Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Taken January 29, 2010

Taken February 2, 2010.
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  1. Dashing through the VGW as I head out the door. Love the bubbles in the right one, andi - just amazing.

    Will be in touch as I can. Send good traveling vibes along the way, and I'll do the same.

    Happy Thursday, y'all! See you in Alabama.

  2. Sorry about the VGW, Beth, but at least you didn't have much time in it. Have a safe trip and a great time.

  3. Beautiful snow but no snow day. Temps a little above freezing.

    Beth, safe traveling.

    Maria, hang on girl. It's gonna be a big party when you all emerge.

    Off to the mimes, squirrels surley and me too in return. Come on weekend.

  4. Morning, peeps! Another day, same as the first. No metro, no bus service, Feds & schools closed. Us? Still working @ the mimes from home. Certain amount of boredom in that.

    I'm praying for a heat wave so my car will emerge.

    At least tomorrow is my day off and Monday is a holiday. whew!

    Beth, safe travels!!

    Lisa, don't let the squirrels get you down.

    Andi, stay warm!

    ::waves at those of you coming along later::

  5. Lisa -- Giddy, Sniff, and Bebo have volunteered to come down and help with your squirrel problem. Of course, since they don't do airplanes, you'll have to come up here and get them. :)

    Love the update on your car, Maria ... that is a car and not a hibernating grizzly bear in a snow cave, right?

  6. Andi, I *think* it's still my car!! Who knows?

    I have a feeling that next week, I may be taking the bus to work...

  7. Hello, all. Maria, I am so glad you see sun. We have it here too, but the snow is nowhere near as bad.

    Beth, safe travels.

    Andi, Jack just broke my heart but I did feel he was a bit out of character. Certainly, this was a whole new side of him (though we have seen bits of it before!)

    I leave Sunday for Arizona - I just hope Newark is back to normal (or as close as it gets to normal) by then.

  8. Heyo,

    Off to the Cities today to do writer social stuff.

    Maria, that's no car, it's a snowball.

    Huh, I almost just wrote snowbaal there, which might have to become a story.

    FarF, thanks for the heads up on Don's book yesterday. I've been thinking about picking up a copy for ages, and this will motivate me to look through and see whether I ought or not.

  9. Morning! Andi, are those frozen bubbles? I guess they would be in trouble…

    Kelly's already mentioned it, but I said I'd repost this info… Donald Maass put up his book The Career Novelist up as a free download (PDF).

    Yay for sunshine and melting, Maria! Maybe you'll be able to get out this weekend!

    Lisa, good luck with the squirrels. And the squirrely tweens/teens.

    Back to the mimes-at-home…

  10. Drive by hi!

    The driving this morning was dicey, but I managed to get over the mountain safely.

    Waves to all!

    Cool photo, Andi. Getting ready for b/w photo flogging?

    Good trip Beth!

  11. I.

    Sunny day is sunny, nearly warm! (39F)
    Thanks to 2 entrepreneurs who gladly dug out my car for $20, Simply Red has escaped the cold clutching hands of Snoverkill. I even took the car for a quick joy ride. Back at home and working some more (mimes), then have to finish my essay and do a few more revisions (tiny) to BLOOD HEAT.

    Am going to go into the mimes in the a.m. for a bit, just to pick up packages and catch up a little with actual people. whee!!!!

  12. Oooooo. Purty.

    So far, lots of clouds but not much rain. :(

    Tasmania's own House o' Fluff - everyone, including Hector is in full-moult. Every time a breeze comes through an open window it looks like a surrealist's snow globe in here. Puppies have been banished to the back yard for the duration.

  13. Maria! Yay! And it wasn't a grizzly.

    Dina, I think he was more of the Doctor Who Jack than the Torchwood Jack. I'm really eager, though, to see where they go from here.

    Hope you had a good time in the big town, Kelly.

    Farf, on the left the bubbles aren't frozen, on the right they are (except for the ones in the upper right hand corner).

    b2, I hope you took your camera. I'd love to see some pictures.

    Good morning, Lori. Does Hector get all raggedly looking when he sheds? And how about a diary with some pictures of your Mötley Crüe over at BT?

  14. Maria - yeah for Big Red!

    Andi, I agree that it was the Doctor Who Jack at least on balance. Though I did wonder if he felt he had to do it to save Ianto's family, like he owed him that. I wish we had gotten a bit more insight on the issue.

  15. Yay Maria! Smart entrepreneurs...

    Made it safely to AL. But arrived to reports of all schools closed tomorrow - because they're predicting SNOW. ::shakes head::

    So tomorrow I'll be peeking out the window at 5am, trying to decide if I should be driving to Texas, or waiting til Saturday - when it's supposed to be sunny and 50.

    Plus I just realized I'll be missing most of the Olympics. For a master planner, I didn't do so well this time!

    Ah well, full of mango colada from Lulu's Homeport (Jimmy Buffett's sister) and watching basketball - there are worse places to be snowbound.

    Night all!

  16. Maybe we will, Dina, when the show returns.

    Beth, I don't want to wish snow on you but you know how much Family Man loves it when it snows so ....