Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

All Light but No Heat

Winter Sun
by Lynda Robson

The winter sun
Hangs low in the sky
The navy blue sea
Sparkles in the sunlight
The trees are silhouetted
Shafts of lights shining through
Their barren branches
Frosty nights leave icing
Covered lawns and cobwebs
The winter sun
Pale and watery
Hardly warming the hard earth
But welcome like an old friend,
On this cold winter day.


  1. ::leaving first tracks on the new-fallen VGW::

    Morning, all. Great picture, wonderful poem. Simple, eloquent.

    I can relate to winter sun this morning. It's 31 out there - wind chill of 22. We have freeze warnings, wind chill warnings, and fire warnings - when the wind kicks up and the humidity drops, fire danger looms. High of 49. Crazy winter in the Land of Shoes AND Socks AND Jeans AND Sweatshirts. But yes, no shoveling, I know.

    Sis and BIL heading off to their cruise this morning. I am green with envy. Two days of quiet, then another visitor on Tuesday.

    Staying inside watching football today. Yes, my name is wuss.

    Hope y'all are warm and safe, reading good books, eating yummy food, and enjoying your Sunday. Or right now, still snoozing under cozy blankets.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Beth, thanks for laying down the tracks for the rest of us to follow. Enjoy your day of couch-potatoing.

  3. Wow, is that really a picture of the winter sun? Looks more like an autumn moon to me. Very pretty either way, though.

    I have a general request for research help about, as Ms. NancyP puts it, "the woo". :) In my wip there are a number of recurring characters with a range of unorthodox belief systems including a Latin American brand of Catholic mysticism, Roma mysticism & tarot, and sort-of a mish-mash of the new-agey beliefs that gained popularity in the US in the 70s. I am neither religious nor into the woo, so my understanding of all of these things is from an outsider's perspective, and I need more of an insider's pov to get the characters right, so if anyone has any informative links about anything even related to any of that (an active discussion forum for woo practitioners would be ideal!), I would appreciate a post/email so very much, thanks.

  4. Hi Jen, I can't help your with your question, but the photo was taken about 10:15 yesterday morning when the sun made a brief unwarming appearance.

  5. Cool photo and nice poem. We've had bright sun for the last few days and blue skies and incredible cold. I'm actually looking forward to the cloud cover because the temperatures are supposed to start going up with it. Right now it is negative 2.

    Hope you, Andi and the dogs are staying warm by the stove. :)

  6. Beth, Thanks for entering the land of the VGW. Didn't log on until now to change my pattern a bit today.
    You be all the wuss you wanna be. I'm right there with you.

    Jim, thanks for nice words and a glimmer of sun. It is bright, but cold here. So really can't complain. Hope you take time to regroup energy for tomorrow.

    Jen, I'm more along the lines of you not practicing much religion. I do have a curandera in my story and had to research that online and found a few books at the library that helped. If you can find one source, that frequently leads to many others. The wonders of the internet. I went through a subscription service for the school district to find articles. I know libraries have access to similar services. Give you access to articles from the past about the subject.

    I loved the interpretations of the sycamore. Maria, I'm with you seeing camo. I've really been enjoying Burn Notice. I'm thinking I'd like to come back as Fiona in my next life.

    Waves as off to run errands and get ready for the week. Stay warm all.

  7. Weak winter sun, yup. Nice shot, Jim. It's pretty bright here, but we won't start thawing until tomorrow. The snow has gotten patchy, maybe subliming or maybe getting a little ground warmth, but it's still pretty well everywhere. I put up a couple of shots I took Friday, with a couple of Mason pix as balance.

    Love that "the woo" tag, Jen (and Nancy). I can't help a lot with that, except to suggest that any enduring religion (or woo) has two primary components: defining God, the Gods, or the Ultra-Woo, and how the adherents are supposed to relate to the world around them. Note that very few enduring systems don't include a "love one another" commandment… without it, you end up with something like Scientology or the Branch Davidians.

    Stay warm, y'all. Mason is squawking, but I'm not sure he'll wake up or not.

  8. Thanks muchly for the replies, y'all, I appreciate it! :)