Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Need of Green

is a measurement of the time between your desire for spring and it's arrival.

Taken January 18, 2010.

Taken January 22, 2010

Taken January 23, 2010.
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  1. Andi, each of these have a sense of other world. Your discovery and capturing of these microworlds is such a talent. I know that you scoff at such praise, but it is true. You have this fabulous eye and the pics are able to record and share your vision.
    Most of us notice and maybe don't even take notice of the life around us. So your pics allow us the opportunity to experience Mother Nature's accessories.
    Thank you.

    25 and the wet will be crunchy here today.
    Sensational Saturday to All

  2. Green - lovely! But today we have sunshine and the wildlife in the woods at the bottom of the garden is a-buzzing and a-hollerin' fit to bust. Squirrels chasing up and down trees; jays making the air hideous with their squawks; a visit from Mr & Mrs Roe Deer and their child the other day; blue tits and longtailed tits complaining that the birdfeeder was empty and the robin shouting at me when I go outside. Plus a couple of primroses pretending it's spring already.
    But it's cold again, in spite of the sunshine, so my fingers are crossed that spring might be creeping in.

    Lovely weekend to all.

  3. What Lisa said. Exactly.

    And that sounds very springy, Nicky!

    Made it safely to StA. GREAT evening with friends - haven't laughed that much in a long time. Wishing I was spending the whole week with them - but the weekend will certainly do. Also wishing I had more than 5 hours of sleep...all send their best, Lisa. (Janice, Donna, Kathy W, Sammi, Lorin, Jason, and Chris CR.)

    Hanging out with my StA friends today, and then more fun with writers tonight. Sometimes life is very good.

    Hope everyone has as much fun today as I'm going to! Big sleepy hugs to all.

  4. Hi, people. Andi, I love these particularly the first one. Looks like little claws reaching out.

    Have a great Saturday. I have to work but then a nice dinner out.

  5. Ack! There is a fungus among us. (That said, I love fungi..sauteed, with loads of butter). ::g::

    Morning, gang! Doing decently today, the left eye is less red. w00t! I've been watching lots of my backed up TV shows, but sadly, still rather bored. I feel quite cabin-bound. Was thinking of running an errand or two, but it's bloody cold (22F) and we're expecting 2-5" of snow. Brrrrr. Darn winter.

    Must slide away now to minimize my computer time, but will check in on you guys later. :)

    Hope your Saturday is great!

  6. Thank you Lisa. It's very kind of you to make such lovely comments.

    Wonderful imagery, Nicky. You should consider writing as a career. ;)

    Thanks to you too, Beth. Hope you laugh even more today.

    Ugh, Dina, on work but dinner out sounds very pleasant.

    Good news on the improvement in your eye. Hope it continues, Maria.

  7. Hey ho!

    Andi, I thought the largest one was a dead moth at first, then I realized it was a shelf? fungus.

    Winter #2 is definitely here. Most of the flora is covered with ice here (yes, I've been out to get pix) but no ice at all half a mile away. The roads are still clear, but we're forecast to get a melt then a freeze so things will be uggggly tomorrow morning. But we have a generator, gas, and plenty of firewood… so I expect it to be much ado about nothing.

    Nicky, I admit I have to do a double-take when I'm reading BBC headlines and they have something about great tits. Sometimes, I think the person writing their headlines has my sense of humor.

    Enjoy StA, Beth. I have to hang out with writers online. ;-)

    Let that eye get better, Maria.

    I'm gonna see if I can sneak in a nap while Daughter Dearest has Mason.

  8. That green is so invigorating. It's like a breath of fresh air. Imagine! those little mosses and ferns still that beautiful green. Lovely!

  9. Farf, I'm no better at identifying fungus than I am mosses. But it was growing out from a tree so it seems likely that it was a shelf fungus. I hope the ice skips you.

    CF, we had a warm up last week and then a good bit of rain and that brought out some new moss growth. That one of bottom right was so soft it was like a plush toy. Sad to say, we're back in the way below freezing temps and it looks like it will be awhile before I get to see some lovely green.