Friday, January 8, 2010

Near and Far

Both pictures taken December 29, 2009.
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  1. Morning Andi--thanks for the picturesque scene today.
    A sad day for the Longhorns, but I will say I was inspired by the Freshman quarterback that gave his all to make it an exciting game.
    Life can turn so easily with an injury or unexpected happening.
    I will relish what I got and not grumble about what I wish I had.

    We just got plenty of cold, no snow and I'm glad.
    Throw another log on the fire.

    I get to see Kimberly Chambers today. She's talking to the creative writing class at the high school. So I'm going to go observe and then we'll go have lunch. WooHoo. I will pass on well wishes from blog buddies.

    Fabulous but stay warm Friday to All.

  2. I love the tiny strip of woods we have here behind the house, but those pictures really make me miss the duck-and-goose pond from the apartment. Are there many birds who stick around for winter in your woods, Andi?

    Catching up:

    Family Man, I'm down with a flu so I'm only dealing with email once a day, but if your computer issues persist please feel free to drop me a note if you'd like me to try to help diagnose and fix it. If it turns out to be malware I can also get you hooked up with a couple of free firewall & anti-virus programs to help protect against future problems.

    Olivia, you know I will be your hockey buddy! I will even hold your beer while you get a close-up shot of the blood bouncing off the ice. ;)

    Maria, can you tell us YOUR SECRET yet?

    (And my very best [sani-protected, germ-free] wishes to the whole gang, of course.)

  3. Continued from last night ...

    Hi and good morning, b2.

    Wow Nicky, that shot is amazing. You all really are an ice box.

    Back to today ...

    I suppose, Lisa, it would be nice to show you something a bit warmer but outside of pictures of the wood stove, I got nuttin'. Sorry about the Horns. But have a good time with Kimber.

  4. Hey Jen, look at that time stamp -- minds perfectly in tune. :)

    Lots of bird stick around. In fact, winter is really the best time of year to see woodpeckers. Since the pickings elsewhere are slimmer, they are much more likely to spend time hanging on the suet block.

  5. Sorry you're sick, Jen - get well wishes winging your way. I miss forests and always enjoy andi's reminders of her woodland wonderland.

    My heart fell when McCoy was hurt, Lisa - but yep, the frosh QB did an amazing job. They almost came back - too little too late. Good game - I turned it off before they awarded the trophy. On to pro football, now that college is done. And college basketball...

    Sis and brother-in-law show up sometime tonight. And Keeper returned last night. So I'll clean the bathroom, but no reason to vacuum the white dog hair off the black rug - family will just have to understand the reality of dog ownership, even part-tine. Looking forward to seeing them!!

    No frost this morning - but the next cold front is due tonight/tomorrow. 65 today - 47 tomorrow, But nothing like the UK, Nicky - egads!

    Have a wonderful Friday, everyone - hug Kimber for us, Lisa!!

  6. Morning, gang!! Best part about my Fridays? Sleeping in. Best part about this Friday in particular? Sleeping in after a whole night's sleep with no drugs!! w00t!! That's 2 nights in a row. Thank goodness and whew.

    Jen, virtual hugs and chicken soup winging your way. Can't talk about Sekrit yet, but will be able to sometime next week.

    Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe. Our crazy Snowpocalypse!OMG turned into a handleable not snow much. Just about a 1/2 inch accumulation on top of cars, but none on the roads. Silly DC people.

    Fantastic Friday to all!!

  7. Like Lisa and Beth my heart fell when McCoy was hurt. Even though I'm not a Texas fan I always want both teams to play to their best ability and nobody to get hurt. And that freshman QB - at least he had no time to have nerves. :)

    Jen so sorry to hear you have the flu - I hope you end up with one of the lighter cases. Take care of yourself.

    Can't wait to hear Maria's secret :)

    Today is FREEZING here. It's only supposed to get up to 9 and the low is supposed to be below zero for the first time in years. But, I remind myself, it's necessary, or we would end up in the summer with bugs the size of those in Florida. :)

    Have a good day all.

  8. Andi, I don't guess you'll be ice fishing any time soon! But at least you'll get some good pix out of it.

    From last night: holy moly Nicky! Andi, you definitely got more snow than us, but we got more snow than people & institutions here are prepared to handle. Maybe just over an inch at the Manor, a dusting of snow (and ice) in the 'burbs. It stayed at or near freezing here all day yesterday, so we got 99% snow.

    South of us, they got the wintry mix then it froze over through the night. So I'm working at home again today, at least until they clear the roads a little better. This snow will hang around a while, it won't get above freezing until Tuesday. At least we won't get below zero like Mary… Alberta Clippers used to bring us those kind of temps, but lower teens is about the best they can manage.

    Birds hang out here too. Yesterday morning, when it was like 14°F out, I stepped outside and heard birds chattering — probably saying "HEY, FILL UP THE BIRD FEEDER!"

    Maria, good to hear the Insomnia Fairy has gone away for a while. Sounds like your Sooper Sekrit Project is helping you sleep?

    Y'all stay warm. I'll be posting more pix on the blog tonight, including one of Mason taking a bath…

  9. Good morning all!

    Hopig that you're better soon, Jen!

    Snowy here and high 20s but going arctic later on temp-wise. Hopefully it won't be too icy.

    I hope that the computer woes leave you soon, FM.

    Waves to all.

  10. I have great sympathy and understanding for the dog hair conundrum, Beth. I support your decision completely. :)

    Yippee for the second in a row good night's sleep, Maria.

    Mary, I didn't realized St. Louis doesn't regularly get below zero temps. We're just barely north of you and I can't think of a winter without those kind of temps. Wonder if the river mitigates the temperature the way the ocean does on the East coast.

    I'm not going to be ice fishing period because sitting around freezing my butt off has amazingly little appeal, Farf, but things are definitely well enough frozen that I could -- we've been in the ice box for quite a long time now.

    Afternoon, b2. Sorry to hear you're about to have the same yuck weather those of us in the middle of country have been having.

  11. Last time it got down to below zero here was 1999 (as all the weather people keep reminding us). On the other hand - what is the effective difference between 5 and O?

    We may not even break it tonight - it was only supposed to get up to 9 today and we're at 12! So now they've revised the forecast to lows "near" zero. But it's very windy and the windchill is way below zero.

    It's 8 degrees colder 100 miles west. Maybe it's colder where you are because there's no industrial city nearby?

  12. Andi, your photos are really cool, no pun intended. I love the one on the left... grasses in the foreground and then the ice. Beautiful.

    Gee, everyone's getting hit with this snow and cold pattern. But I think Britain and Ireland are the worst and most unusual I've seen so far. Wow!

    You all take care, keep safe and keep warm. Have a warm weekend.

  13. Regardless of the temps, I hope you stay nice and warm, Mary.

    CF, did you get the foot of snow? We've added on a bit more here but happily nowhere near a foot.

    Night everybody.