Saturday, January 16, 2010

White Week: Light and White

Taken January 10, 2010.

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  1. This is the fluffy snow I enjoy. Not what we see too often.
    Rain and mild here right now. We need the rain, but will make hubby's camp out more of a struggle. It's slow and so hopefully they won't be overwhelmed with mud and mild temps are supposed to continue.
    Glad I'm tucked in warm and dry.

    Maria, glad you found a new home that will likely love the blob. Take care of self after fall. Cat burgler as a third career may be out for you.
    I'm dusting off my Wii and getting my butt moving again. Rhythm is not my strong suit. When I see the new commercials for some video Dance game with the people following along it is painful but I know I'd look even more stupid.

    Beth, now don't let yourself off the find-a-job hook too quickly. Dropping off resumes is only one step. Have fun with friends.

    Tummy rumbling so off to get some breakfast then back to story work.

    Sensational Saturday to all.

  2. Getting here early today. Hi, Lisa. And all others who get here later.

    I love this picture. So many different levels to look at with all the shades and reflections.

  3. Yep, this is my favorite. As long as I think of the white blobs as shaving cream....

    Thanks for the reminder, Lisa. Not off the hook - just tied up with too much other stuff this weekend. It's nuts. Will get back at it on Monday. Hope your hubby's trip isn't too muddy! We'll take the rain - the frost killed my grass along with everything else. Enjoy the Wii - I think it'd be a fun way to exercise!

    A zillion things to do today. The dog at my feet thinks it's time for a walk so - off we go. Hope everyone has a productive but peaceful day!

  4. Sorry for being MIA this week, it has been a rough week around the casa de Jen. (Localized minor illnesses, semi-longlost relatives popping up out of the blue, and nationalized major civil rights offenses.)

    Good to hear Mrs. Boran2 is hale and hearty, health scares are extra-scary in the present environs.

    Best wishes to Beth on finding gainful employment soon.

    Maria, good thing you got rid of that chair! When it exerted its influence to crash you into that endcap, thus hobbling you and attempting to ensure you would be trapped in its [strike]feeding mechanism[/strike] "memory foam", I feared you were a goner. ;p

    Did I miss anybody's concerns? I hope not. I also hope you all have whatever sort of weekend your hearts desire.

  5. Snow's all melted now, Lisa and everything's muddy so I can really empathize with your hubby's desire to stay dry and clean. Happy writing to you.

    Good morning, Dina. And look at you, commenting multiple days in a row. :)

    Isn't it pretty easy to look at snow from the Florida angle, Beth? Do take the weekend off from thinking about jobs.

    Hiya Jen! Missed you. Sorry about all the disturbances over at your place but I hope the warming weather cheered things up some. I'm pretty happy to be above freezing, even though the warm gray days sure do kill photo ops around here.

  6. White snow? I thought snow was supposed to be brown and dirty and crusted on top.

    Cheers to all. May the injured heal, may the seekers find, and. . .what?? Beth has a dog?

  7. Morning, all. Thanks for the post-fall concerns. I'm rather sorer this a.m. than I thought. Big ol' knot on my shoulder (which hit the display rack) and achy wrist. Thank goodness I have no plans today.

    Think I'll do a lot of nothing at all. ::g::

    Andi - I'm WAY happy to be above freezing. Yesterday we got to 55F, brilliant! Though I'm not holding my breath that it will stay this way. I still remember the President's Day blizzard.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

  8. I think laying low is the perfect treatment for what ails ya, Maria. Cocoa and a good book - and a nap or two!

    Long-term dogsitting, NP. A friend is going thru a divorce and had to house his dog somewhere during the battle. Keeper's a yellow lab, big sweetheart but misses his dad, so is kinda needy. And I don't do needy men, so it hasn't turned out quite as I'd envisioned. But all in all it's fine.

    Longing for mud...yes, I know, I'm warped.


  9. Oh and we missed you, Jen. Welcome back! Sorry for the week. Hope the next one is loads better.....

  10. Yello! I agree with Lisa, "fluffy" is the word here.

    Late start this morning: Mason woke up at 6 and we all crashed out again until 8:30. Spring #1 has arrived, and looks to last a week or more, but I went ahead and reloaded the wood rack because it will start raining this afternoon and last most of the weekend.

    Mason's squawking, so I need to wave and send. Later!

  11. Another winner, Andi. Love the soft contours with the flat water and the reflections. Really lovely.

  12. Oh, and Beth, keep your chin up. As Lisa said, you gotta keep dropping them off everywhere. Remember, you're going against big competition. Everyone who ever sipped, thinks he/she can be a bartender. You'll be great!

  13. Actually, CF, I had a positive response from one of the three. He said to call him if he hadn't called me by Tuesday. So if that really comes through, I'll be floored that it was that easy. Will tell more if I hear something. Thanks for the support!

    Same as with writers - everyone plans to write a book...

  14. Been gone all day to Cincy and just got back so only enough energy to say hi to everybody I haven't said hi to already so ...

    Hi Nancy, Maria, Farf, and CF.

  15. Hi, all. Just back from a night at the ballet - very nice. And Andi, I think I have finally gotten this beat and can read and post fairly easily. Having said that, tomorrow my browser will probably decide not and back to trouble.

    Till it does though, I hope to actually keep up.