 2010.

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  1. Taken , 2010

    I imagine you meant to put a date in there but since that's a decent approximation of a lot of folks' paths home for the entire year so far you could probably just leave it blank. And I hope none of the rest of you are up yet. Ima just wander off down the infotainment superhighway a while...

  2. Fixed! Does that mean that everybody will now know the right path home? Oh and ... Good morning, Jen.

  3. Critter trail--curled up warm and toasty.
    Surprised the pups aren't wanting to visit.

    FRIDAY--WooHoo. 11 school days until Spring Break.

    Sonboy called yesterday AM and having a good time in Florida.
    Convertable Mustang and going to the beach and good food. Does it get much better?

    Waves as off to the Mimes.

  4. It looks like a grave to me, andi...which is an eerie concept of home. I think I'm missing something... :-)

    Glad your boy's enjoying FL, Lisa - the rest of us are whining about the cold. 40 out there - I'm not getting out of bed for a while! 70's next week though, Farf.

    Lunch and dinner plans with friends today. Trying to figure out ways to like being here, and want to stick around. Staying busy is a good start. Played with songwriting while watching the Olympics last night, which was fun.

    Thanks for risking the VGW this morning, Jen - hope you're back in dreamland now!

    Off to eat oatmeal and drink hot tea - just call me wuss. Happy Friday, everyone!

  5. Jim's counting down right along with you, Lisa. Glad it's happy days for Sonboy.

    Not sure what you're seeing, Beth, but it's tracks leading to a burrow. Eating oatmeal is a sign of a wuss?

  6. Morning, gang! Home...good place to be, especially with wind warnings all day! Sadly, I must off to the mimes, as I took Tuesday off instead. Oh well. Still, 4-day week is nothing to sneeze at.

    Sends warm vibes to you all!!

  7. When you live in Florida is it, andi! Or maybe it's just my whining about the cold when our high is going to be 63 and the rest of the country is slogging through snow and ice...

    Oh duh! NOW I see the tracks. I saw a coffin-shaped indentation in the snow...pictured an empty grave.

    Just call me morbid.

    Don't get blown away in your little car, Maria!

  8. Hey Morbid Wuss, oatmeal's a damn yankee food, your regional menu option in that category is grits. ;p

  9. Jen's right - grits with butter, darn it! ::g::

    Wind is so rough right now, it's rattling windows. Going to be an interesting drive.

  10. You know, Jen, SWFL is SO not southern. I think it's cuz of all the Damned Yankees who live here! My mom was from NC so I grew up on grits and fried chicken.

    Now you mention it, I just might have to go out and buy me some today...butter and lots of black pepper!

    Suddenly my oatmeal has lost its appeal.....

    Stay safe, Maria!

  11. Beth, I guess we draw regional lines pretty differently. For me the lines are much more about behavior and value systems than about food or accents, and most of Florida (especially the central and northern part) is much more like the southern states than the northern states in those regards. But it's easier to make casual jokes about stuff like food than about stuff like social justice issues, so usually I'm teasing my home state about things like grits. I talk a lot more seriously about these regional issues of behavior and values when it comes to something like the fact that Orange County schools are still in court today because they have what is an effectively segregated and unequal school system.

  12. True, Jen. And it IS easier to talk about grits than segregation. To be honest, I don't focus on it because I feel no affiliation to this state - it's just where my butt is now. And it's often too horrific for my brain to wrap itself around. So I shake my head about the idiocy and wish certain people would mysteriously vanish - or grow a brain. I read the local headlines and wonder if I'm truly in 2010. And people wonder why I'm always looking for another place to live, than the one I'm in. The grass HAS to be greener...

  13. I can relate to that, Beth. I'm looking at the pacific northwest and hoping the economy allows a move sooner rather than later; hoping maybe that will be the place I'll feel like I can finally settle in and put down some roots. Unless, of course, I win the lottery, in which case I'm buying a massive estate in the mountains right in between Spain and France, and everyone can have their own guest suite while we figure out which charitable foundations to rain money on. :)

  14. After 22 years in the PNW, my heart will always be there. And you might find it a friendlier place to sink roots than the midwest. Fingers crossed that you can move soon, so I can live vicariously through you - unless I move back myself!

    I don't even need a suite - a tent on the palatial grounds would suit me fine. And I'll be happy to help dole out those big bucks!

  15. It's still snowing here!

    Office and courts are closed today with about 25 inches of snow in the area. Strangely, we've gotten "only" about 8 inches by my house. But it is still falling.

    Gotta get the b2boy outside.

    Waves to all.

  16. Wow, oatmeal sure is one hell of a conversation starter. Thanks for the interesting discussion, Jen and Beth. (P.S. Jen, I love Portland but Bloomington would still make a nice stopgap.)

    Hi Maria. Hope the drive to work was uneventful.

    Ugh b2. Just the thought of all the snow makes me nauseous.

  17. Ugh indeed, B2! Be safe and warm.

    I'd take any part of the Oregon coast - no snow, lots of rain, crashing waves, rocky shores, quaint towns. But highs barely reach 70 - when would I wear my flip flops? Then again, Bend and Eugene aren't bad, either...

  18. Mmm, now I want grits, and also more snow. Anyone who has an excess of either is welcome to send it my way. Speaking of Oregon, Salem's pretty nice too, though Portland has Powells…

  19. Sunshine, crocuses, primroses, snowdrops and lunch in a pub that has it's own micro brewery! I feel for the snowbound, but am happy it's gone away round here.
    We once drove a Winnebago from Miami to New York via Canada, in 3 weeks. With three young children it was - er - character building! But we couldn't get on with grits, even though we really tried.

  20. I hope Jen wins the lottery.

    One of my sisters lived for a few years in Olympia Washington and then for a few years in Salem Oregon. I visited her a few times and I really liked Oregon. And as long as you aren't from California the people are very welcoming :)

    They didn't allow you to pump your own gas though. Odd.

  21. Hi Dina. Sorry, sorry, sorry about the snow, snow, snow.

    Grits and snow -- I gotta admit neither one is high on my wish list.

    Three weeks in a confined space with my family, Nicky, and grits wouldn't be the only thing I couldn't get on with.

    The no-pump thing struck as really weird too, Mary. My theory is that it's a no cost way to create jobs for high school kids.

  22. I think NJ and OR are the only two states that don't allow you to pump your own gas - it's weird to sit in the car. Funny that that used to be the norm.

    Yep, Californians aren't very popular in the Texans in CO.

    Hope y'all are staying warm. Frost warnings again tonight - sigh. Anybody wanna move to Belize?