Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feather Light

Taken January 21, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow! I love this one.

    I'm up a little earlier than I wanted to be...had to chase the snoring one out of bed so I could sleep, and now I can't fall back to sleep yet. :/

    Hope everyone has a lovely day! Ours came with a fresh 2 inches of snow this morning.

  2. Good morning. Gonna take Finn out to build a snowman? :)

  3. Love is a Thing With Feathers*

    Impossibly light, improbably hued
    Cupped, held earthbound, in my two hands
    Sheltered against breeze or breath
    Lest it be spirited away

    You offered me this feather
    Knowing that I would stroke its
    Downy plumage against my skin
    Tilt its bowed back against
    The sunlight catching the
    Iridescent shifts of color

    Marvel at its resplendent utility

    You offered me this
    Token of your own arrested flight
    And a promise to linger yet awhile
    In my two hands

    (*Title after Emily Dickinson's "Hope is That Thing
    With Feathers.")

  4. Oh thank you so much for posting your poem, Lori. It's beautiful and and evocative and sad but without being melancholy. (And for those who also do/did Booman Tribune, Lori is keres.)

  5. Oh, wow. Such a gorgeous photo and a lovely poem to go with. A great way to start off a cold morning!

    The snow fairy landed again last night--another couple of inches. Luckily, our parking lot is plowed and the highway is clear. Good thing, b/c my cleaner comes today. Off to the mimes shortly.

    You all stay warm, dry, safe and cozy today!

  6. Thanks for sharing your art with us this morning, ladies! Beautiful! The magic of found things.

    Two days of rain might be over - it was nice to sit on the porch and watch it pitter patter into the pool. I think Mr. Sun returns today. And I'm practicing CF's advice to enjoy where I am, when I am, especially while my family's still here. Three more days of fun, then back to reality.

    Hope your Wednesday holds lots of surprises!

  7. I don't know what that is, exactly, but I feel certain my cats would want to eat it.

    Sympathies on the early waking, CG. Every day for the past week I've been waking up sometime between 3-4am and not able to get back down. I was starting to worry a little about tripping, but last night I got 9 hours -- wish I knew how that happened. :}

  8. You're welcome Andi. Although it's hardly Luna/Lily/Lilly caliber.

    Maria, please don't go off to the mimes. No one deserves that horrible of a fate.

  9. Oops, missed a couple! Drive carefully, Maria. I don't miss icy roads one itty bitty bit.

    And I've been waking up at 3am the last few days and being awake for a while too, Jen - maybe we should be playing games or something!

  10. Heh, Beth, I don't think we play the same kinds of games. ;)

    Lori, fyi, "off to the mimes" started off as a typo in "off to the mines" at least a year or so ago, but the imagery in "mimes" was so absurdly hilarious to the group here that we've been recreating the typo-as-joke ever since.

  11. I don't play any, Jen, so prolly not. But it'd be interesting to learn! :-)

  12. Maria, how shocking that DC and environs are turning out to be the Vermont of the South. ;)

    Beth, sounds like you are becoming a master of the zen of mellowness.

    Well given the amount of feathers, Jen, odds are good that something already beat Lucy and Wes to that. :)

    Well I'm usually up by 4:30 or 5:00 so I'm in -- anyone for bridge (euchre? pinochle? liverpool rummy?).

  13. Morning all! Andi, was this an installation piece or something you just found as-is? A couple feathers among the weeds can look magical in the right light.

    Sunny, dry, and a bit chilly outside FAR Manor this morning. Inside, it's warm & quiet. Mason will soon be trying to wake up, but right now he's still snoozin'. CG, Maria, try to have a little fun with the snow & don't let it have fun with you. ;-)

    Nice poem, Lori. A little early to be trying to find meaning in anything other than a cup of coffee, but I can feel meaning trying to find me…

    Yay Jen, getting a good night's sleep! I can imagine you & Beth playing some online game far into the morning, finally collapsing around 9a.m. until 3 or so…

    Maria, I just saw your 12:27a.m. tweet. Muses are like that, aren't they? They disappear for months, then show up at the worst possible moment & drive you to distraction until you sit down & take dictation. Then they breeze away… until next time.

    Mime'ing at home shortly. I have a couple rounds of photos to take for quick install guides. Euro-dudes suddenly start insisting on having a power switch, on a box that isn't supposed to ever be turned off because it's providing phone service, and of course that affects all the documentation associated with those products. Job security ain't all it's cracked up to be sometimes. :-P

  14. Just to add to Jen's "mimes" comment (forgot to preview & catch up), some circles I lurk in do the same thing with the (now-intentional) typo "cow-orkers."

  15. My first thought was that someone lost their Mardi Gras mask in your woods. :)

    Nice poem Lori.

