Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unweeding Winter

Taken January 18, 2010.

Taken January 14, 2010

Taken January 26, 2010.
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  1. Wonderful collection, Andi. LOVE the textures and variation.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    A great day to All.

  2. andi, i LOVE the one taken on the 26th. I'd hang a big copy of that on my wall!! It's fun watching winter pass through your eyes - makes it feel like the season truly is moving toward spring.

    Keeper's dad took him for the day yesterday and though it was good for all of us, we missed him.

    Probably a good thing my sis and BIL don't live here - too good of an excuse not to do any of the stuff on my "not so fun to do" list. The county fair didn't open til 5pm, so we passed. Don't even know what we did, but it was fun. Dreading their leaving, but at least I know they'll be back in March. And we still have over a week together before they leave.

    Hope everyone has a stellar Thursday, and has twice as much fun as I'm going to!

  3. Happy Almost Friday, Lisa.

    Beth, I don't know how well it will do at poster size but I'll send you a big version of it later today. I hope you enjoy the visit with you sis and bil and don't worry about the other stuff -- it'll all still be there after they leave.

  4. Thanks andi! And you're right - I tend to see life as a short trip, and feel like I have to hurry through it. Thanks for the reminder that I'll have plenty of time to get back to my real life once they're gone.

  5. Hi to all. In and out so see you later.

  6. Well, crap. Anterior uveitis was eye diagnosis yesterday - basically extremely high pressure in left eye caused by inflammation (no cause figured out). I'm on 3 types of meds (eye drops) which will limit my computer exposure for the next several days (mostly b/c the drops dilate my eye and I can't see well). So no work, no writing (though I'll sneak some in) and I may have trouble reading b/c of the dilation.

    Checking back in w/doc on Monday a.m. - they think it's all going to be fine (which yay). I'm just way freaked out that this wasn't a simple cataract.

    Anyhow - hope you all are doing well. Andi - gorgeous pics, as always. Luckily, I *can* see them. ::g::

    I'm going to go rest for a bit. Le sigh.

  7. Andi, wow! Those are drop dead gorgeous.

    (((Maria))), hugs and hopes for speedy recovery.

    Beth, what Andi said, enjoy while you've got them there.

    Lisa, Dina, hallloooo! And the same to those who come after.

  8. Good snowy morning to all!

    Feel better Maria!

    Closed roads added an hour to my trip to work. Ugh.

    Love the texture in that large photo, Andi!

  9. Andi, you're bringing the museum quality today.

    Maria, sorry about the craptacular dx, hope the drops work like magic.

    ::waves at everyone::

  10. Beth, I'm all about the fine art of letting the stuff go (cf. Dog hair, Andi's house).

    Hi Dina. Have a good day.

    Oh Maria, I'm so sorry; I hope the meds starting doing good for you very fast.

    So Kelly, where's my Wai'ale'ale ale? ;)

    We only got about an inch here, b2. Thinking about you and your drive, I'm feeling very lucky.

    Hiya Jen. Somehow, I think my little unweeds aren't likely to ever be considered works of art but thanks anyway. I hope your weather has been less gloomy than ours (though the sun is out here today -- yay!).

  11. Montage-ify them, they'd look great hanging on someone's wall!

    Beth, check out the local Wolf/Ritz - they can make you pretty much any size you want, for a price of course.

    Maria, I was considering humor - something along the lines of "keep your uves out of my anterior" but you won't see it anyway. Hope you can still get some writing done, either on a notepad (I do this often) or by dictation.

    Speaking of writing, I may be unblocked on White Pickups… but at a depressing cost. Olga has mounted up and is caressing her riding crop, so I don't think I have much of a choice in the matter. Now I gotta get through the rest of the day at the mimes, and somehow figure out a way to get all this stuff down without life (even Mason) getting in the way. I'd like to find anyone who ever thought "this writing stuff is easy" and give 'em a big lovin' dopeslap.

    So Happy It's Thursday, folks!

  12. I love the bottom two together - they go so well ... but my fav is the one on the right. Great details!

  13. Farf, I hereby declare and affirm that I have never thought that "this writing stuff is easy". ;)

    Thanks O.