Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not Quite Still Life

Taken December 21, 2009.

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  1. Fantastic Pic--The leaf veins draw your eyes around the frame and the irregular rocks and water add contrast and flow.

    I am prefecting bumness, will hate to see it end Monday.
    We had the traditional Black-eyed Peas for New Year good luck. Think that's a southern thing. What am I missing out on in other parts of the country/world?

    Woke up at regular time. Must go get coffee and work on story before Hubby and Daughter arise and Mom and Hun become popular requests starters. I see a doze in my future.

    Sensational Saturday to all.

  2. As Thoreau wrote "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our head."

    Lots of little things to do today, so I guess I'll get started.

  3. Hi, Lisa. I think you should tell them that for the next two days "Mom" and "Hun" are foreign languages you don't speak and give being a bum your entire attention.

    I like that quote, Toni. I'm impressed you can get going so quickly. I need several cups of coffee before I'm willing to do anything but walk over to the coffee pot.

  4. Lisa always finds the right words to describe your pictures, andi, so I'll bow to her eloquentness.

    Wish caffeine woke me up - all it does is throw my blood sugar out of whack. So all I get from walking to a coffee pot is exercise (assuming it's decaf).

    You need to talk to Fam about perfecting bum-dom, Lisa! Naps are a good thing.

    Watched parades and football all day yesterday - my perfect New Year's Day. Need to get back to chores and errands and writing today - although there are more bowl games, and Gonzaga is playing basketball...I need to get an exercise bike so I can do something productive while watching my games!

    Hope everyone had a great New Year's Day. Life returns to normal, now the holidays are officially over. Always a little sad when that happens.

    Have a good Saturday, y'all!

  5. What Beth said about the picture…

    Lisa, on Planet Georgia they add turnip greens as a side dish. Top 'em with hot chow-chow & pepper sauce, and it's pretty tasty. (Gotta do that to the peas just to make 'em edible.) As far as requests go, perhaps you should practice the phrase, "get off your dead @$$ and get it yourself!" :-) Oh, and if he calls you Hun, threaten to burn down his village.

    Looking out the window, I can see tiny snowflakes drifting by in the sun. I'll be out there cutting wood shortly, but probably won't spend a huge amount of time at it. Had to reload the rack in the garage yesterday, which means we have about two more weeks of dry wood left. An hour or two outside will probably give us 3-4 days of heat, so it's a good trade-off.

    Eating Season is officially over, time to get back on the wagon. Also my bro Solar's birthday… #43 if I haven't lost count. Back to full work schedule starting Monday, but two weeks off looms ever closer. Mrs. Fetched wants me to take DD to Florida for her spring break… maybe it'll happen this year.


  6. minus 2 degrees, not that I'm complaining.

    Lisa, lol! Maybe you can be a hun bum. But would that make you a bum hun? ::spins in circles::

    Corduroy leaves. That's such a satisfying photo.

  7. p.s. I love your astonomy pic of the day. Suede on suede. I seem to be in a fabrical mood.

  8. Nice pic!

    It's a blue sky here and cold. Yesterday we had a blue sky for a while but then we got a light dusting of snow.

    Today I go to a wedding. A friend of mine from high school is getting married for the second time. She is marrying a guy we all met when we were in highschool who apparently wanted to ask her out at the time but was too shy. They re-met after she'd been divorced for a number of years and now they are getting married. And her teenage daughter likes him!

    I can't stay long at the reception though because I have to go to a family engagement party for my cousin and his bride to be who are here from San Francisco. But that's ok because I couldn't have danced at the reception anyway because I fell down some stairs yesterday and my feet are very bruised.

    Hi to everyone. Be safe out there.

  9. I can't stand exercise bikes, Beth -- all they do is seem to remind me that I'm not outdoors. I had a rower for awhile and it was a great workout but it bothered my sinuses. All of which is leading to the suggesting that you get one of those little lcd tvs, drink a pot of coffee and go for long walks. :)

    Farf, cutting wood sounds like a fine plan -- burning 2009-acquired calories for 2010 warmth.

    Not to make you jealous of balmy weather, Nancy, but it's a whole 8 degrees here. Then again, I've just come back from a hour-and-a-half walk with the dogs so right now I'm finding the difference to be as flimsy as gauze (fabric metaphors r us).

    Wow, Mary I am impressed with your capacity for socializing (and really glad it's you and not me who's doing it). And very sorry about your poor feet -- I hope you've got a relaxing Sunday planned for them as a reward for all their hard work today.

  10. Morning, gang! It's a balmy 29F here after a really lovely 44F yesterday. Thus the sinus migraine. Bah, humbug. I'm a total weather barometer. Hates it, I do.

    Lisa, eke out these last few moments of bumdom, you've earned it! I'm doing the same, as I rejoin the working world on Monday. I did manage to assemble the shelves yesterday and unpack some books, so progress has been made in the mad re-org. Not too much left to do. Then, I'll take pics and post. :)

    Happy Saturday to all.

  11. Wish I could send everyone this sunshine - but it's windy and 53, which means chilly for us. Down to 34 tonight, which is downright cold. I need some blood thickener!

    I dislike all kinds of formal exercise, andi, so I'm screwed. I don't mind DOING something to burn calories, like hiking, but when I define it as "exercise" I dig in my heels and refuse to proceed. I'm working on it, really I am...

    Starting to dread going out and socializing. Hermit seems to be my name these days. Time to find a good book...

    Stay warm, everyone!

  12. Gorgeous. Love the colours and!

  13. Maria, can't wait to see the pics of your place.

    Beth, I know exactly what you mean.

    Hi, O. Thanks, O. Oh Oh. ;)

    Good night everybody.