    Far - "cow-orkers" is going to make me laugh all day while at the office.

    And yes, I'm verbal much earlier today than usual.

  16. Ha! Cow-orkers, indeed!

    Trip to the mimes was great, actually. No ice on the roads (too warm); gorgeous snow covered trees (no wind). I tried to take a couple of pics on the iPhone. Not sure how they will turn out.

    VERY quiet traffic -- schools are all closed and liberal leave policies in place for gubmint. Works for me. ::g::

  17. Farf, I WISH I could sleep well but that's an experience so distant in the past that I scarcely even remember what it's like. For 10 years it's been month after month of 4-5 hour nights, with one or two 9-10 hour crash periods per year, none of it restful. I'd say it was a nightmare but I rarely get enough sleep to have those anymore. ;p

    Well I'm usually up by 4:30 or 5:00 so I'm in -- anyone for bridge (euchre? pinochle? liverpool rummy?).

    No Sonic the Hedgehog, huh? Close as I get to anything on your list is poker but I only play for money. ;)

    Hope everyone has a great day, mimes or mimeless, however the case may be.

  18. Andi: No snowman yet. :)
    A bath was the big excitement for the morning, and we'll be heading over to Grammy's later this afternoon.

    Jen: The 3-4 wake time seems popular around these parts. We did get to sleep in till after seven after we got back to sleep, thanks to a 2-hour school delay. I envy your 9 hours, though!

  19. It was a found picture, Farf. Feathers on the ground are pretty common but these caught my eye because white ones are unusual. I like "cow-orkers".

    Mary, the people I was thinking of as "cow-orkers" never make me laugh.

    I hope the pictures turn out, Maria. We can alway pretrend they're harbingers of the cherry blossoms.

    Jen, I have no depth perception and terrible hand-eye coordination. Clearly, the FSM meant me to play card games, not video games.

    Morning O.

    Oh CG, just think how cute a picture of Finn and a snowman would be.

  20. Hey, I'm really slow today. I just realized -- no Lisa!

  21. I wondered where she was when I commented, then forgot. Hope the squirrels didn't bury her somewhere!

  22. Hallooo, all,

    Lovely photo. Lovely poem. Great start to my afternoon. I'm slowly getting my body back to central time, so I'm exercised, awake, and even semi-coherent at this point.

  23. Oooooooh! This is wonderful. I love feathers and these with the droplets on them are very special. I hope it doesn't mean that some little critter met its demise there. But if so, what a perfect memorial.

    Hello to all and cheery-bye for a while.

  24. Me too, Beth.

    Hiya Kelly. Hope you're enjoying a lovely get-back-on-the-right-time-zone tea.

    CF, given the number of feathers, it didn't look good. OTOH, there were no bones. BTW, if you go look at the Angling for the Best Shot post, I left a description for you on what it took me to get the bottom right shot.

  25. Panty mimes:>

  26. Drive by hi! Pretty as a feather! ;-)

    See ya later!

  27. Pulling up the rear instead of at the head today. Busy working on story and not online much.

    Busy day talking of feathers and mimes and cow-orkers I see.

    The squirrels were not as active today, but tomorrow is another day.

    Rain and cold here---Blah.
    Nighty night all.

  28. Drive bye-bye, Dina.

    Lori, those are some mean looking mimes.

    Drive bye-bye 2, boran2.

    Hiya Lisa. We missed you but spending time on your writing is a good reason for a no-show.

  29. Buffy had some wonderfully scathing mime references. Such as:

    Buffy: ... so then Kathy's like, "It's share time." And I'm like, "Oh yeah? Share this!" [She punches the air.]

    Oz: So, either you hit her, or you did your wacky mime routine for her.

    Buffy: Well, I didn't do either, actually. But she deserves it, don't you think?

    Oz: Nobody deserves a mime, Buffy.

  30. Lori - I LOVE that exchange from Buffy!!

    Peeps- I am D.O.N.E. DONE with BLOOD HEAT. Revisions completed. Email send to Mme. Editrix and M. Agent. 92,647 words: DONE.

    Now, I can concentrate on the essay for A Taste of True Blood (due 2/15). Since it's supposed to be near blizzard conditions this weekend, I've got loads of time to read my research material and write a 3000 word essay, right?

  31. Congrats, Maria!!! Woo hoo!! Blizzard? Yep, best way to spend that kind of weekend is inside, writing!

  32. Great scene, Lori. Oh I do miss Buffy.

    Mazel tov, Maria!

    Night everybody.

  33. darn, too late for Buffy talk. Congrats Maria on finishing AND on getting a blizzard. I'm in the mood for a blizzard.

    Just checking in to make sure the squirrels didn't get Lisa.