Tuesday, January 12, 2010

White Week: Red and White

Taken December 29, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. I'll appreciate the snow from afar right now. So thank you. Also for encouraging daughter to cook, cook, cook. That'll likely happen the same time the exchange trip happens with you and Nicky.

    Nicky, how fun that would be to teleport us Yanks over to your party. Sending you some Texas warmth to help with the thaw.

    Beth, take pictures of those Life's answers. Rare buggers. I'd like to see what I'm looking for too.

    Waves to all as off to work on story. Throw another log on the fire. 30 now and into the 50's so not complaining here.

  2. Morning, gang! Lisa, once again, you are up early. :)

    I'm contemplating the irony of people on Freecycle not showing up to pick up FREE STUFF. Woman was supposed to come at 7 last night, didn't hear a peep from her (even though I gave her my phone #) until after 9. Evidently had to work late. Sighs.

    At first told her it was okay to come by tonight, but then changed my mind. I'm tired of being accommodating. /cranky Lima

    So, how are you all??? ::G::

    The rest of life is going well. Looking forward to a 4-day weekend for me (reg Friday off plus MLK day w00t!). Plan to get my sekrit project draft done. I'm checking w/the editor tonight to see if I can reveal!

    Hope you all stay warm and cozy today!!

  3. Nice to see different colors in the midst of winter, andi!

    My sis says the same thing about Freecycle, Maria. Folks want her to bring the stuff TO them - and it's FREE! People are amazing.

    Daughter will cook someday, Lisa. Or not...some of us love our microwaves!

    Frost again this morning. Enough already. Supposed to get back to the 60's today, finally.

    Friend arrives tomorrow. One more day of peace. Still looking for those answers, and for my backbone to drop off bartending resumes. Just ridiculous to be this nervous about asking for a job. Wuss, me.

    Will certainly take pictures when I find those elusive things, andi!

    Off to do something, even if it's wrong. Have a good Tuesday, everyone! Stay warm...

  4. RATS!!! I wrote a comment and it disappeared. And it was a good one too. Oh well, here goes again.

    Morning All,
    Andi, this photo is awesome! The light is truly amazing. I'm betting that's why you took the photo. It's one of those "elusive things" that we all look for but find only when least expecting them.

    I painted another wall in the bedroom last night. I'm now really happy with the color. It's a pale buttery creme. I'm trying to decide on woodwork color. Maybe espresso? What do you think?

    All the best to you all and to all who are on their way here.

  5. Some trees just refuse to let go of their leaves. That's OK, it gives you an excuse to shoot color, right?

    Woke up at 7:30 this morning… whoa. MASON SLEPT ALL NIGHT! happy dance 'Course, that meant I had to pretty much skip the whole web thing & head for the mimes after reloading the firebox and changing a diaper.

    The snow is melting and things are slowly getting back to the abnormal normal that is Planet Georgia. One day of above-freezing does wonders for clearing roads. Daughter Dearest has been buying & selling text books on half.com, and they're coming to the manor, so we have to occasionally meet up with her and deliver her arrivals. Finally the roads were clear enough last night to make the trip a non-hazard (beyond the usual, of course).

    Lisa, the problem with finding life's answers is that They immediately change the questions.

    Maria, Beth, I'm trying to get a garage door opener on Freecycle, but have to borrow a truck… sometimes, it's not a matter of lazy. I suppose I could fold down the back seats in the Civic & let the 12' chain arm hang out the back…

    Cone, you seem to have that disappearing comment thing going. Bummer. But at least paint doesn't just disappear off walls, right?

    Y'all carry on… I'll be back later.

  6. I hope you like appreciating snow from afar, Lisa, because I've got more and then some more. You just need to get your daughter a cookbook with some great food p*rn photography -- that'll hook her.

    Oh boy, I hope we get let in on the big secet 'cause I hate waiting, Maria (which means, at least, that I'd be there on time to pick up my free stuff).

    You need to work on your mindset, Beth. You're not asking for a job; you're doing them a favor by giving them an opportunity to have a better than first-rate employee.

    Hi CF. You're right -- that appealed to me because that kind of light in winter is really rare.

  7. Hi Farf. The younger beech trees don't lose their leaves until they get new ones in the fall. Good on Mason on sleeping through the night; next you know, he'll be asking for the car keys. ;)

  8. Thanks, andi - that really helps! I'll go in believing they'd be doing themselves a favor by hiring me - because they would!! Wish me luck...

  9. That photo really is like a painting, Andi.

    Glad to hear that Mason sleeps through, Far!

    Warming here with more to come!

    Waves to all!

  10. Afternoon all,

    Hope everyone is doing fine. Andi thanks for the comments advice earlier. I'll probably end up going back to blogger, but hate that I lost all those comments.

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

  11. Beth, if that did really help you, I couldn't be more thrilled. And good luck and good heart.

    Hi b2. Glad the warmth is spreading east.

    I'm really sorry you lost your comment, FM. Maybe you could switch to the Echo system for the free period which would give you time to see if you could find something else or a way to import them into blogger.

    Night everybody.

  12. That's so gorgeous Andi. I love the lighting, and that along w/ the rich golden colour puts me in mind of Rembrandt's style.

  13. Errata. The sentence "The younger beech trees don't lose their leaves until they get new ones in the fall." should be "The younger beech trees don't lose their leaves until they get new ones in the spring".

    And now really, good night.

  14. Okay ... once more time.

    Hi O. Me and Rembrandt in the same sentence -- who wudda thought it. ;)

    Okay, really, really good night.

  15. It really DID help, andi. I've lost all of my fear about the whole situation. Will hit it with a vengeance tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me of my worth.

    Sleep well!