Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

In Honor of Kelly's Return
View of Kalaulau Valley from Koke'e State Park, HI
Rarely do parking lots afford such views.

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Maui: Hawaiian Sup'pa Man
As performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Oh There is a tale of the mischevious one
Who fished out all the islands and captured the sun.
His deeds and tasks I will unmask so that you'll understand,
That before there was a Clark Kent, there was a Hawaiian Sup'pa Man.

He fished out the islands with the magic pole
There would have been more, somebody knew
In blue morning sky, the sun he intwined
To slow down his flights to have a good time, yeah.

Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui
Hero of this land
The one, the only, the ultimate Hawaiian Sup'pa Man.

Maui (Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui)
Maui (Maui)
Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!
Oh, Maui
Oh, Maui
A Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!

The secret of fire was locked somewhere in time
So when the Ah, he died in the Halekouki,
No way to be recognized

So off he goes in search of those
Who hold the information
So fire could be used by all the future generations.

He found that Alli held the fire connection,
But his plan of deception fell short of perfection.
With no other choice, he had to get mean
So he squeezed Alli's throat unti she screamed the secret.

Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui
Hero of this land
The one, the only, the ultimate
Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!

Maui (Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui)
Maui (Maui)
Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!
Maui (Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui)
Maui (Maui)
Oh Maui
Hawaiian Sup'pa Man! (Mischevious, marvelous, magical Maui)(Maui)
Maui (Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!)
(Hawaiian Sup'pa Man!)


  1. The photo was taken on Kauai.

  2. Magical Maui, indeed--a lovely, gorgeous place I visited once.

    Morning, folks! Those of us in the frozen north/mid-atlantic/south are no doubt wishing we had a little more Maui-like weather. I posted a pic this a.m. of the temp.

    Am up *far* too early considering I was awake until after 2 a.m.

    But there is sun (which woke me) and snow scraper noise (ditto).

    I suppose I can catch a nap later.

    ::waves at all who show up at a more sensible hour of a Sunday::

  3. I love Iz - hear him on Radio Margaritaville all the time. Died way too young. Have been to Waikiki too often, never anywhere else. Kauai and Maui and the Big Island are on the bucket list. Thanks for a stunning picture and great wake-up song.

    Great day with friends yesterday - and saw Avatar. Wow. Amazing colors, amazing imagination someone has. Another late night, and now I have to drive home. But breakfast with my hosts and coffee with another writer first.

    I was up til 2am too, Maria - we should have chatted! :-) Nap for me too, please.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, all - and please send "stay awake" vibes!

  4. Jim, you do broaden my musical knowledge.
    Love the song.

    Kick at all your shins. Never been past Catalina Island in the west. Crosses arms and sulks in 29degrees.

    Maria, so sorry the sun and nasty street workers disturbed you. Hope the eyes are recovering and you are locked into another full day of TV for entertainment. Books on tape might help that nap happen.

    Beth, How fun to see all the writer friends. Lucky Duck. Safe travels back home.

    Daughter managed to get into classes down at UT and will be going to school this semester and summer. Looking for a place to live and work part time. Will stay at our trailer in Cherokee short term. All new news to dad and I, but she needs to do what she needs to do. She'll be back and forth here some because her stuff is here.
    We've broken it to Rufus he's stuck with Grandma and Grandpa for however long. Don't want him being a Lizardcicle in the trailer.
    Have kids and it certainly makes for interesting times.

    Nicky, we have Tufted Titmouses here among the doves, woodpeckers, and cardinals. Fun to hear about your critter visitors. The tit thing gave me a pause too Farf. Ahh the fun of slang.

    Relaxing Sunday for All.

  5. The Trickster seems to be a common trope across most cultures, huh?

    Still icy on the trees — the morning sun is giving us what I call the Crystal Palace Effect. I put up one ice shot from yesterday, and one of Mason as a warmer, on the blog. But the snow we were supposed to get overnight never materialized, so the roads might be clear with maybe a few slick spots. I haven't heard different yet, so I'm assume White Knuckle Sunday is still on. Oh well, I'm ready.

    Maria, you probably thought you needed to do your eyedrops thing again. Hope you get a nice nap today.

    Beth, someone gave us a bootleg copy of Avatar, but it only plays in the laptops. We're going to see it at the theater, if we catch a break.

    Lisa, I've never been farther west than San Francisco, so you've got me beat! ;-) Hope your daughter-unit does well at UT and finds a good job & all. As far as the birds go, there's also blue tits (hanging out in sub-freezing weather perhaps?) and titwillows… almost makes me want to take up bird-watching.

  6. Hi, all. Love the picture. When we were in Hawaii there was a drought so we rarely got pictures like this.

    But not complaining - it was a great vacation.

  7. sup'pa man! love it. And great pic.

    Hawai'i is not on my list of must see places although I suspect that since Australia is and it makes a nice stopping point to alleviate jet lag I might end up there at some point. But only if I convince myself that getting on a plane and getting sick is a worthy cost for the benefit of wherever I'm going. Right now I'm not interested in long distance plane travel. Not at all.

  8. Hi all,
    I drove over to Cincinnati today to see my mom.

    Maria, you and Andi should start chatting early. She wakes up at 4:30 way too often.

    Beth, considering Iz's massive size, it is sort of amazing that his heart lasted as long as it did. You're right though; he died far too young. I think the only place we've been to with a higher rate of stunning photos was Glacier NP.

    Lisa, glad to introduce you to an artist you may already know. If you've ever watched the Adam Sandler / Drew Barymore movie 50 First Dates, the medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World" is his.

    Farf, You're right. Coyote, Raven, Anasazi, Prometheus, Sup'pa Man, hero with a thousand faces: take your pick.

    Dina, I know what you mean. I don't swim so I only put my feet in the water once, and I hated the sound of the surf at night while I was trying to sleep, but it was still a great vacation.

    I hope everyone has a great February!

  9. Hi maryb.
    Our Hawaii vacation was so atypical (two weeks with almost no water or beaches and all hiking), we're probably not a good basis saying yea or nay on a layover. But we enjoyed it. I think Oz is high on Andi's "When Jim Retires" list. So another few days in Hawaii is likely.