Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Innocent!

Honest! We never touched her!

Taken January 4, 2010.

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  1. I usually like to be a good host and let someone else go first but it looks like everybody is sleeping in for the holiday so I guess I'll save Beth from the VGW.

    A fine Martin Luther King Day to all, a good time to reflect on the importance of tolerance, how little we seem to have in comparison to how much we need.

  2. Thanks andi! I forgot it was a holiday. And what a great reminder about tolerance - too too true.

    Had a great lunch with my writer girlfriends yesterday - St Pete has spruced up since my folks lived there. We hope to see each other again at the end of the month: girls' writing retreat in St Augustine. Nice to be with like-minded folks, and good friends.

    Surprising football games yesterday - but good ones. Sorry about your Cowboys, Lisa. I learned to root against them many years ago because my Dad was a Cowboys fan - it was more fun that way.

    Sis and BIL returned yesterday - two weeks of fun ahead.

    Have a peaceful holiday, all.

  3. Andi, Love the pack pic. Looks like my students when I walk into the room after something's just happened. Whole lotta--looking around and shrugging of shoulders trying to deflect guilt.

    Beth, the Cowboys are on their own without much of my support. Used to be a fan when Tom Landry was coach and there were men of character involved. Don't see so much of that these days. Politician, professional athletes--few warm my heart much these days.
    I was excited to see old fart Farve doing so well.
    Enjoy time with sis and BIL.

    Cold is staying steady at irritation level rather than knock me down bad. So will continue nursing that and not over doing.
    Me and Wii dating again with WiiFit Plus. Liked a new bicycle game but got stuck in between two buildings and couldn't reverse. Don't think they expected an uncoordinated klutz to get in that situation.
    Launched healthy eating plan yesterday and did well. Trying for less of me to love.

    Restful Holiday or Monday for all. Hoping all have at least mild weather and some sun.

  4. That's a cute photo of the pack, Andi.

    Feel better, Lisa. Madame boran wants to get the Wii for the same purpose.

    Off today with the b2 boy. I assmume that we'll be shopping for his latest craze, Crazy Bones. This oughta last a week or so.

  5. Happy two weeks of fun to you, Beth.

    I'll bet we could find lots of similarities between The Pack and your students, Lisa. Good luck with beating down your cold and beating your Wii Fit.

    Hope you have a fine day off, b2.

  6. "Wrong angle, Sniff. Get behind 'er and I bet you could shove 'er right off the edge."

    On this MLK day, I pray for equality and justice for all people. We won't live up to the American Dream until everyone is part of that dream.

    I'm an Cowfelons anti-fan too, so any Sunday they lose is a good one. I never had any animosity toward the 49ers when they were whomping all comers, so it's not because they were good… not that I care all that much anyway. I have a nephew who has enough football enthusiasm for us both.

    Gonna go cut firewood this morning. It's supposed to get to almost 60F later today, so it's going to be a good day to be outside. Lows will barely get below 40 all week, but lots of rain in the forecast so the motorcycle will probably stay in the garage. The first few springs on Planet Georgia tend to be rainy.

    Guess who's waking up… wave and run!

  7. Hi,all. I confess to being a Jet fan though much less so than in 1969. Still it was great to see them win.

    Love the pack picture. I am sure that they are all innocent and just checking on things as they contemplate the significance of MLK day.

    That's my (and their) story and we are sticking to it.

  8. That's the other reason I dislike the Cowpokes, Lisa - the way they treated Tom Landry. Lost their lustre after that - and Jerry Jones is far from an inspiring figure. But true, gotta love watching Bret do his thing!

    Sis and BIL are walking the dog - truly peace and quiet here for a bit. Makes me want to live near family...sigh. No easy answers. We'll have fun the next 2 weeks....

    Enjoy the holiday, whatever you're doing!

  9. What holiday is this then?
    Our snow has vanished and it's hard to believe it was ever here, though we have the photos to prove it.
    Had a great book launch party on Saturday, shifted quite a few books and chatted to loads of my favourite people. We also had seven people staying overnight so that was fun too.

    Happy Monday, all. This is supposed to be Blue Monday, isn't it? The day when people feel most miserable! Not me, not today anyhow.

  10. Congrats Nicky! Wish I could have been there - sounds wonderful! I'm thrilled for you!

    Glad the weather is finally clearing up - crazy winter. Yay for Not-Blue Mondays!

  11. Oops, sorry. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, celebrating his birthday, and life.

  12. Innocent, my ass. That's what they all say.

    Nicky! That's great news about the book launch. When I dare read other people's fiction again, I'm diving into yours!

  13. Message to Farf from Sniff: Fine, now you tell me.

    Oh-oh, Dina. Now I guess we'll have to be sworn enemies since the Jets are playing the Colts ... well we would have to be if I really cared. ;)

    That's great, Nicky, on the book launch and good on the Great Thaw too.

    Nancy, Giddy and Sniff huffily insist that they ARE always innocent. Bebo, OTOH, hasn't quite figured out how to be subtle about her sins.

  14. Happy Day off to everyone.

    I'm not sure which was more fun: the Jets win or the Cowboys humiliation...but the best part was having family come visit and watch the games.

    I can't believe another day has flown by already. :)

  15. I can't believe another day has flown by already.

    Right! Only 4728 more days until Finn is a teenager. :D

  16. Andi, you and me both - don't really care unless there is nothing else to watch. Though if the Jets make it into the Super Bowl, the parties around here will be better. ;))

  17. andi, you forgot a Jen warning on the link!

  18. CG--congratulations to all of you!!

    Jen, don't read the following.

    Andi, at least it's a whole one. My dog used to lay half squirrels beside me on the couch. That's a shock when you look down and see one, let me tell you.

  19. I'm sure there will be great parties up in Indy if the Colts make it to the superbowl but I'm too far away to get any bennies from that, Dina. ;)

    I figured that since Jen had already seen that picture it wouldn't bother her the second time but I could be wrong so ....


    Well no squirrel parts, Nancy, but we've been gifted with whole mice and various deer parts.

  20. Bebo, OTOH, hasn't quite figured out how to be subtle about her sins.

    Andi, you know how I feel: nuking a tree rat isn't really a sin. Plenty more tree rats where that one came from.

    *pats Bebo on head*