Saturday, February 27, 2010

As the Snow Flows

Taken February 18, 2010.

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  1. Psst, can have the insomnia fairy back, 'k?

    Morning, gang--still 0darkthirty here but hey, I've pretty much been up all night. Whee?

    I love the tranquil peace of the melting creek, reminding us that spring is really and truly just around the corner.

    ::wan waves to all::

    It's Saturday, right?

  2. Uh oh, it's another game of Insomnia Tag. I'm sorry you're It, Maria. But it is Saturday so here's to some great napping.

  3. If napping were an Olympic sport, I'd be a contender for a medal.

    Love the contrast of the textures-rock layers and creek bottom to the smoothness of the snow.

    Sonboy returned last night and stopped by for a few minutes. Had a great time in FL. despite cool temps and rain. Expect a good time-will have a good time. Life is so much about perspective. Thinks he'll move into new digs today. Now wonder what he'll do for furniture? All he had was bedroom stuff. Ah, the adventure of the college years.

    Maria, are you finished with the second short project? We need to get that movie/tv deal going. Dreaming of the future is good any day.Hope you have some sun and warmth.

    Beth, when does work start? Sounds like such a nice place.
    We got your sun today but rain again for Monday.
    I'll blow some warmth and brightness north and east for the weekend.

    Need to go out and check my daffodils. Need Spring.

    Waves as off to work on story.
    Sensational Saturday to all.

  4. Sorry about the fairy, Maria. She seems to have left my house permanently - hopefully she'll do the same to you soon!

    Rain for your son, Lisa? We've had none, and are 1.5 hours south. Doggone it. Glad he had fun - you're right, perspective is everything.

    Love the pic, andi - maybe in my next life I won't be so scared to drive in the stuff, and will live up north where I can see pretty shots like that.

    Work starts tomorrow at 4pm - so far avoiding being paralyzed with fear. No clue what to wear, where to park, what I'm getting paid, etc. - my 4.5 minute interview didn't allow time for questions. Guess I'll find out tomorrow! It IS a really nice place. Just hope it's a nice place to work, too.

    So will enjoy my last day of unemployed-dom - live music and a party, although I don't care much for the folks who'll be there. And hopefully some writing this morning. 46 out there - high of 60 with rain (HA!). And it's an outdoor party - brrrr.

    Happy Saturday, y'all - we made it to the weekend!

  5. Drive-by — or maybe drive-away — hi!

    Getting ready to escape the manor, will let you know when I get there....

  6. If you can figure out a way to get Spring to come sooner, Lisa, would you please, please, please share it with me.

    Ah Beth, excitement and terror -- a great combination for keeping you on toes on your new job. ;)

    Safe driving, Farf.

  7. Excitement and terror - I'll keep that in mind, andi!

    Hope to see you down here in the Chilly State, Farf! Drive safely.

  8. Wow, what a beautiful reflection. Makes me think of Lacan's mirror stage and wonder if any forest denizens also come to conceptualize a sense of self through reflected images.

  9. Maria, I'm sorry you got the insomnia fairy. I do have to note that she seems to have forgotten my address for the moment, so perhaps you got mine rather than FarF's? If so, please pay forward rather than return to sender.

  10. Hi, all. Lovely picture (as usual). The view here is lovely as well. I am just glad that I don't have to be out in it. That is the best way to deal with this much snow.

  11. This picture reminds me that spring flooding might be very big this year after all the snow they've had northwest of us along the Missouri. Fortunately I don't think they've had quite as much north along the Mississippi.

    Yes, I'm already disaster planning.

  12. Well I'm take aback, Jen. I never expected to be paired with Lacan. ;)

    Hi Kelly. Perhaps she saw the moved, no forwarded address you posted.

    Dina, how much snow did you end up getting?

    I hope you're wrong about the floods, Mary. I still remember what it looked like when I flew over the 93 flood -- just horrifying.

  13. I don't know how much snow we finally got but at 4:00 PM yesterday the official count was 21 inches. And it kept on coming, but I haven't seen anything else for Mahwah (where I live).

  14. Arrived at 9, been hanging out with Mom. To bed shortly. iPhone roolz, nobody here leaves their wifi open but 3G does the job.

    Maybe the Insomnia Fairy should go to Vancouver, people will want to party all night & would appreciate a little extra help.

  15. 21 inches is a sufficiently horrifying number to not want to know how much more you got.

    Hope you got a good night's sleep, Farf.