Friday, January 29, 2010

Way to Flow

Taken January 4, 2010

Taken January 17, 2010.
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  1. BRRR--That left one just leaves me shivering.
    Raining here all night and supposed to get into the 20s somtime today or tonight, so ice will be in our future. 39 right now so no problem about school early but don't know about the afternoon. Good I only have a short way home.
    Daughter coming in this afternoon, and don't think she was thrilled with the job prospect. Told her not to take it and get another temp job and keep looking. Life's too short to be stuck in drudgery, especially at 28. We'll see. She may be too sick of living with Mom & Dad.
    Friday--Finally. Been a really long week.

    Maria, eye issues really suck. Hope the drops do the trick and you can read and write without troubles soon.

    Farf, No the writing gig ain't no easy thing. Mired myself for the last couple of weeks.

    Waves to those to come.
    Fabulous Friday gang.

  2. Morning Lisa. Wednesday and Thursday were fabulous because WE HAD SUN!!! But today will be gray again so fabulous is not on the dance card. I hope the weather fools you and just rains and that daughter doesn't fool herself and finds what she wants to do.

  3. More reminders that winter is heading in the right direction, andi - love the moving water!

    Send that rain this way, Lisa - bone dry out there, with no end in sight. Glad the week is over - hope your weekend is much better. I sure understand Daughter's dilemma - yay you for supporting her!

    Good luck with your eyes, Maria - maybe a good time to listen to books on tape and try to relax and enjoy the down time.

    Off to St Augustine this morning for a weekend with writer friends. Can't imagine doing much writing, though - way too much visiting needed. Sis and BIL will dog-sit; lucky Keeper to have such a wonderful aunt and uncle.

    Will check in as I can. Have a wonderful weekend, folks - stay warm and dry...

  4. PS - WRW folks, Lisa - we'll raise a glass to absent friends.

  5. I wish it was true about winter, Beth, but we're in a stretch of below freezing temps again and so everything is freezing up again. Plus, February is traditionally the snowiest, coldest month here. But enough of the grousing -- have a great time in St. Augustine!

  6. Sneaking in to read/write w/one eye squinting. Thanks for all the good wishes!!

    Am utterly BORED. Turns out that listening to audiobooks makes me go to sleep, which would be fine, except every 2 hrs, I have to put drops in and have set alarms on my iPhone. Feeling better, though. Left eye is definitely less achy.

    I can watch TV okay, but that's not all that exciting either. I kind of got out of the habit years ago. Oh well. This is short-term, right?

    Lisa, stay safe and warm! FWIW, your daughter should *not* settle. I did and hated it so much. (around her age when it happened). Ended up quitting.

    Beth, fun trip and raise a glass for me, eh?

    Andi, you stay safe & warm, too!! Just think, before we know it, we'll be grousing about the heat. :)


  7. February was always the hardest month for me up north, andi, so I sure understand. Sending abundant sunshine your way!

  8. In reverse order, those two pics could be the forecast for Planet Georgia. The last full day of Spring #1 (yesterday) was quite nice; I'd have taken the bike if I could have brought myself to do all the bundling-up that's still necessary this time of year. Winter #2 comes in sloppy this afternoon.

    Lisa, I know jobs are pretty thin right now, but if the daughter-unit really doesn't like the situation it won't get any better. The only thing she can do is keep looking or take the job & hope something better comes quickly.

    Beth, I'd be glad to send some sleet & freezing rain your way! ;-)

    Olga impatiently waited until I got Mason to sleep at 10:30, then rode me hard until midnight. I tweeted about writing 2100 words, but forgot about the other spot where I got unblocked, so it was more like 2400 words in an hour & a half. Then I slept well… like the mouse shot out the tailpipe, I was exhausted.

    Mimes are at home today. DoubleRed and SingleRed (our renter) finally stopped talking to me so I can work…

  9. Hi, peeps.

    Lisa, good luck to your daughter. I hope she finds a great job soon.

    Maria, hope you aren't reading this - rest those eyes.

    Good thoughts to everyone.

  10. Go with the flow, Andi!

    Drive by hi to all!

    14 degrees here this AM. At least we have sun.

    Best wishes to your daughter, Lisa.

  11. Hi Maria, Olivia, Farf, Dina, and b2. It's cold, cold, and some more cold here. And sad, too -- because I'm about to go watch the final episode of Dollhouse.