Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Taken December 28, 2009.

Taken December 30, 2009

Taken December 31, 2009.
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  1. Andi the Artiste is back. Lower pics are otherworldly.

    Beth, it was a good game last night and Boise St. made it exciting that's for sure. Congrats to them.

    But staying up has me ddddrrrraaaggging this morning. Snugs coffee between hands for another slurp.
    First day back wasn't too bad. Kiddos were stunned and slow so not too many issues.

    Waves as off to get ready for mimes.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Definitely an artist, those are stunning, particularly the bottom left one.
    It's cold here and snow is forecast but today I just don't care because the first review of Death is the Cure has turned up and it's lovely! Here it is: http://geraniumcatsbookshelf.blogspot.com/2010/01/death-is-cure-by-nicola-slade.html

    I'm chuffed to bits by her comments and am going to make another cup of tea to celebrate! (Too early for strong drink)

  3. Beautiful green shoots!! Spring is nigh? At least, peeking out. ::g::

    Nicola - nice review, yay!!

    Lisa, glad Monday wasn't horrible. Let's keep that up for the week, si?

    Bitterly cold still, with wind. Guess it's nature telling me that getting a beautiful gray wool peacoat from my sister was a sign?

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I love that top photo, there's something sad-and-lovely about it. (I'm a lot foggy this morning and having a hard time finding the words I want, so I went to a reverse dictionary and typed in "sad beautiful" to see if it'd help. It didn't, but the 10th suggestion was Tampa International Airport, and I'll be laughing at that for the rest of the day.)

  5. Proof that winter isn't all brown and gray and black, andi - thanks for the colorful shots - the first one is my fav!

    Stay warm, Maria - we're at 41, after a low of 31 last night. Way too flipping cold for Floridians, though I know you hardy Northerners would be walking around in shorts (or so people keep telling me).

    Yep, great game, Lisa. But the late nights are killing me, too - just a couple more. I'll be rooting for your Horns on Thursday - I'm a Colt McCoy fan, and NOT a Nick Sabin fan at all!! Hope the kiddos stay stunned for a few days.

    Congrats, Nicky!

    My pool turned green again yesterday - sigh. No more chlorine from Wally World. Gotta get it back to normal before company arrives Friday. Guess my day will be house chores.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone. Spring is one day closer!

  6. Oops, we simul-posted, Jen. Will have to think about TPA being sad and beautiful...wonder what they'd call MIA? :-) Thanks for the morning laugh!

  7. Glad you survived the first day back, Lisa. Jim was back at school yesterday but the kiddies didn't come back till today -- so full sympathy all around.

    Great review, Nicky! I hope there are many more to come.

    Really cold here too, Maria. The dogs don't seem to care though and I'm about to bundle up for a walk. Hope you stay warm.

    Ooh that reverse dictionary is a classic time-waster, Jen. Thanks (I think) for linking to it.

    A green pool sounds kind of pretty, Beth, or if not that, maybe useful in scaring off guests so maybe you should leave it be.

  8. Andi, I've got time-sucking (thinky riddle game) links (for space dorks) galore (watch free documentaries online), of course, they are all pretty nerdy, as the internetgodz intended.

    wonder what they'd call MIA

    Having spent most of my childhood living less than 5 miles from MIA, I can assure you that everyone calls it the exact same thing: [blue streak redacted], lol. That green pool sounds like a drag but I'd trade you my snowed in driveway for it in a heartbeat, because at least after you clean the pool you can do fun things in it, whereas plowing out the driveway just makes me wish we had a damn pool. ;)

  9. Wow! Such beauty to finish the year with. (Dec 30) What in the world are the lovely shoots in the lower left? Inquiring minds need to know. I'm guessing to top one is a fern. I've seen the lower right but can't name it. But the lower left has me stumped. Wonderful collection, Andi.

    Sounds like everyond is having a good day, all for different reasons, but good days anyway. That makes me glad.

    All the best to you all

  10. Ooooo, too much good stuff here this morning to comment on all of it! Love the pix, a good reminder that some plants (as well as some people) don't mind the cold so much. My internal winter furnace must have finally kicked on this morning; I threw on the windbreaker and it was enough to keep the 20F at bay while I started various vehicles.

    If we had a pool here, it would be froze over… we might get above freezing today. Everyone is growling about the weather, as if they forget that January is the cold month here? Sheesh.

    Maria is about to find her iPod. How do I know this? She tweeted about ordering a new one.

    Back later!

  11. Pool turned back to blue overnight - just needed a little TLC - and chlorine and algaecide! Good pool drugs. My BIL is bringing shorts for our 50's, since they live in NH and 50 is toasty to them. I will take the extra blanket saved for their bed and put it on mine! Long-range forecast is for the whole month to be record-breaking cold...sigh. Still no snow (at least here), so I won't whine - too much. :-)

  12. Love that lower left photo, Andi.

    C-c-cold here! 14 degrees, going up to 28 or so.

    Busy day in court, back to the mimes as they say. ;-)

  13. Gee thanks, Jen. Just what I needed -- more ways to spend time on the internet. :P

    CF, the lower left is some kind of moss sprout. The lower right is also moss -- I think it's a type of sphagnum moss (or not).

    Cold here too, b2. I'm jealous of your 28 though -- we're only going to a high of 22 ... for which I guess I'll be grateful on Saturday when the high is only going to 14.

  14. Good afternoon all,

    Great shots Andi.

    It's cold down here and they're predicting 1-3" of snow on Thursday. I think Fri. and Sat. are supposed to be the coldest.

    Hope everyone is staying warm.

    Take care.