Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone(s) To Watch Over Me

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  1. Bebo: Queen of the pack or is it I'm the Baby, ya gotta love me.
    Giddy seems so comfy in the snow. Sniff is on continual patrol.
    Situation normal.

    We got a couple of days of sunshine and in the 50s forecast. Sweet.
    Exams this week will have me crazy. Some teachers will get them to me LATE. Students will be absent. Will do what I can do.

    Lauren and I actually cooked dinner together. She made Miso soup and I did stir fry. Fun to have a different meal. A reluctant cook she was. Spoiled being at home. Will have to put her in charge more often.

    Waves as off to read the latest lesson from my revision course. It's on the world and my setting and descriptions are weak so this will be a biggy week for me.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Pups!! ::scritches them::

    Top o'the Monday to all. I'm *finally* getting rid of my excess furniture tonight (::crosses fingers::) - then, I can finish the rest of the reorg. (I keep saying that, don't I?)

    Spent a lovely quiet weekend reading. Now it's back to the mimes to write documentation. w00t?

    Happy week, y'all!

  3. Love the pup portraits, andi - each one a star in his/her own right!

    My Malamute used to beg to go outside in blizzards. He was happiest curled up in a ball, covered in snow. Keeper wants to go outside and chase the ball, regardless of the weather. Luckily it's supposed to get back to 55 today, so we'll play later. 28 now and frosty, so not just yet.

    Sis and BIL are on their cruise, and I'm green with envy. Next guest shows up sometime this week. I know no details...could be a long week.

    Reading all weekend sounds nice, Maria - I watched football and packed away Christmas. Good luck with tests, Lisa.

    No big plans today - still trying to find answers to big life questions. A friend believes all answers are right in front of us, we just have to pay attention. So I'm paying attention.

    Happy Monday, everyone - as always, stay warm...

  4. Go Lauren! Cook up a storm! We're behind you all the way! (I figure a little encouragement can't hurt.)

    Just think of that doc writing as stretching exercises for your fingers, Maria. :)

    Giddy is like that, Beth. She loves the snow and cold and in her younger days, she'd build a little nest in the snow and sleep in it. So if you forget to watch where you're going Beth, will you stumble over the meaning of life? ;)

  5. Love those puppy pics, Andi.

    14 degrees here but going up a bit later on.

    Back to work!

    See ya later!

  6. Roads are mostly cleared, got to the mimes without incident. It might even get above freezing today!

    Snow dogs are happiest, of course, when there's snow on the ground… I've seen Huskies down here and even in Florida, and think it's a crime against caninity. Samson is part Akita and develops this thick thick winter undercoat that comes out in handfuls in the spring and summer… he likes it when I just start grabbing his fur and pulling it out, not sure if it's because he gets cooled off, he likes the attention, or (most likely) both.

    Looking forward to thawing out a bit later this week. Things are getting warm in White Pickups though, teenage romance and so forth… ;-)

  7. Oh, lovely dog photos. I miss our old dog, it's ten years since she died and I don't plan to have another, though we do have two cats. My elder granddaughter is named after the dog, who died 6 months before the baby was born! Dog was called: Charlotte Felicity Slade (I know, I know) aka Lottie, and my daughter called her baby Felicity!

    We have our fingers crossed that it might start to thaw soon, the novelty has certainly worn off down here in the south. I'm praying Saturday will be fine as I'm having a Book Launch Lunch (you're all invited, of course!) and it would be such a pity to have to cancel.

  8. We were in the 20s almost all day today, b2. It felt like a heat wave. :)

    I know what you mean about winter dogs in summer climes, Farf. Come July, Giddy will be giving me her what-the-hell-I-am-doing-here look.

    Nicky, you can always drop by and visit our dogs ... which I'm guessing will happen right after I drop by your (thawed we hope) Book Launch Lunch. ;)

  9. That Bebo shot is gynormous. Sort of like a Dog God looking down on the little people below.

    We hit 30 today! WooT.

  10. I'm happy to see that you are well protected, Andi. With those six eyes watching over you, you will come to no harm. You are one lucky lady.

    Take care everyone and keep on being happy.

  11. Nah Mary, she just looks down her nose at people who waste time crouching down and pointing funny boxes at plants instead of sensibly RUNNING THROUGH THE WOODS AFTER DEER THAT THEY'LL NEVER CATCH. Oops, she's sorry. She didn't mean to yell -- it's just her frustration got the better of her.

    I've never thought of it as protection, CF; more of a subtle hint to get my butt in gear or else.