Friday, January 15, 2010

White Week: Simply White

Taken January 8, 2010.

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  1. Never knew snow could wink. Andi can catch the blink of a wintery eye.

    Survived the last day of the semester and even skipped lunch and practiced hunger tolerance yesterday. I'm getting ready for a healthier eating regime. Jeans are way too tight so time to drop some lbs. Skipping meals isn't the plan. It was just an exercise to remind me I can tolerate cravings and hunger for a while. Sunday is launch day on the eating regime, so need to get cracking on my meal planning so I'm ready.

    Maria, here's hoping the poke and prod part of the day goes quickly and you can enjoy the rest with pampering activities.

    Beth, enjoy time with friends. My jammies are blue flannel so you're in good company.

    Farf, I'm thinking you need that second frig. I know I couldn't live without mine. With Mason and formula and family in and out, I'm guessing Mrs. Fetched keeps it full.

    B, positive med. vibes coming your way.

    Fabulous Friday to All. (Monday is a Holiday--WooHoo)

  2. Happy day with no kids and Monday with no school, Lisa. Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

  3. 'Tis true, Lisa, we do need it. We could probably get along without, but if we don't have to… well, maybe we can keep the science projects down to a minimum. The Boy & Snippet think they're moving in this weekend, so I have my own version of the Sweat Hogs to deal with.

    Andi, that pic would be just the thing to grace the cover of an ambient or light jazz album…

    Mason got me up early, I'll be scooting as soon as J comes by to pick up a letter…

  4. A wink - good eye, Lisa! Otherwise that picture just makes me shiver...snow wimp that I am.

    You're a better man than I, Farf - I could never have all of those people in and out of my house, even if they were relatives. Good luck!

    Dropped off three resumes yesterday - received the noncommittal responses I expected, but at least I started. Thanks again for all of the support.

    One more day of company, then 1.5 days off before family returns. At least it's warming up! Though now I need to buy a new filter for the pool. Anyone wanna buy a house?

    Off to start my day...TGIF, all!

  5. Farf, I'll have to go see if Shadowfax is still recording. ;)

    Beth, you'll be happy to know it's 40 here and the snow is nearly gone. Good on you for getting going on the job hunt -- starting is the hardest part.

  6. That photo almost looks like a sketch. Well done, Andi.

    Thanks to all for the good wishes. Madame boran has gotten a clean bill of health.

    Warming here. Looking forward to the weekend.

    Waves to all!

  7. Typing with cat on lap is hard. But still able to post easily!


    And waves to all.

  8. Hola, all - I have achieved Ikea and La-Z-Boy today, but am still chairless. The blob got donated to a fellow techie with kids--just did not work out. :(

    Ended up tripping over an empty shelf @ CVS and knocking over a complete end-cap. OUCH! Am sore. Came home to relax and take Advil.

    Skipped on doc this a.m. as I got stuck in traffic > 1 hr. Oddly, they never picked up the phone. Oh well. Will have to reschedule.

    I think I'll stay home the rest of this long weekend!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Jeez, Maria - watch yourself!

    I never could figure out how that was supposed to be a chair though.

  10. Excellent news, b2!

    Waves to Dina ... and the cat.

    And hour stuck in traffic, Maria? Oh just one more reason to be happy to live in the woods. ::waves bye-bye to the chair::

  11. Oh, my oh my. How lovely and serene. Is that a sledding hill? The blanket is perfect with just a few wisps of grasses to remind us that green is there but sleeping and that it will awaken again soon.

    I was able to find time to check my blog friends a bit earlier today. It seems like my days are so busy that I haven't found time for the important things. I need to reconsider my priorities. :-)

    Hello to all and have a great weekend.

  12. This week's theme reminds me of that play "Art" by Yasmina Reza:

    "Imagine a canvas about five foot by four, with a white background, completely white in fact, with fine white diagonal stripes."

    b2 glad to hear the medical news. Everyone else, congratulations that your week has ended. Mine too!

  13. Since the end of it goes right into the lake, CF, sledding on it would probably not be a great idea. :)

    Mary, that is a perfect quote. How nifty that you thought of it.