Wednesday, January 13, 2010

White Week: White Water

Taken January 3, 2010.

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  1. Oops, that was me; I pressed the wrong button!

    Astonishing photo! It looks like molten metal. I have to say that I love coming over to see what Andi's put up for the day: I'm useless at photography and it's a joy and a privilege to see such wonderful pictures.

  2. Not to worry, Nicky. I've removed the evidence of your flawed past completely (good thing the villains in your books can't do the same thing). Also, I want to point out that I was pretty useless when I started in 2005 -- it's all practice, practice, practice.

  3. Looks like Blue White to me, Andi.
    Love the flow. Almost expecting a porpoise to appear in swirling shapes.

    Waves to Nicky.

    Beth, I second Andi's pep talk. You are an incredible lady and will make a FANTASTIC employee. You have a great deal to bring to any business. So go with a swagger.

    Off to the mimes for me.
    Wonderful Weds. Blog Family.

  4. I second Nicky's comments - amazing picture. VERY cool!

    Many thanks to you too, Lisa, for the pep talk. Sometimes it just takes a shift in perspective. I'll do my best to convey how wonderful I am! :-)

    Friend arrives this afternoon for a couple of days. Thankfully the cold snap is fading. But she lives in WY, so our freezing temps seem balmy to her.

    Off and running - have a couple of potential job interviews, but want to make the drive first and see if I'm willing to do it every day (an hour each way).

    Can't wait to see the chair in its final glory, Maria (check out her place to see what I'm talking about).

    Have a warm Wednesday, y'all!

  5. I don't think porpoises like frozen water, Lisa. :)

    Beth, I'd say good luck but I don't think you need that -- just confidence and I know you can find it. The drive, however, is whole 'nother thing. So good luck with that.

  6. Morning, gang! Love the pic - reminds me of a Chilhuly piece. Wish I could afford his glass art. :)

    Beth, luck on the interview/drive. It's important--thus my not taking that nice condo rental last year. The price was perfect, the increased commute a killer.

    The chair is now grown and no longer resembles the inside of a Tauntaun. <a href=">Pictures on Picasa.</a>

    I blogged about this last night as I grumbled through quarterly estimated taxes. Oh Uncle Sam, how I hates the taxes, I do. Though, looking at the silver lining--I wouldn't have to pay these if I hadn't made some decent dollars in royalties in 2009. Unfortunately, the bulk of that came in a check last month, so I'm scrambling. Sigh.

    Keeps me honest--or something. ::g::

    Have a fabulous day, all1

  7. Hey all! Beauty of a shot, Andi, too bad it's so dang cold to make the creek do that. A church on the other side of town has a frozen fountain; I ought to go get a shot of that before it thaws out.

    Knock 'em out, Beth. You breezed through that bartender exam, now it's time to apply those hard-won skillz for real.

    Maria, you nailed it with the "intestines" comment there… I thought brains, but either one will do. The only thing missing was a shot of you sitting in it… because I have NO idea how one would park one's butt in that thing!

    Hey Lisa & Nicky! Hope you guys are thawing out. Planet Georgia is starting… i think the biggest patch of snow left is right outside my window here.

  8. Hi, all. I have been missing in action due to some difficulties in reading comments and more in posting. The reading may have straightened itself out (fingers crossed!)

    What an incredible picture today! Just love it.

    Good luck to thems that need it and wave around to all.

  9. Maria, I'm wanting a pic of you in that, that, that's a chair? I'd be afraid of being ingested by the blob. Who thinks up designs like that?
    I might be able to get in it. It's the getting out that could be tricky.

  10. I gotta say, Maria, that does not exactly match my Platonic idea of chairness. :)

    The frozen fountain sounds like a fun photo op, Farf. I agree you should get your butt on over there and take pics for us before it thaws.

    Hiya, Dina. Good to have you back. I hope your problems are solved. (Wouldn't it be nice to have all your problems solved?)

    Lisa, the dogs took a look at the chair and despite my doubts and yours, they gave it the bark of approval.

  11. Okay, home now. I have to admit this chair is *not* working out the way it's been advertised. Damn. Somehow, Big Red Blob != comfortable lounge bag as in the picture.

    Back to square one? In the meantime, I'm using my Ikea chair bed, a decently comfy seat. Perhaps a Poang recliner from Ikea?

  12. That is one amazing picture. Like, like, like it.

  13. I wasn't able to see the chair. I had to sign in first.

    Andi, this photo is awesome. I keep saying the same things about them all, but they're all phenominal. Your eye fabulawsome.

    Beth, what's this about the job thing? Are you nervous about going out to apply? Listen, you're gorgeous, you have personality plus (I can tell from that smile in your photos). So if you get nervous in front of your "new boss", just smile. He/she'll be wowed. Go get'em girl.

  14. I pictured something completely different, Maria - I see your point. Maybe you have to buy the square footstool thingy and pillow too.....then again, prolly not. Sorry it's not as wonderful as it appeared to be! Although some of those pictures were downright scary... ;-)

    Thanks, CF. Yes, that's exactly it. Applying for a job where I have no experience just shakes me to the marrow. My girlfriend who's visiting from WY is going to go with me tomorrow for moral support. I'll just remember all the kind words y'all have said, and I'll be just fine (repeating it to myself over and over...).

    Thanks for being out there! Love you all -

  15. Maybe it will grow on you over time, Maria. Or maybe -- in a scene you will use in a future book -- it will just grow, quietly enveloping all the other furniture as it slowly takes over your apartment.

    Howdy Mary. I'm glad, glad, glad you like, like, like it. :)

    CF, fabulawsome is a great coinage.

    Beth. You.Will.Be.Fine.

    Night everybody.