Monday, January 25, 2010

Tail of the Flying Ears

(pun absolutely intended)

Both pictures taken January 13, 2010
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  1. Love the ears. Bebo looks quite elfish or Spockish maybe.

    How bout those Colts, Andi.

    Beth, the Saints squeaked in there too. Both were good games. I was in and out during each.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Lisa, I think, given "Spock=unemotionally logical", we'd better go with elves.

  3. After reading Lord of the Rings, I wanted to be an elf. Not sure I'd want to be a four-legged kind, though...unless I lived with andi and Jim.

    Games were good - bittersweet to know there's only one left this season. Make too many mistakes, you lose - the mantra of pro football. Fun day watching them with D&D (sis and BIL)! Ended the day at Dairy Queen - talk about decadent!

    Thunder, lightning and rain outside - I love storms, and hope it continues all day. Keeper isn't as happy, though. Looks like indoor projects today.

    Hope Monday is kind to all, and the week ahead a fun one. Stay warm and dry!

  4. Rain passed through, caused some minor havoc on the roads, but not to us.

    Mrs. Fetched's parents didn't have such a great weekend. He's in the hospital with CO2 issues, she had a stomach virus and collapsed at home last night — fortunately, she had a phone at hand so we were able to get her up & in bed. I think they're both feeling better today… which is fortunate, because I'll be at the mimes.

    Andi, in that second shot, Giddy looks to be getting annoyed in 3…2…1…

    No surprises last night, the two teams I expected to reach the Commercial Bowl did.

    Y'all hold down the fort for me, I'm off to the mimes.

  5. Hi, all.

    Love elf ears. Spock = unemotional, but Spock was totally illogical.

    Rainy here.

    Drive by over.

  6. Morning, gang! Off from the mimes today b/c I'm working on Friday, but I have plenty of writing to do. :)

    Still a miserable rainy day, with bonus warmth & humidity. Not so fun. Oh well.

    Ended up buying a Blu-ray DVD player from Amazon (arrives Weds) - wow, the prices have really gone down on these. This one even streams Netflix movies! I'm a computer geek, but not so much on other household electronics. How could I have missed this combo before?

    In between writing, I'll be soaking up movies...perhaps even Lord of the Rings, with elves. ;-)

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!

  7. Great fun photos of the furkids!

    I'm happy that the Saints won because they never have gone to the super bowl before. But darnit, the Vikings got two bad calls before the end of the over time that made all the difference.

  8. Those are some lucky puppies! What a beautiful place!

    Rainy and very windy here. I was almost blown off the road.

    Back to work.

    Good day to all!

  9. Beth, I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to be a doggy elf -- an eternal life of eat, sleep, play sound pretty fine to me.

    Farf, sorry about the family health problems and I hope they clear up soon. As for Giddy, she considers it a moral imperative to put Bebo in her place at least once a day.

    Dina, you need to drive back by so we can argue over Spock being illogical. ;P

    Psst, Maria -- if you watch all three LoR movies, you won't have any time for writing. Or is that the plan?

    CF, I think it's cool that the Saints are going for the first time so I guess I didn't even pay attention to the calls (plus I was half asleep).

    Don't you get blown away, b2. We'd miss you.

  10. Howdy all, back home again and feeling on a much more even keel again after two weeks of surf and rum. I could so become a beach bum if I wasn't careful. Hope to be around more because of that.

  11. Welcome back, Kelly! Are you going to have bunches of gorgeous pictures to show us?

  12. LOL Andi ... Bebo is adorable.

  13. olivia, Giddy says you should go to a doctor and have that delusion looked at before it gets any worse.

  14. Must be a puppy thing.

    A very young Luna.

  15. Great picture, Lori!

  16. Oh Luna is so young in that picture! Now Bebo would probably just barely make up one of her ears. ;)