Thursday, January 14, 2010

White Week: White on White

Taken January 2, 2010.

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  1. Considering this Friday. Tomorrow is a work day and any day without the kiddos is a holiday.
    Got most of my exams done so will pull out the puzzles and coloring pages or they can read while we get a few make ups done.

    Maria, that chair looks like a kid's dream. They love to snuggle up on the floor. I'm thinking with a good book, that could be just the ticket. Happy Friday to you too.

    Beth--Speak with confidence even when the knees aren't feeling it. Glad you have a friend to go with.

    Andi--Light white is good.

    Everyone throw a log on the fire.
    Thursday Rushing into Friday. Waves as off to work on story.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Coloring books and crayons sound wonderful - maybe sometimes we need to allow ourselves to play like we used to...hope the story is going well.

    Love the picture - makes me want to run inside and cuddle up to the woodstove. I miss fires...

    Finally warming up - 40 this morning and no frost, woo hoo! My friend's been in FL a week and wanted to sit in the sun and walk on the beach. She can finally do that today. And I need to start pruning the dead stuff outside...maybe this weekend.

    I want a picture of Maria in the chair. :-) Darn thing.

    Better drag my butt outta bed and see if my friend wants breakfast. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

  3. Good luck with the work on your story and happy Early Friday, Lisa.

    Beth, you're commenting for bed?!? Oooh, that is sexyyyy. ;)

  4. My red flannel nightgown doesn't actually scream 'sexy,' andi - unless you're an Eskimo, I guess. :-)

  5. Morning, peeps! Behold, there is LIGHT...and the light shone and it was GOOD! Best harbinger of nearer to spring than anything else is the fact that by the time I'm showered, there is sunrise. w00t!

    The chair saga--omg, it's so funny. Darn thing grew even more overnight. I was frustrated and cranky with it last night--just couldn't get comfy. Then I got the bright idea this a.m. to shift it around a little, turning it over. It worked and it seems much better than before.

    I'll definitely have to get someone over here to take a picture!!

    Beth, I love flannel, so I bet you're just gorgeous in your warm nightie. :)

    Lisa - w00t to virtual Friday!! Although my actual Friday will begin with my annual physical.

    Great day to all!!

  6. Warm and soft and a striking color -- sounds pretty sexy to me, Beth. :D

    Hi ya, Maria. Glad the monster chair is showing signs of being benign. And you can always use the timer on your camera to take a Portrait of the Artist being Swallowed by a Chair.

  7. Hmm, now that really is an interesting photo. It has those dramatic shadows I find so appealing. I'll have to keep this one in mind when choosing my next subject.

    Waves to all.

    We're off for more medical stuff today. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

    See ya later.

  8. Yo ho, all! Andi, I'm seeing a little ground foliage poking through the snow there… is the thaw reaching that far north?

    Yay for quiet workdays, Lisa! I'm sure you know the kiddos are just as thrilled to have the day off too…

    Dispatch from Beth's bed… sigh it's such an effort to go perv in the morning, but it's an effort to not go perv too… I'll just drink some coffee and move on.

    Maria, sounds like you're getting the chair to do right, any way to let some air out of the thing? Like Andi said, tripod & self-timer, don't worry about getting someone else to do it for you.

    Mason had a pretty busy day yesterday, with a doc checkup & DPT shots, so he was up until like midnight. 'Course, that means he slept all night, woke up in a good mood, and zorched right back out after a fresh diaper & a little breakfast. And now I've got to get to it. Later!

  9. Oops, hey Boran, we simul-posted! Good luck with the medical stuff.

  10. Hi, all. Two days in a row this has worked so maybe reading and posting is now doable if not great! Here's hoping.

    Maria, I would love a picture because I can't quite see how that is a chair (deplorable lack of imagination on my part, I know.)

    Hi to all. Lovely picture as always.

  11. Freecycle FTW - just brought home a garage door opener to replace the one that went bad. Mrs. Fetched got the neighbor (an appliance repair guy) down here to look at the 2nd fridge and he made it stop spitting sparks. Not so FTW, I had plans for that floor space. :-P

  12. I love the deep shadows of winter, b2. Hope the medical stuff went well.

    Farf, while things are thawing (2nd day above freezing, yay), that green is there all year round. We have several plants and grasses that stay green through the winter.

    Hurrah for 2 days in row, Dina. I do hope your 'puter problems are gone forever.

    Well, Farf, now that the fridge works, you can just convince Mrs Fetched that you should sell it and then you can reclaim the floor space.

  13. Another beautiful study in White. And again, the light is wonderful. You get another fabulawesome!

  14. CF, if you come much later, this ole geezer isn't going to be here to greet you. :)

    Night everybody.