Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Inside or Outside: Your choice.

Jim's View
May, 2009

Andi's View
January, 2010
by Michael S. Robinson

A fence is a border, constructed in order
to keep things contained or outside.
It keeps cows from wand’rin’, dries laundry, post-laundrin',
and barbed ones leave scars on a hide.

A fence makes good neighbors and fosters behaviors ,
harmonious, kind, and benign .
It's a perch for a bird or a home for the herd
or an excellent spot for a vine.

A fence guards the melons, incarcerates felons,
keeps chickens from fleeing the coop.
It keeps your yard cleaner, makes neighborin' fields greener,
and it keeps your best steeds in a group.

There are fences of bricks. There are fences of sticks.
There are ones made of wire and blocks.
There are gates for your pards, and recessed cattle guards---
for security, latches and locks.

There are times you may say that a fence blocks the way
to that place you consider your goal,
and the only solution to get what you’re choosin’s
becoming a bird or a mole.

Fences high, fences low--they control where you go,
so it’s worth sprouting wings, you will find,
‘cause the only un-climbable fence, in a sense,
is the one you create in your mind.


  1. What a fun poem, with a deep ending. We're only limited by the barriers we set for ourselves - well, unless we're cows. :-)

    And the gorgeous green is a treat, even tho I see it out my window every day. It's so springy and fresh. Great shots, Fs!

    No fence around the VGW to keep me out except the one in my mind...

    Having lunch with writing buddies today (Lorin, Brenda, and Chris C-R for those of you who know them) in St Pete. Sis and BIL return from their cruise, and can't wait to see pix and hear stories, and shed a tear of jealousy. AND football - AND I'm making white chicken crockpot chili - busy fun day!

    Football games yesterday weren't intense match-ups, unfortunately, but even bad football is good.

    Have a great day, everyone - part of me looks forward to my day, part wishes I was hanging at home reading like Maria...


  2. Jim, Love, Love, Love today's poem. Guess that means I ain't so high falluting in my thinking.

    Came down with a sore throat and stopping up so laid low yesterday afternoon and will do so today. Wouldn't ya know it-- my long weekend. Bah.

    Maria, hope you are feeling better today. Ah but we were kids again when a bit of mercurochrome and a band-aid fixed so many bangs.

    Gonna go try out my WiiFit Plus I got to update the WiiFit. Today is launch day on the new healthier eating plan. Wish I didn't feel so crappy and could enjoy more.
    Will take my germs and stay hunkered down hoping it will stay mild and pass soon.

    Sensational Sunday to All.

  3. Beth, say hey to the ladies for me and hope they are all doing well.

  4. Will do, Lisa! Get well hugs to you, too.

  5. Morning All,
    Jim, I also love, love, love the poem today. Guess I'm just a down-home kind of girl. Easy, entertaining reading with thoughtful good sense built in.

    The photos are great... so different but both with a story just like the poem.

  6. Hi, everyone. Having a quiet Sunday here but wanted to wave hi to all.

    So waving hi to all.

  7. Glad you liked the cowboy poetry. I'll see if I can find a Robert W. Service poem to go with a photo some sunday. "The Face on the Barroom Floor" maybe? :-)

    Beth, glad you're enjoying your company and the playoffs.

    Lisa, sorry about the sore throat. Are you off for MLK Day tomorrow? Mercurochrome, hadn't thought of that for years.

    Hi Coneflower and Dina, hope you have a good day. Heading off to the ice rink in a minute.

  8. Melon and felon!!!!

    That makes me unaccountable happy.

  9. Or, unaccountably,
    as the case
    may be.