Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rorschach Test

Taken , 2009.
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  1. My feline/canine combo alarm got me up at regular time. They are a blessing and a curse.

    In the teens here but none of that snow everybody else seems to be getting. In a few days it will get back up into the 50s. The reason I live down here.

    26 new kiddos this past week. Ugh. Responsible thinking seems to be going out the window. I'm hearing way too much You didn't...

    So fun to see Kimber yesterday. She had the creative writing kids enthralled. Even more fun to see kiddos actually excited about learning.
    It was a wonderful kick to my creative pants to talk writer stuff to another writer for a while.

    Beth, have fun with family coming in.

    Nicky, I hope you can thaw out soon. That satelite pic was chilling.

    Jen, hope you are feeling better. What kind of soup is coming next? I need to make that potato/cauliflower.

    Andi, love the texture of the bark. I can pretend this is not a frozen tundra shot.

    Waves as off to work on story. Sensational Saturday to all to come.

  2. Glad you had a great visit, Lisa. And it shouldn't be hard to pretend it's whatever season you want -- the sycamores look like that year round. Happy writing.

  3. I like the different colors in the bark, andi. Can't say I'd recognize a sycamore if I saw one live and in person - thanks for the up-close view!

    26, Lisa? Ay yi yi. Someone's doing something wrong out there, for so many kids to have so much baggage so young. Enjoy your weekend away from attitudes, even though it started early.

    Rain and 38 here. Calling for 26 as a low tomorrow - records will fall. I know you guys are MUCH colder, but 26 is still crazy for FL. Everyone say "brrrr!"

    Sis and BIL arrived last night, and we spent the evening chatting. No clue what we'll do today, but it'll be fun.

    Stay safe, everyone, and sit by a fire for me!

  4. I love that image on the left, Andi. It looks a lot like the in-process shots some of my artist friends have taken of larger works and installation pieces. Is your secret identity Mother Nature? (And did you see Dollhouse last night? My head is still spinning, but I guess that's better than the condition of Bennett's head.)

    Beth, I hope the swamp warms up soon, for your comfort as well as the citrus crops. It is unusual to have anything like real winter weather in Florida. I still remember the year it snowed in Miami, and I was only about 7. It was really early one morning and it didn't stick, but we all talked about it for YEARS afterward while spending winter breaks on the beach.

    Lisa, right now it's cream of broccoli, and next I'm going to try to do a wild rice & veggie soup to vegan standard. :)

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

  5. You could easily recognize a sycamore IRL, Beth, because all you gotta do is spot the tree with the bottom part being being brown, splotchy peeling bark and the top being bone white. Glad the visit is off to a good start.

    Jen, don't say anything more about Dollhouse! Jim went ice skating last night so we DVR'ed the episode and are going to watch it today. Now I'm even more eager to see it (even while I'm really bummed that it's only got two more episodes to go).

  6. Eeep, so sorry for the minor spoilage. Don't miss the last segment or two, is the only other thing I'll say.

  7. Rorschach Test? Damn, I don't think I'm crazy enough to be interesting! On the left, I see where children have pasted their cut-outs on a telephone pole; on the right I see pretty t-shirts for ghosts.

    Still frozen here, but warm wishes going out to everybody!

  8. I thought ghosts too, Nancy. The left one was like frozen waves to me, not surprising with the weather as of late.

    26, Lisa??? No way to spin that… it sucks.

    Mason is here, he says hi (or something that sounded like "hi").

  9. Morning, gang! Rorschach? I see camo clothing--wonder what that means about my twisted psyche?? ::g::

    Spending a nice quiet day with my books and doing some reading/research re: Sekrit Project.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Not to worry, Jen. You haven't spoiled anything.

    Nancy, for the left picture, the left silhouetted bark is Oliver asking for more, the middle one is a dancing bear, and the right hand one is a witch, wearing a hat and leaning over to stir her cauldron (which isn't there). The right picture has two birds cooing at each other.

    Hi Mason! Oh yeah, hi Farf.

    If I had posted a farther out shot, Maria, those trees would look even more like camo.

  11. Sycamores are my very favorite tree. Add to Andi's description that they are HUGE when they get some age on them... and often hollow trunks at the bottom. One of the county schools where I grew up used to see how many seniors could crowd themselves inside a giant down by the river.

    Sorry there is so much cold in FL and in Britain and Ireland and Europe. None of you are used to it.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Today I AM starting my painting.

  12. Jen -- just watched Dollhouse. Wow! I didn't see either of the two biggies coming at all.

    Hi CF. Huge sycamores are amazing. Most of the giants around here were cut down in the early 1900s but the next generation is starting to catch up.