Friday, February 12, 2010

As the World Curves

Taken January 26, 2010.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    I've got a working computer for the moment. Don't know how long it will stay on though.

    Guess what? WE GOT SNOW!!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

    It's supposed to snow until 6:00 pm and I'm hoping for enough that I can put George out in it, and he just sinks down into it. We'll see if he ignores me when I call him to come back in when he's in that situation. :)

    Both George and I are doing fine and I hope everyone here is fine too.

    So while the computer is still running, I'm off to some other places.

    Take care


  2. Hiya FM! I saw that weather report and thought of you (see the last comment in Thursday's post). I hope you get your computer woes straightened out soon so we see more of you ... or at least that you start hanging out at the library some so you can drop by to say hi.

  3. Morning, gang!

    FM, glad you've got a working computer and hope you get exactly the right amount of snow.

    Andi, your pic reminds me of how pretty snow can be. ::g::

    I'm off to the mimes this a.m. for a half-day, mostly to see peeps and get out of my apt for a bit. Then home for 3-day weekend. Still need to finish my essay, which is due Monday (eep!).

    ::waves to you slugabeds:: ;-)


    (and yes, I am in denial about possible snow on Monday)

  4. Hi FM! Congrats on the snow!

    No I'm not up early. I've been pulling an allnighter at work. I can barely keep my eyes open and I've got hours to go. Wish me luck.

  5. Maria, snow is always prettiest from a distance. :) Good luck with your essay.

    Oh Mary, an allnighter for work -- the horror! You probably need caffeine more than luck but good luck keeping those eyes open anyway.

  6. Lovely photo, Andi.
    Yay for FM!
    Boo for maryb's work. I hope you're finished early and have a relaxing weekend to recover.
    Good luck with the essay finishing, ML.

    I have some work to do this morning, and then we're making homemade mozzarella cheese (gotta keep CBtY entertained).

  7. There is something vaguely Ansel Adams-ish in the composition of that photo but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. The shape of the reflection of the trees maybe? I don't know, my vision isn't very sharp [ever, but especially not] today.

    I'm writing today and hopefully throughout the weekend. Moving into the middle of the wip now, which changes the rhythm of things into one I find more comfortable and enjoyable than the overture portion of the movement, so big yay to that.

    Happy snowtravels to Beth and Dina, happy snowfall to FM, happy snowstopfall to Maria, happy snowday to the Cabinfolk, and happy weekend to the rest of you. :)

  8. Lisa hasn't checked in yet? Couldn't have anything to do with that FOOT of snow, could it?

  9. Hi, all. Just a drive by to say hi.

  10. CG, how's that sore throat? I'm starting to really hanker for that picture of Finn with a snowman.

    Jen, I know what you mean. I think it's the combination of the gray, the somewhat etched lines, and the static feel. I've actually taken another shot of nearly that same area that I think looks even more Adams-y.

    Hi Nancy. You're probably right but I sure hope it just means she's without internet and not without power.

    Morning Dina. Hope your days goes well

  11. Adams? Hm. Maybe under a full moon cloudless night?

    Hey FM! Good to see you out & about. Enjoy the snow while you got it, we're supposed to get a littlle this afternoon.

    Jen, interesting metaphor, writing as symphony. It makes sense. Hope both the writing & vision go well for you today.

    Late lunch. I'd like to do a little writing, but I'm in the middle of a gearhead project at work that's demanding most if my creativity. Maybe this weekend after cutting firewood.

    Hey Lisa, dig out & wave, OK? Later!

  12. Nice to be missed.
    A foot of snow is HEAVY. Downed limbs and trees all over but we still have power--WooHoo.
    The neighbors across the street lost their power when a big tree split and now looks like an giant awesome blossom appetizer in their front yard.
    Dogs aren't too crazy about being chest deep in it.
    Walked the block so could take pictures of the creek. Downed tree blocking one end of the street.
    Don't know how some of you do it for weeks/months each year. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s and this will all be a wet, muddy dream.
    But for now Lisa's Winter Wonderland

    Fabulous Friday to All

  13. Guess it's good that I decided to visit Houston instead of Dallas! You can imagine how I'd be whining about a foot of snow. Big sympathetic hugs, Lisa - what a winter.

    Yay for Fman getting snow! I thought of you as I watched the forecast last night.

    I awoke to a downpour, which was a relief. But hit snow for an hour or so around Baton Rouge. Luckily it wasn't sticking to the road, but the locals didn't know that so I dodged slowpokes on the interstate. Made it safely to Houston, where it's cold and gray, but dry. Then again, I hear it's snowing in FL, so maybe it's okay that I'm here!

    Hope maryb got home soonest - I kept reading allnighter as alligator...

    Off to meet a dear high school friend and watch her daughter sing at a hockey game. Cindy's never been to a game, so I'll be explaining it to her. Haven't seen her in 28 years, so I'm pretty excited.

    Waving to all from Panera!

  14. Oh there's that beautiful view of the terrain. No leaves and snow makes for a nice clear view.

    Howdy FM. Good to see you and I'm so glad you finally got some snow. LOOK OUT, GEORGE, HE'S GOING TO PLAY TRICK ON YOU....

    Hello to all the rest and all the best to each of you.

  15. Woo hoo -- very good review for Maria's Blood Kin at sfrevu.

    Farf, or maybe while cutting firewood -- you could write the story with the chainsaw. ;)

    Whew, Lisa. Good to know you're all right and have power. And that's a great set of pictures. Love the sort of shocked looks on the dogs' faces.

    Glad you are in Houston all safe and snow-free, Beth. have a great time with your friend.

  16. Hey CF, I didn't realize you'd sneaked in while I was composing my comment. Getting to see the shape of things is the very best thing about winter.

  17. They have SNOW in Texas, Lisa? Good grief, that's an eye-opener. Our latest little 'snow event' seems to have given up on our bit of England and is spreading its fairy dust on the east coast. They're welcome to it, the novelty wore off here, last month.
    Weekend coming up, have a good one, everybody.

  18. Nicola, I remember the satellite photo of GB you posted a few weeks ago. I heard that today there is confirmed snow in 49 of the 50 states and it is suspected that snow is on the 13,000-14,000 foot tall mountains of Hawaii too. It may be that there is snow on the ground in all 50 states today.

    Hurah for Maria, and maybe Farf should be writing Zen and the Art of Chain Saw Maintenance.

    Beth, good luck explaining icing and offsides, and why some crushing hits are okay and some aren't.

    Great photos, Lisa. I especially loved the WTF look on the pup's face.

    Hi everybody else.

  19. Hey all. I agree with Jim, Kip looks a little snow-shocked. Good to see you're doing OK, Lisa!

    It's snowing pretty good here on Planet Georgia too. I cut out of work early, which turned out to be a good idea, the roads were getting slushy. I'll try to remember to upload some pix tonight and take some more tomorrow.

    Supper will be calling soon. I've decided I need one of those terabyte drives to put my photos on, RAW mode just eats hard drive space like candy. See y'all later!